The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 397 - Side Story (Dimitri)(3)(unedited)

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Chapter 397 - Side Story (Dimitri)(3)(unedited)

Dimitri was standing by Regaelon\'s side in the emperor\'s office. Since the empire has been newly establish, the work Regaleon has been making increased tenfold, compared when he was just the king of Grandcrest. As Regaleon\'s right hand man and personal assistant, Dimitri has been helping him with his work as much as possible.


"Hah, the sun has nearly set and I only have just done half of this mountain of doc.u.ments." Regaleon sighed. "I want to get this done before dinner. I want to spend dinner with my family, as I have promised Alicia that I will never skip it now that the twins are growing up."

"The twins just turned one year old your majesty. They would really need time and attention from you, their father." Dimitri said with a smile. "Why not leave the rest to me? I do not have anything to do back in my house."

"You really are a life saver, Dimitri." Regaleon smiled with Dimitri\'s gesture. "But you cannot do this every time, you also have your own life to live. You are now this old and still not married. Do you not have any woman you fancy? I can help you if you fancy any high noble\'s daughter, you know you are going to be the grand duke of South Atlantia in the future. You will be one of the most sought of bachelors."

"Unfortunately, I do not have any woman I fancy, your majesty." Dimitri smiled solemnly. "Since the day I have worked under your mother and you, I haven\'t have the time to think of such feelings."

"How long has it been, Dimitri?" Regaleon asked. "The first time my mother and I saw you on the streets and took you in?"

"It has been such a long time your majesty." Dimitri replied. "I was just a five year old kid that lost his only parent and his home. I have been staying on the streets of one of Grandcrest\'s cities when her highness, your mother took me in."


The streets in a Grandcrest city were busy because it was a market day. The war had just ended and many refugees from Atlantia were homeless and loitering on the streets of many cities such as this.

In a fancy carriage, the little Regaleon was riding with his mother. They were going thru the busy street market.

"My lady, the street is quite busy. I am afraid that we will be arriving late at the manor." The coach man said.

"It is okay. I would like to go down and take a look in the market." Regaleon\'s mother said.

"B-But my lady… his highness the crown prince might not approve of this!" The coach man said with a frightened look.

"Do not worry. If you do not report this to his highness, then there will be no problem." Regaleon\'s mother said while winking to the coach man. "You can wait for us on the way towards the manor. We will not take too long."

"B-But my lady…" The coach man wanted to oppose, but Regaleon\'s mother came down of the carriage and carried the little Regaleon on her arms.

Regaleon\'s mother walked thru the market while carrying the little Regaleon and sometimes making him walk on his little feet. She bought some apples in one of the stalls and gave Regaleon one to eat. While she was paying for the apples, a street kid stole some apples from the stall. The owner saw this and started chasing the kid. In some distance, the store owner tripped and fell on the ground and was not able to catch the kid.

While all of this is happening, another street kid about five years old took some cash from the cash register silently. Regaleon saw this and pointed to the little boy who was Dimitri.

"Mama…" The little Regaleon said and pointed to the little Dimitri. Regaleon\'s mother saw the little Dimitri stealing.

"Hey!" Regaleon\'s mother scolded.

The little Dimitri was startled and scrambled to run away. Regaleon\'s mother ran after him. While she was running, a small rock appeared just in front of her out of nowhere. She was quick on her feet and was able to avoid it, because if not she could have tripped.

Because of that, Regaleon\'s mother knew that the little Dimitri was an Atlantian child. She then became more determined to get the little Dimitri.

The little Dimitri was running with the money he was able steal from the apple stall. When he saw that he was in the clear, his pace decreased until it came to a stop. He hid at a corner and put the money on the ground and started to count. He did not realize that a group of men came to surround him.

"Well what do we have here?" A big thug looking man asked. "Look what this kid stole?"

"Do you not know that this is our turf, little kid?" Another said mockingly. "If you want to steal from here, then you need to give your earnings to us. You can say that it is a kind of rent."

The little Dimitri looked at the thugs with angry eyes and refused to give the money he stole.

"This kid is brave boss." Another man said. "I think we need to teach him a lesson so that he learns."

"Heh, then beat this little boy up so he learns." The one they call boss ordered.

The thugs had their fists cracking and looked at the little Dimitri menacingly, but Dimitri held his ground. When the thugs started to attack him, Dimitri fought back. He was strong for his age, but he was not able to beat many grown men at a time. He tried using his magic, but he could only conjure small rocks that hit the thugs. He was still little and does not know how to use his magic powers since it manifested when his mother dies.

"This boy is a f*cking Atlantian!" One of the thugs said.

"Kill him." Another said. "Those f*cking Atlantians are sc.u.m."

The little Dimitri was being beaten. He remembered what the villagers did to him and his mother, and his eyes started to get darker and darker until a woman\'s voice was heard.

"What are you doing to a little boy?!" It was Regaleon\'s mother carrying him in her arms.

"Oh look what we have here?" The boss said. "It looks like we hit jackpot. She looks like a noble. I am sure her husband will pay a hefty price for his wife and kid."

"Don\'t you dare lay a hand on that little boy, let alone my son!" Regaleon\'s mother said with a chilling tone.

The thugs had their focus on Regaleon\'s mother now. The little Dimitri was left on the ground bruised and bleeding from the beating.

"No! Lady, run!!" Dimitri does not want to see what happened to his mother happened to this mother and son.

"Do not worry, I will save you." Regaleon\'s mother told him. "I am not that weak."

From out of nowhere, fire flickered and hovered around the thugs.

"W-What is this?" The boss said with a frightened expression.

The little fire lights became bigger and changed its shape into birds. The fire birds then attacked the thugs, having them caught on fire.


"S-Save me!!!"


The thugs were scrambling around to put the fire on their bodies out.

"You f*cking Atlantian b*tch!" The boss took his knife out and ran towards Regaleon\'s mother. "Ahhh!"

But the boss was not able to get near the mother and son. His body caught on fire and burned fiercely.

"Ahhh… h-help me!!" The boss screamed in agony.

As the boss was burning, Regaleon\'s eyes were glowing a bright blue. He was looking at the burning boss intensely.

"Did you save mommy?" Regaleon\'s mother asked.

"Him bad…"The little Regaleon replied.

"Thank you my sweet boy, but let mommy handle this. Okay?" Regaleon\'s mother said.

"Hmm…" Regaleon nodded his little head and the boss body stopped burning, but he was burned beyond recognition.

"M-My lady!" The coach man came with some guards following him. "I was afraid of what happened to you and the little prince, so I came searching for you with the guards."

"Thank you for finding us." Regaleon\'s mother replied. "Please take this thugs into custody."

"Yes your highness." The captain of the guards bowed and took the thugs in custody.

The other thugs had minor burns, while the most injured was the boss who was burned beyond recognition but still breathing.

Regaleon\'s mother walked towards the little Dimitri. He huddled himself on a wall, still on his guard.

"Hello. May I know what is your name little one?" Regaleon\'s mother asked but Dimitri stayed silent.

"Do not worry, I will not hurt you. As you can see, we are both Atlantians." Regaleon\'s mother said but Dimitri stayed curled up on the wall.

The little Regaleon got down from his mother and walked slowly to Dimitri with his little feet. Dimitri flinched when he got close to him but he let the little Regaleon touch his face.

"Ouchy?" Regaleon said while holding the swollen cheeks of Dimitri. White light started to glow from Regaleon\'s little hands and Dimitri\'s wounds started to heal until they were gone.

Dimitri felt a warm heat from Regaleon\'s hands and felt safe. He looked at the little Regaleon smiling at him.

"Ouchy gone." Regaleon smiled brightly. "Be friends with Leon." He said with a cute accent.

"My son still cannot use his white magic consistently, but he wanted to heal you. Thank goodness he was able to." Regaleon\'s mother said. "He wants to be friends with you. He never had any friends. Would you please accept his request? I promise that I will keep you safe. Come with us."

Dimitri looked at the two hands that are outstretched in front of him. One is a little hand from Regaleon and the other was from his mother. He contemplated at first but in the end he took the two hands. He felt the warmth and safety in an instant.

"Dimitri." Dimitri whispered. "My name is Dimitri."

"Dimitri. I promise you Dimitri, I will take care of you." Regaleon\'s mother said with a smile. "I just ask you in turn to be a good companion to my son."

<Flashback end>

"Since then, I have sworn that I will be by your side, your majesty." Dimitri said. "It was a promise I gave to her highness your mother."

"And I have always been thankful for that." Regaleon got up and patted Dimitri\'s shoulder. "I am now at the position that no one can look down on and I am at a good standing. I believe it is time you look after your own now. Find a woman that you will fall in love with and make a family of your own. I want you to be happy as well, my big brother." Dimitri felt happy with Regaleon\'s words and smiled.

"I will try, your majesty." Dimitri replied.

"I believe you would find many women having a fancy on you. You will not any problems with finding one. Hahaha." Regaleon chuckled.

"Even if you say that, it is not that easy, your majesty. Hahaha." Dimitri chuckled.

Both of the men laughed out inside the office. They looked like brothers having a fun conversation.