The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 393 - Side Story (Gladiolus)(6)(unedited)

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Chapter 393 - Side Story (Gladiolus)(6)(unedited)

The waves under the cliff is crashing ferociously on the rocks. A loud splash was heard and all went dark. Anatalia\'s body quickly turned into a siren\'s upon contact with sea water. She opened her eyes the moment she felt her body touch the sea.

"Gladiolus!" Anatalia quickly realized that the body that shielded hers were separated upon impact with the water. "Where are you? Gladiolus?!"

Anatalia frantically called for his name under the water. Her heart was beating so fast that she felt it will explode inside her c.h.e.s.t. She swam at the vicinity where they fell and looked around. Without a minute passed by and she saw Gladiolus floating under the water unconscious.

"Gladiolus!" Anatalia swam at a fast speed and got to where Gladiolus was. She quickly lifted him up to from under the water.

Once up, huge waves were hitting them hard. Anatalia was having a hard time keeping Gladiolus afloat. She then thought to swim at a much safer place.

"Hold on Gladiolus." Anatalia said. "I will get you to safety."

Anatalia swam with difficulty while carrying Gladiolus. He was much sturdier and had a well built body and Anatalia was having a hard time, but she never thought of giving up. In her mind, she was focused on getting Gladiolus to safety.

At a distance, Anatalia saw a cove with a hidden cave. To escape the harsh waves and current, she opted to take Gladiolus there and wait until the sea has calmed down.

"We are nearly there Gladi." Anatalia said to him.

After Anatalia and Gladiolus reached cove, her fish tail turned into legs and feet once more. She tried her hardest to pull Gladiolus out of the water with her strength. She had difficulties pulling him out, but she was able to do it nonetheless.

Anatalia looked around the cave and saw that it was dry at the inner parts. It was not a cave that has passage ways inside, it has a dead end if you go any further inside. The cave looked like a place where fishermen go when the tides go high and the current becomes dangerous. She saw some provisions that they can use and some dry clothes to keep them warm. There is also a small fireplace and has a stacked firewood and a glint to start a fire.

"At least this will do." Anatalia said while looking at the inside of the cave. "This will at least shield us from the cold."

With the strong current and the tide going high up, even a siren cannot swim in those conditions. Anatalia thought she has to wait for the tides to go down so that she can swim for help. She first started the fire to make the interior of the cave warm.

"But first, I need to see Gladi\'s condition." Anatalia was worried.

Gladiolus was still in an unconscious state. She was worried that the blast might have injured Gladiolus. Anatalia quickly took off Gladiolus\' upper clothes that were wet to see if he was injured anywhere. She inspected every inch of his muscular body.

"Thank heavens there aren\'t any injuries." Anatalia sighed in relief. "He must have used his magic powers in time to shield us from the blast."

Anatalia\'s gaze were then focuses on Gladiolus perfectly shapes c.h.e.s.t and abs, and she blushed when she realized she was staring at his n.a.k.e.d upper body.

"What are you thinking about at this moment Anatalia." Anatalia scolded herself. "He is a patient now and you are a medical practitioner. You should not be thinking of that thoughts."

But even after scolding herself, she was still beat red.the fisherman\'s provision only has one blanket and does not have any clothes. Because their clothes were wet, she opted to take them off so that they would not freeze from the cold.

"The sun has set and the weather will be much colder. I am sorry, Gladi." Anatalia was still blushing red while taking of Gladiolus pants.

Anatalia was successful in taking Gladiolus\' pants off and he was now only wearing his under garments. Anatalia was getting embarrassed and was trying not to look at a specific area when she saw an arrow wound at Gladiolus\' leg. The wound was starting to darken around, am indication that it was poisoned.

"What the?!" Anatalia quickly inspected the wound and it really was a poisoned wound. "He probably got it from a poisoned arrow. You fool, why did you not tell me. This should be treated immediately!"

Anatalia dug inside the fisherman\'s provisions but only saw medications for wound and no antidote was there for any poison.

"Dammit!" Anatalia cursed at their predicament.

Anatalia looked out and saw that the tide has gone up and the water current was stronger than before.

"If I swim for help now…" Anatalia was deep in thought about thinking of swimming in the dangerous current to seek help when she felt someone grab her hand. When she looked, Gladiolus had his eyes half open.

"Don\'t go." Gladiolus said with a weak voice. "It is dangerous out there."

"Gladi!" Anatalia was surprised to tears seeing Gladiolus conscious. "Why did you not tell me that you were hit by a poisoned arrow? I would have treated it immediately when we were still out of danger."

"I am sorry. I never thought it was poisoned." Gladiolus said with a weak smile. "If I just knew…" he trailed off.

"It does not matter anymore. What we need now is to get you an antidote and fast." Anatalia said. "If I just swim out and seek help, then…"

"No, don\'t go." Gladiolus repeated. "You can see how strong the current is. Even if you are a siren and a good swimmer, that current can cut your body to shreds."

Anatalia was silent with what Gladiolus had just said, because she knew that what he just said was true. But she was determined to go and face such dangers just to save Gladiolus\' life.

"I am fine, do not worry. It is just a slight scratch. I am sure I can endure." Gladiolus said while Anatalia looked at him nearly in tears. He put his hand on her cheek and rubbed the tears away with his thumb. "I do not want you to go into such dangers because of me."

"What do you mean because of you?" Anatalia said with slight agitations. "I am doing this because it is specifically you. It is because I love you!" She said with irritation. Gladiolus was in a state of shock with her words.

"Can you repeat that?" Gladiolus asked. "What did you just say?"

"I said \'I love you\'." Anatalia repeated and blushed.

"Really? You love me? Gladiolus had a huge smile on his face. "I am the most happiest man right now. I want to hug you." He was about to sit up but Anatalia pushed him back down.

"You are a patient so stay down." Anatalia said with a red face. "If you do not want me to go then at least let me suck the poison out of your wound. It will at least stop it from spreading."

"Will that be fine?" Gladiolus asked.

"I am the imperial doctor, remember?" Anatalia replied and Gladiolus just stayed silent.

Anatalia started to suck the wound and spit out blood that she had s.u.c.k.e.d. She did it a few more times while Gladiolus was visibly in pain.

"There, all done." Anatalia said. "Once the tide subsides, I will go and get help immediately."

"Okay." Gladiolus agreed. "But for now, stay here with me."

Gladiolus opened his arms asking Anatalia to go in his embrace. Anatalia saw that she was still in her wet clothes. She cannot let Gladiolus be cold while his body had just been poisoned. She thought twice but opted to take off her clothes with leaving her under garments on. She slowly got into Gladiolus embrace and put the blanket over them.

"Hmm, I would love to get used to this." Gladiolus said while embracing Anatalia close to him.

"I-I will keep your body warm." Anatlia said shyly.

"I love you, Ana." Gladiolus whispered to her and kissed her forehead that made Anatalia blush even more.

"I love you too."

The two were curled up under the blanket while the fire was cracking at the fireplace.