The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 409 - [Bonus chapter]Playful Children (1)(unedited)

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Chapter 409 - [Bonus chapter]Playful Children (1)(unedited)

Alphonse and Aerith together with Aliyah and Deimos were running thru the hallways towards Leonhart\'s room. Once there, they saw a maid was about to knock on the little prince\'s door but saw the children come.

"Greetings to the stars of the Astley Empire. Happy birthday, your highnesses." The maid gave a kind smile and bowed. "I was about to knock and wake up the little prince Leonhart."

"Hi Jessie." Aerith greeted. "Let us do the waking up."

"B-But… your highnesses…" Jessie the made looked worried.

The children opened the door hurriedly and stormed inside the room. Prince Leonhart\'s room was still dim because of the closed curtains. Aliyah used wind magic to part the curtains open and the sunlight brightened the room.

The little prince was still under the blankets and sounded asleep, even the bright sun rays lighting up the room. Alphonse put his finger on his lips telling the other children to be silent. The others were trying to suppress their giggles.

Alphonse stood at the bottom of Leonhart\'s bed and held the blankets covering the little prince. In one fell swoop, Alphonse pulled the blankets off and Leonhart was seen in his pajamas and sleeping on his stomach.

"RISE AND SHINE LITTLE BROTHER!" Alphonse yelled loud startling the sleeping little prince.

"Huh, what… what happened?!" The seven year old Leonhart sat up in surprise, looking around him.

"HAHAHAHA…" The children around him laughed out loud with Leonhart\'s surprised reaction. His hair was still a mess from sleeping.

"Wake up, sleepy head." Aerith said and jumped on Leonhart\'s bed. "You know what day it is, right?" she smiled and hugged her little brother tightly.

"Ahh, of course I know." Leonhart replied while yawning. He did not mind his big sister hugging him. "Happy birthday big bro Al and big sis Rith." He said with a sleepy expression.

"Thank you, Hart." Aerith hugged him a little tighter. "My little brother is just so cute."

"Hey Rith, you are going to crush him." Alphonse said. "Hey Hart, wake up. We are going out to play, so come with us."

"Yeah, yeah." Aliyah replied excitedly. "Let\'s play outside." Deimos was silent but was excited internally. Dimitri and Angel\'s twins have opposite personalities, with Aliyah being the loud and carefree one while Deimos was the silent and diligent type.

Leonhart was still rubbing his eyes, not yet fully awake.

"Your little highnesses, why don\'t you go along and let me prepare Prince Leonhart first." Jessie said. "You know that he will just fully awaken after getting a bath. By the way, have you all taken your breakfast?"

"Yes, we are already done." Aerith replied while scratching her cheek.

"But how about the little lord and lady?" Jessie asked. Aliyah and Deimos shook their heads. "Then why don\'t you all go to the dining hall first before playing outside." Jessie suggested. "The little lord and lady just arrived from a long journey and I am sure they are famished. Food should be prepared because it is near lunch time. I will lead Prince Leonhart there after his bath."

The children nodded and exited Leonhart\'s room. They proceeded to go to the dining hall. While walking, the heard the rumbling of stomach.

"That was me." Aliyah raised her hand in embarrassment. "When Jessie mentioned the food, I just realized that I was hungry, hehe."

"I am as well." Deimos backed up his twin sister so that she won\'t be embarrassed.

"It will be good to wait for Hart at the dining hall as well." Alphonse added. "It is more fun with many of us."

"Your little brother sure slept in late. It is nearly lunch time." Aliyah said.

"Well it is Al\'s fault for playing sword until it was past Hart\'s bedtime." Aerith looked at Alphonse begrudgingly.

"Hey, he also wanted to learn the sword when he saw me practicing with father." Alphonse defended. "We just lost track of time last night, hahaha." He laughed awkwardly knowing he was at fault why his little brother slept in late.

"Well your little brother is still growing so he needs to sleep more." Deimos said.

The children came in the dining hall and saw the kitchen staff preparing the table.

"Greeting to the stars of the Astley Empire." The kitchen staff greeted. "Happy birthday your highnesses."

"Thank you." Alphonse and Aerith replied.

"Are you just preparing lunch?" Aerith asked with a cute voice.

"We are just about done. Why don\'t you take your seats and we will just wait for your imperial parents to arrive and you could start eating lunch." A kitchen attendant replied with a smile.

"What is for dessert today?" Alphonse asked with excited anticipation.

"It is a surprise but…" The kitchen attendant leaned down. "I heard that Chef Jacob is preparing one of your favorite desserts because it is a special day. I heard it was chocolate and strawberry mousse." The attendant whispered to Alphonse\'s ear.

Alphonse eyes lit up in excitement after hearing the desserts name. The attendant stood up and winked at them and left.

\'Hey, what did she say?\' Aerith asked her brother telepathically.

\'She said Chef Jacob is making chocolate and strawberry mousse.\' Alphonse replied telepathically.

"Yey." Aerith said out loud.

"What is it?" Aliyah looked at Aerith curiously.

"Oh… it\'s nothing." Aerith feigned. "I am just excited to eat lunch. I am famished."

"Then let us take our seats then." Deimos replied.

The children took their respective seats on the long dining table. The long dining table is now arranged with many plates lined up. That just means there are still more guests coming.

"Who are going to have lunch with us aside from Grand Uncle Dimitri\'s family?" Aerith asked the attendant curiously.

"It is said that the Grand Duke Gladiolus\' family will be joining you for lunch as well." The attendant replied. "The Grand Duchess Satiana and her family will be arriving before the banquet this evening."

"Oh, I see." Aerith replied. "Hey, we have not seen Uncle Gladiolus and Aunt Anatalia since Leonhart\'s first birthday, right? I heard they had a daughter." She whispered to her brother.

"Yes. I heard that uncle has been busy with governing North Atlantia and was not able to visit the capital that much." Alphonse replied. "And whenever he comes here, he would be alone and just be quick. So, we are not able to meet him since then."

"I am curious what their daughter looks like." Aliyah replied. "I heard that sirens are so beautiful that she can take your breath away from first sight. I am excited to see her." She said with excitement.

Not long the door to the dining room opened and the voices of Regaleon and Alicia can be heard. They were talking to another set of voices. When they came inside the dining hall, the children saw the emperor and empress walking side by side with the grand duke and duchess.

The children were at awe looking at the beauty of the couples coming inside, but what caught Alphonse\'s attention was the little girl walking by Grand Duchesses Anatalia\'s side. She was a six year old girl with light pink hair. Her eyes were a sky blue color and she looked like a doll.

"Children, I know you have long not seen Grand Duke Gladiolus and his wife Grand Duchess Anatalia." Alicia said.

"We greet the stars of the Astley Empire. Happy birthday little highnesses." The couple greeted.

"I know this is your first time meeting my daughter. This is Thalia." Anatalia said with a smile and introduced the little girl. "Thalia, please greet the imperial prince and princess. Your little uncle and aunt are here as well."

"H-Hello…" Thalia replied shyly and hid behind her mother.

"Awww, she is so cute." Aerith shrieked and ran towards Thalia. "Hello Thalia, I am Aerith. That is my brother Alphonse, that is our little aunt Aliyah and little uncle Deimos. Come, seat beside us."

Aerith gently pulled the little Thalia. She looked reluctant at first and looked at her mother with concern. Anatalia nodded her head and gave her a gentle nudge. Thalia smiled and let Aerith pull her to the chair beside her and Alphonse.

"No need to be shy, we will be great friends. We are second cousins after all. And you are such a cute girl." Aerith said. "Don\'t you think Thalia is cute Al?"

"Y-Yes…" Alphonse replied with a blush.

"I think we are going to be such good friends." Aerith replied with a merry tone.

After that the imperial couple ate lunch with their guests. The children seemed to be enjoying their new cousin.