The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 398 - Side Story (Dimitri)(4)(unedited)

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Chapter 398 - Side Story (Dimitri)(4)(unedited)

South Atlantia has started to take in residents and Dimitri traveling back and forth from the Grandcrest and South Atlantian capitals. He was scheduled to depart today with a group of Atlantians and this will be his permanent move to his residence in the South Atlantian capital.


"Have you taken note on all of what I have thought you?" Dimitri asked Chris who was going to take his post as Regaleon\'s personal assistant.

"I got it all in this notebook." Chris said. "Do not worry to much Dimitri. I will take care of his majesty for you. I know how you worry about him as a brother."

"Thank you, Chris." Dimitri sighed. "I am just not used to being away from his majesty\'s side for this long."

"I understand you, Dimitri." Chris patted his shoulder. "You will still have some official business that will take you here in Grandcrest. And I am sure that his majesty will also have time to visit you in South Atlantia. With her majesty as your niece as well, you are practically a real family now."

"Dimitri." Regaleon was walking towards the caravan that is prepared to depart to South Atlantia. Philip was walking behind him. "So, are you prepared with all your baggage?"

"I do not have that much possessions to begin with, your majesty." Dimitri replied with a smile. "So, I do not have that much baggage. Are you ready Philip?"

The young Philip had his head down feeling shy. He nodded with Dimitri\'s question.

"Once you are a knight apprentice, you can come back here Philip." Regaleon patted his head. "But for now you have to go with Dimitri. He is after all your adoptive father."

"Y-Yes, your majesty." Philip replied with awkwardness.

"Always practice the sword techniques I have thought you. I am sure that Dimitri could give you more lessons when you arrive at South Atlantia." Regaleon said. "And Dimitri, it would be better to give this young boy an adoptive mother as well." He grinned.

"Your majesty is jesting again." Dimitri replied.

"Well, I am not kidding." Regaleon chuckled. "I wish you all the best, Dimitri. See you again soon."

Regaleon gave Dimitri a hug and he hugged him back. Alicia came walking with Aerith in her arms and Alphonse in Tricia\'s. They only turned one year old not long ago.

"I am sad to see you go Dimitri. But Atlantia needs you." Alicia said. "Do not worry about Leon, I will be the one taking care of him."

"Thank you, your majesty." Dimitri replied. "I am also sad to leave your side. But I am sure to visit some times. And please visit me as well. Atlantia is also your home."

"I will surely visit with Leon and the twins." Alicia said while Aerith struggled to go down from her arms and wants to go to the young Philip. Alicia let her go to Philip and Aerith smiled widely while Philip carried her carefully. "Aerith is going to miss you Philip. I hope you will come back when your knight apprenticeship starts."

"I will surely do, your majesty." Philip replied while playing with the little Aerith in his arms.

"Have a safe journey." Regaleon said with a final goodbye.

"Thank you, your majesty." Dimitri bowed. "We will be departing now."

And with that the caravan started to depart. Regaleon and Alicia together with everyone there to see them off waved goodbye to Dimitri and Philip. Aerith started to cry in her mother\'s arm when she saw Philip leaving.


It has been days after the caravan departed the capital of Grandcrest and headed towards South Atlantia. There have been no incidents so far, except from a sudden downpour of rain that made them take shelter on the mountain side.

"Captain Dimitri, everything in the caravan has been accounted for." A woman who was wearing a military uniform was giving a report to Dimitri.

"Angel, you know I am not your captain anymore." Dimitri said with a chuckle.

"I-I am sorry. It was just out of habit." Angel was fl.u.s.tered while replying. "Then, my lord."

"It is a little awkward if you call me that." Dimitri scratched his head awkwardly.

"But you are my grand duke. I can only call you that." Angel replied.

"I am just getting used to this royal blood thing." Dimitri said. "What about this, you can call me by my name when it is just the two of us, okay?"

"B-By your name?" Angel blushed red.

"Yes. I have always called you by your name, so I think it is just right for you to call me by my name as well." Dimitri replied.

"I-I will try." Angel said shyly and bowed her head so that Dimitri would not see her blushing red face.

"By the way, why did you choose to come here with me?" Dimitri asked out of curiosity. "If you stayed in Grandcrest, you could have been vice captain of special army."

Because Dimitri is now a grand duke, the captain position he left have gone to Chris. Angel was the next in line to become vice captain, but she chose to go with Dimitri in South Atlantia and become captain of the guards under him.

"I am just a starting monarch and having to serve under me doesn\'t give you prestige. Unlike serving under the emperor\'s special army." Dimitri asked.

"W-Well, I want to go back to my home country." Angel said while stuttering.

"Is that so?" Dimitri looked at her curiously. "I never thought you remember Atlantia that much. I think you were just a baby when your parents left when Atlantia had fallen, right?"

"W-Well I want to see what my parents home country was." Angel reasoned out. "A-And my mother wanted to go back to scatter the ashes of my father in their birth country. I also wanted to accompany her."

"Ah yes. I remember that your mother is included in this caravan." Dimitri said. "Well if your mother ever wants to stay in South Atlantia permanently, come and tell me. I am sure to give her a good home to stay in. Her daughter has been of great help to me after all." He smiled sweetly at Angel and she blushed bright red.

"I-I remembered I had something to do." Angel said with a high pitch. "I will be going now." She bowed and ran out of the tent and into the pouring rain.

"W-Wait! Take an umbrella… just in case." Dimitri was left alone looking at the entrance of the tent where Angel vanished. "I hope she does not get a cold after this."

Outside the pouring rain, Angel stopped by a big tree to take shelter. She was drenching wet from the pouring rain.

"Angel, you fool." Angel scolded her self. "Why can you not just tell him that you did not take the vice captain position because you want to stay with him? Why can\'t I just tell him how I truly feel for him? That I fell in love with him at first sight."

Angel was still blushing red. She put her palms on her cheeks and it felt warm even with this pouring rain.

"That is right. Why did you not just tell him how you feel?" A voice said.

Angel was startled but when she looked who was talking, she saw the young Philip holding an umbrella and another one that was folded.

"Philip! Why are you here?" Angel asked.

"Well, Dimitri asked me to give you an umbrella." Philip said. "I thought you wouldn\'t need it because you are not an idiot that will let herself soak under the rain, but… I can see that you are an idiot."

"Hey! I am not." Angel scolded.

"Here just take it." Philip gave her the folded umbrella.

"Thanks." Angel said with gratitude and opened the umbrella.

"So, why don\'t just tell him your feelings? Everyone in the special army knows how you feel for the captain. The captain is just dense, that is why he hasn\'t catch up on your feelings." Philip asked. "I am sure that Dimitri will hear you out kindly."

"I know that he will hear me out. What I am afraid of is… getting rejected, I guess." Angel said with a solemn voice. "The captain was the one that saved me from the streets."