The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 391 - Side Story (Gladiolus)(4)(unedited)

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Chapter 391 - Side Story (Gladiolus)(4)(unedited)

Gladiolus was walking at the sea\'s shore with the full moon hanging brightly above the night sky. The waves were gently splashing on the shore. He was sighing every moment, deep in thought why he got mad when Jeremy said something bad about Anatalia.

"Hah…" Gladiolus sighed once more. "Why am I feeling this way? Is what Jermey said true? Did Anatalia cast a spell on me to make me agree to her terms?"

Gladiolus was looking at the night sky deep in thought.

"But I don\'t believe she did such a thing." Gladiolus said. "I mean, there are no set backs in agreeing with the sirens terms. Having them as citizens in my territory gives me great benefits. Sirens are good healers and medical practitioners. Both sides will be beneficial."

Gladiolus was thinking of the benefits his territory will have by agreeing with having sirens live here as well. That was when he remembered Anatalia\'s beautiful face when he walked inside his office. He can remember how mesmerized he was when he saw her standing in the middle of his office, introducing herself. It was like he fell for her that instant.

"Did I fall in love at first sight?" Gladiolus tried to think. "Is this really love or was I just mesmerized by her beauty?"

"But they still got that power that can make humans of the opposite s.e.x be entranced by them." Gladiolus said. "Did Anatalia cast a spell on me to her benefit? I do not know what to think."

Gladiolus was walking towards a part of the sea shore where there were huge boulders by the side of a cliff. His eyes caught a figure seating on top of the huge boulders. The figure had long wet hair being flown by the wind, so probably it was a woman who took a night dip in the beach. He was curious at to who it was and so walked carefully towards the boulders.

When Gladiolus was getting closer, he can see her features more clearly. That was when he realized that rather than two feet, he saw a fishtail underneath her upper body.

"A siren?" Gladiolus whispered to himself. When he looked at the face, he recognized her at once. "Anatalia." He called out.

"I-I am sorry!" Gladiolus apologized instantly. "I did not notice that you are… I am sorry." He felt so embarrassed.

"I-I apologize as well." Anatalia said while she was hiding behind the boulders. "I thought that no one will come here late at night. Am I trespassing?"

"No, of course not. You can come here whenever you want." Gladiolus said while blushing.

"Um, this is embarrassing." Anatalia said. "I left my clothes at the other side of the shore."

"Here, take this." Gladiolus took off his coat and gave it to Anatalia who was still hiding behind the boulders.

"Are you sure?" Anatalia asked. "Your coat will get wet."

"Its okay." Gladiolus replied.

"Thank you then." Anatalia took the coat quickly.

Not long Gladiolus heard a splash on the water and he saw Anatalia at the shallow shore wearing his coat on the top of her body. He also saw her green fishtail shimmering under the moonlight. He wa in a daze seeing her so beautiful in her siren form.

"I am sorry." Anatalia said. "You might be shocked to see my siren form. I can go and…"

"No, don\'t go." Gladiolus replied instantly. "I mean… I am not shocked or anything." He blushed.

"R-Really?" Anatalia felt embarrassed. "I am not sure because some see me as horrifying in this form. I thought you would feel awkward."

"Horrifying? I think you are quite beautiful." Gladiolus replied. "Seeing you in your true form, I mean… you are quite beautiful." He said with an embarrassed face.

"T-Thank you." Anatalia replied with a blush.

"Why are you swimming at a time like this?" Gladiolus asked. "Is it not dangerous?"

"I felt the sea calling out to me. I cannot just ignore it." Anatalia replied with a smile. "Do you like to come and join me? The water is quite warm."

Gladiolus took off his shoes and then his shirt and started to walk towards the water. He flinched first, feeling the water beneath his feet but then got used to it and started to go down even deeper.

Anatalia also swam forward until she was under the water and vanished.

"Anatalia?" Gladiolus called out. "Where are you?"

Gladiolus moved forward and dived under water. He can see underneath the water thanks to the brightness of the full moon. He was holding his breath and searching for Anatalia when he saw her swimming beautifully. She gestured to him to follow him and so he did.

\'Thankfully I had some wind magic attribute.\' Gladiolus thought.

Together with his water and wind magic he was able to make a bubble around his head, he can now breath under water. He swam towards Anatalia, and she grabbed his hand that startled Gladiolus.

"That is a good trick." Anatalia said pointing to his air bubble.

"Thanks." Gladiolus replied.

"Come, let me show you the beautiful corals here." Anatalia pulled him and they swam together hand in hand.

Gladiolus had his heart thumping faster than usual while he was swimming hand in hand with Anatalia. She was so happy to show him the great marine life under the sea in his territory, talking about good spots for fishing. Gladiolus was focused on her face while Anatalia was speaking.

"I-Is there something on my face?" Anatalia asked. Gladiolus was woken up from his own day dream.

"N-Nothing." Gladiolus replied. "I just thought you are pretty while talking?"

"Do you think so?" Anatalia giggled. "Some told me that I am rather talkative that it can be irritating."

"Yes, you are truly pretty." Gladiolus replied. "I think your voice is quite melodious that I would like to hear it all the time, especially your giggle. Its like you got me under some spell."

Anatalia\'s smile turned into a frown and let go of Gladiolus\' hand.

"Do you think I put a spell on you? And I thought we were having a great time." Anatalia had a disappointed and sad look. "I never did something like cast a spell on you to my benefit. I approached you with pure intentions."

"No, I did not mean it like that." Gladiolus tried to explain but Anatalia swam away in a hurry. "Wait, Anatalia!"

Gladiolus tried to swim after Anatalia but she was more faster in swimming than him. That was when he used his water and wind magic to boost his speed. But to do that, he needed to cut off his air bubble. He had cut off his oxygen just to catch up to Anatalia.

\'I need to explain to her.\' Gladiolus thought. \'I do not want us to have such a misunderstanding. This something we have, I want it to continue.\'

Gladiolus was able to catch up to the speeding Anatalia. He grabbed her by the waist and hugged her from behind.

"Let go of me!" Anatalia resisted. "I thought we had something special. I thought that I could something with you, but you thought that I casted a spell on you." She said angrily.

Anatalia trashed while Gladiolus hugged her from behind. He held her until she had calmed down. That was when Anatalia realized that Gladiolus was not talking back. When she looked around, Gladiolus was short on air.

"Gladiolus!" Anatalia was surprise seeing him breath his last and closed his eyes. "You fool!"

Gladiolus arms around her lost strength and fell. Anatalia instantly took him and swam up in a hurry.

Once at the top, Anatalia was desperately calling to Gladiolus.

"Gladiolus… Gladiolus…" Anatalia was shouting. "Wake up… dammit!"

From out of nowhere a huge gust of wind blew. Anatalia was surprised that the water around them started to vibrate and both of them hoisted up from the water. She was surprise to see that they were now flying in the air.

"Hello little siren." Virgil in his dragon form greeted. Anatalia and Gladiolus was in his back while they were flying up in the sky. "It is such a shame that we met in such a circ.u.mstance. But please save my master."

Anatalia was woken up from her surprise seeing the azure dragon and started to resuscitate Gladiolus and do mouth to mouth. Not long, he coughed out water.

"You fool." Anatalia was scolding Gladiolus with tears on her eyes. "What do you think would have happened if you died back there? Your territory would loose a good leader because of me." She started to cry out.

"I am sorry… I am sorry for scaring you." Gladiolus hugged the crying Anatalia. "I just…. I do not want you to misunderstand. What I am feeling, I know it was not because of some spell. I think I really have fallen in love with you at first sight."

"But… *sniff* we just met *sniff*." Anatalia replied.

"I know. That was why I said it felt like I was under some spell." Gladiolus said. "But I did not mean it in a literal way. Please do not misunderstand. I might have thought that at first, and I am sorry. But now, I know what I am feeling is genuine. Anatalia, will you accept my feelings?"

Anatalia sat up straight and wiped away her tears.

"I…I am not sure." Anatalia replied. "I am not yet sure of my feelings for you. Can we… start things slow? I mean, I will be here for quite some time. Let me give my reply after some time has passed."

"Then I will wait for your reply." Gladiolus replied with a smile.