The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 392 - Side Story (Gladiolus)(5)(unedited)

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Chapter 392 - Side Story (Gladiolus)(5)(unedited)

Chapter 369

Side Story (Gladiolus)(5)(unedited)

Six months have passed in North Atlantia. Winter season has started, and snow had just started to fall. In the six months that have passed, Gladiolus and Anatalia had become much closer to each other. Gladiolus was helping Anatalia on top of his duties as the ruling monarch of North Atlantia.

Some Atantians are happy to see Gladiolus working hard as a good leader, but some still has animosity because of what his mother, the late Queen Patricia had done to them.

"I am all done here, Jeremy." Gladiolus said while signing the last doc.u.ments on top of his desk. "Is the carriage ready?"

The day is still early, and Gladiolus had a scheduled visit to a site at a shore near the border with South Atlantia. He is going to view one of the possible sites for a siren community. In the last six months, they have started some siren communities and are still building some more. Gladiolus and Anatalia had been working hard with one another to make this a success.

"Yes, the carriage is on standby. Are you going to proceed in your site viewing?" Jeremy asked with a worried look. "The sky is a bit dark this morning. It looks like snow is about to fall hard."

"I think we will be alright." Gladiolus replied. "I believe we will be arriving at the village near the site before the snow falls. We can take shelter there."

"Hah." Jeremy sighed. "Tell me the truth, my lord. You are just excited to be on a trip with Lady Anatalia." He looked at Gladiolus with a raised eyebrow.

"You know me too well, Jeremy. Hahaha." Gladiolus laughed out with such a bright expression.

"I am happy that you and Lady Anatalia have been getting closer. I am not against you having a relationship with a siren, my lord. But please bear in mind that not all of your subject is seeing it in a good light." Jeremy reminded.

"I do not know why they are having such thoughts against sirens." Gladiolus replied. "Sirens have helped us in many ways. They were also shunned like us Atlantians, and they have hidden themselves because of that."

"I completely understand you, my lord." Jeremy replied. "But some still believe in the old ways. They think it is okay not to continue the way of i.n.c.e.s.t in the royal family, but they will still want you to marry someone with Atlantian blood."

"That is such bull!" Gladiolus said with anger. "Many Atlantians have married into other races. Why are they so against my relationship with Anatalia?"

"I think it is because she is not just \'some\' race but one of the ancient beasts." Jeremy replied. "But I never thought that your relationship had leveled up on the next stage, my lord. I thought you are still courting Lady Anatalia?"

"Ahem…" Gladiolus coughed. "Well… I am hoping that this trip will change our relationship into a more intimate one."

"Then I wish you luck on that, my lord." Jeremy smiled genuinely. "But if you want the lady to see you in a good way, I suggest you get going. I believe the carriage is waiting for you. I am sure Lady Anatalia is already there. She is never late."

"Oh shoot. I better get going." Gladiolus quickly walked towards the door. "I leave everything to you Jeremy. I will be back after three days."

"Please have a pleasant trip my lord." Jeremy bowed his head. "And good luck."

"Thank you." Gladiolus smiled happily before exiting his office.


Gladiolus was inside the moving carriage with Anatalia. Anatalia was looking outside the carriage window, looking at the moving scenery.

"Are you not cold?" Gladiolus asked. "I can ask an additional warmer for you."

"This is your third time asking." Anatalia replied with a giggle. "I am quite fine Gladi, thank you very much. I am wearing think clothes for this trip in anticipation of the cold."

With the six months Gladiolus and Anatalia had been together, they started to call each other without honorifics and with their nicknames, telling how close they have come.

"Oh, sorry." Gladiolus scratched his head in embarrassment. "I just want to make sure you are comfortable in our trip. We are still a few more hours away from the village that we will be stopping."

"I am really fine. We sirens have a natural ability to adapt with the cold." Anatalia replied. "But if you are really that worried about me being warm, then why don\'t you come seat beside me and become my personal warmer." She smiled sweetly.

Gladiolus brightly smiled and changed seats and seated beside Anatalia. Anatalia took of her gloves and Gladiolus\' to hold his hand and feel its warmth.

"Hmm, that feels better." Anatalia hummed in satisfaction and rested her head on Gladiolus\' shoulder.

At first Gladiolus stiffened but he relaxed after. They had a serene trip while snow started to fall from the sky.

The carriage was going through a road on a stiff cliff. The sea can be seen clearly on the carriage window.

"The sea looks like it is also cold." Anatalia said. "I am not sure if I can take a swim for a while."

"It would be better to refrain from going out for a while." Gladiolus replied. "It can be dangerous now that winter has started."

"I believe so." Anatalia replied. "Um Gladi… I have something I want to say." She blushed.

"Hmm, what is it?" Gladiolus asked.

"Well, we have been in a closer than a friend relationship for six months now." Anatalia looked down with a shy face. "I think it is time to…" Her words were cut off when the carriage halted into a stop in an abrupt way.

"What happened?!" Anatalia said with a shocked face.

"I do not know." Gladiolus replied. "What is happening out there?" He asked the soldiers that were escorting them from the outside."

"My lord, a tree just fell on the road and is now blocking the way." A soldier on horseback replied.

But then an arrow came flying and hit the carriage door.

"AN AMBUSH!" Another soldier shouted from the front. "PROTECT THE GRAND DUKE!"

The soldiers that were escorting the carriage started to scramble and defended the carriage. Enemies that were hiding in the thickness of the trees came out and started to attack the convoy. Swords clashing and arrows flying were heard outside. Magic clashing against one another is also heard.

"Stay inside the carriage, Ana." Gladiolus said and pulled out his sword my its sheath. "I am afraid that the ambushers are also Atlantians." He had a sour look on his face.

When Gladiolus was about to open the carriage door, Anatalia held him by the arm and prevented him from going out.

"Please… be careful." Anatalia said.

"I will." Gladiolus smiled softly and planted a kiss on Anatalia\'s forehead.

Gladiolus exited the carriage and with a blue flash, Virgil changed into his dragon form. In such a short time they were able to apprehend the attackers and caught majority of them.

Anatalia exited the carriage when she saw the ambushers kneeling on the ground with their arms tied behind their backs.

"We have apprehended most of them, my lord." A solider said to Gladiolus.

"Good." Gladiolus said. He walked towards the ambushers. "I know that you are all Atlantians and that you have a grudge against me and my mother. I will not kill you here, but you will have to pay for the crime of attacking a monarch. All of you will be into a fair trial and be given proper punishment."

Gladiolus turned around and was about to walk towards Anatalia when they heard someone from the ambushers laugh out loud.

"HAHAHAHA!" One of the ambushers laughed out. "What bullsh*t! You are just acting righteous to improve your image. You are just like your mother, a selfish brat that does not know any better. You are toying with our lives! You need to be punished!" And with a swift movement he stood up and started to glow.

"GET DOWN!" A soldier yelled. "HE IS GOING TO BLOW!"

"Gladi!" Anatalia rushed towards Gladiolus, but he was fast and hugged Anatalia in no time.


The ambusher had used his magic to ignite himself to make such a huge explosion that nearly wiped out the side of the cliff in where they stand.

Gladiolus used his body to shield Anatalia from the explosion and they both fell from the cliff and unto the cold waters of the sea.