The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 408 - The Twin’s Tenth Birthday (2)(unedited)

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Chapter 408 - The Twin’s Tenth Birthday (2)(unedited)

After getting neatly dressed for the day, Alphonse and Aerith dashed outside their room and ran thru the corridors of the palace with excitement etched in their eyes. The employees that were busy with their work for this joyous occasion saw the happy twin prince and princess bouncing excitedly.

"Greetings to the imperial prince and princess."

"Good morning, your highnesses."

"I wish you a happy tenth birthday, your highnesses."

The employees that Alphonse and Aerith passed by greeted them one after the other.

"Thank you." Alphonse replied with a merry face.

"Thank you so much." Aerith replied with the same happy face as her brother.

The twins were holding each other\'s hands while running through the hallways. The employees cannot help but smile seeing the cute prince and princess. They ran towards the entrance foyer where their family would be at.

"Aliyah, Deimos…" Alphonse yelled out after they saw their twin cousins at the entrance foyer.

Alphonse and Aerith looked out of the dual stair railings from above and waved to the twins below.

"Alphonse, Aerith." Aliyah waved back.

"We have just arrived!" Deimos replied.

"Wait, we are coming down now." Alphonse said. "Let\'s go, Rith."

Alphonse gently pulled his twin sister down from the stairs with a happy expression. Aerith was also excited to see their twin uncle and aunt.

Dimitri and Angel, Aliyah and Deimos\' parents were instructing the employees on their luggage. Theon the imperial butler was there to facilitate the guest\'s arrival.

"Grand Uncle Dimitri, Grand Aunt Angel. Welcome back." Alphonse greeted in a respectful manner.

"Welcome back grand uncle and aunt." Aerith greeted them with etiquette and manners.

"Thank you, your highnesses." Dimitri replied with a smile. "And happy tenth birthday to the both of you."

"Happy birthday, your highnesses." Angel greeted. "We have brought you a present for your birthday. I hope the two of you would like it."

"Yeah, yeah." Aliyah replied excitedly. "Mama heard that the two of you started to learn how to ride a horse not long ago. Mama had bred some fine horses back in our place. They are such a beauty and similar to you two."

"Similar to us?" Aerith was confused.

"They have your hair colors." Deimos replied. "A black stallion and a white mare."

Both Alphonse and Aerith\'s eyes lit up. They got very excited thinking that they would have their own horses.

"Welcome back, Dimitri, Angel." Regaleon\'s voice was heard at the entrance foyer.

All of the employees bowed seeing the emperor at the top of the dual staircase arm in arm with his wife, Empress Alicia.

"I greet the sun and moon of the Astley Empire." Dimitri greeted and bowed together with his wife Angel.

"Arise." Regaleon replied.

The imperial couple walked down the staircase hand in hand so majestically. They walked towards their guest who have just arrived.

"Welcome back Uncle Dimitri and Angel." Alicia greeted.

"It is nice to be back, your majesty." Dimitri replied.

"I hope your journey was not that tiring." Alicia said.

"We had a smooth journey, thanks to the magic stones that were placed on the carriage." Angel replied.

Recently, magic stones were used in objects to make life more easy. This were called magical objects. Things like fire stones for heating and cooking, water stones for washing, wind stones for cooling and so on. These have been the major product that North and South Atlantia has been manufacturing. Their economy is steadily rising because of this innovation.

"That is good to hear." Regaleon said with a smile. "Well, let Theon handle your luggage. You should go to your rooms to rest. Things will be busy later."

"Thank you, your majesty." Dimitri replied.

"Mama, can we play with Alphonse and Aerith?" Aliyah asked.

"If you are not tired, then I guess it will be fine." Angel replied.

Dimitri and Angel was led by Theon to their room.

"Can we play at the garden mother?" Aerith asked. "We promise to be good." She said with puppy dog eyes together with his brother Alphonse.

"All right." Alicia smiled looking at her cute twins. "Your being grounded ends today so its fine. You go and get your little brother, so he can play with you."

"Yey, thanks." Alphonse and Aerith smiled brightly.

"Be careful while playing okay." Regaleon patted his children on their head. "Your secret is safe with me." He whispered to both of their ears.

"Thanks father!" The twins kissed their father\'s cheek.

Alphonse and Aerith together with Aliyah and Deimos run up the dual staircase. They were giggling all the way up.

"What did you say to have them kiss you on the cheek." Alice asked with curiosity.

"It is our little secret." Regaleon winked towards his wife.

"Hey, that\'s not fair." Alicia pouted. "It feels like you are much closer to the twins than I am." She sulked.

"That is not true, my love. The twins love you so much as well." Regaleon hugged his sulking wife. "It is just that you are playing the strict parent while I am the friendly parent."

"Still, I want to be close to the kids like you." Alicia said. "I cannot but help scold them of their wrong doings. I want them to grow up having respect to others even below their station." She pouted. Regaleon kissed her pouted lips to appease her.

"They are just growing up, that is why you need to be strict in disciplining them. And I understand why you want them to be respectful for others." Regaleon replied. "You had a rough childhood because of your elder sisters bullying you and you do not want our children to bully other because of their status. Do not worry, they are growing up fine."

"They are just growing up so fast." Alicia sighed. "I am afraid of the future, Leon." She looked at her husband with worry.

"Do not worry my love. I will not let any harm befall our children." Regaleon said while kissing his wife on the forehead. "I will do my best to prepare our children for their future ahead. So that whatever will come, they can do their upmost best to handle it."

"Thank you, Leon." Alicia replied. "I am so grateful that I have you as my husband."

"I am the one who should be thankful." Regaleon said with a smile. "You gave me beautiful angels. And you are my goddess."

Regaleon and Alicia had a light kiss on the lips. They were still out in public, and a public display of affection between the emperor and the empress is something that is a little awkward, but this gives the people around them a sense of peace knowing that the imperial couple had a good relationship is equivalent to having a peaceful empire.

"Why don\'t we turn in much earlier tonight?" Regaleon whispered to his wife\'s ear. "Everyone in the palace will be at the banquet and are going to be busy. We can have our private time for ourselves without any distractions." He smiled mischievously.

"We are going to leave early at banquet?" Alicia sounded in disbelief. "It is our children\'s birthday you know?"

"They will not mind. I can talk to them." Regaleon said with a grin.

"What are you planning?" Alicia asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Hehe, nothing much." Regaleon replied. "I just want you all to my own."

The couple giggled melodiously.