The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 389 Side Story (Gladiolus)(2)(unedited)

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Chapter 389: Side Story (Gladiolus)(2)(unedited)

The time of the first caravan\'s arrival had come. Gladiolus was just done wearing his clothes and looking at himself in front of a full body sized mirror.

"How do I look Jeremy?" Gladiolus asked. "Do I look okay? I do not look intimidating or anything? Do I give off a domeniring aura?"

Gladiolus was wearing an slick gray suit that is not too flashy. It is in the borderline of being sophisticated and eligant at the same time.

"You look find my lord." Jeremy sighed. "Do not worry too much. I am sure everything will work out well."

"You think so?" Gladiolus looked a little nervous. "What time will I be meeting them?"

"Actually the caravan had just arrived." Jeremy opened up a document he was holding. "You will meet them an hour from now and you will give them the speech you have made."

Days prior to the caravan\'s arrival, Gladiolus has been busy contructing the speech he will give after meeting the first Atlantian caravan that will be arriving in the north. Jeremy had seen him work so hard, crumpling papers when the words seemed a bit off. After many attempts and cumpled paper, Gladiolus was able to make the most best speech he was able to conctruct.

"I hope everything will go smoothly." Gladiolus said. "I am sure that some will have ill feelings towards me, and I pray that they will not make a scene."

"Do not worry my lord, we have guards stationed at the place you will give your speech." Jeremy assured. "Nothing bad will happened."

"I am not worried about my safety Jeremy. I just do not want anything bad to happened to others." Gladiolus sighed. "I just wish they will be able to give me another chance to prove myself worthy as their lord and protector."

"You will do fine my lord." Jeremy said. "Oh by the way, after you are done with your speech you have a meeting with the leader of the sirens. Her majesty the empress had asked us to host her stay here."

"Is that so?" Gladiolus replied. "I have met her I guess at the wedding and coronation of the imperial couple. Okay, please make sure that she will be given the best acocmodations."

"Understood my lord." Jeremy bowed and exited the room.

"So, a siren is coming here?" A voice said.

From Gladiolus\' sleeve sleethered out a blue snake. The sankes scales were brightly colores as if they were gems. The snake coiled up from Gladiolus\' arms and around his neck.

"You are awake Virgil." Gladiolus said.

"Yes, I had a good nap under your clothes." Virgil replied. "I like sleeping at a warm place."

"I do not mind you sleeping under my clothes. Just do not move that much because it is ticklish." Gladiolus joked.

"Sheesh, I am not that kind of a sleeper you know." Virgil replied. "Well anyways, the siren girl."

"Hmm, what about her?" Gladiolus asked.

"Well it is not everyday I can meet someone that lives under water like me." Virgil replied.

"So, you want to meet her?" Gladiolus asked out of curiosity.

"Yes. I am quite curious about her species." Virgil replied. "I might be good to chat with her."

"Well, if she permits it then I guess there is no reason for you not to talk to her." Gladiolus said.

"That\'s great." Virgil replied. "Well I will just go and get some fresh air, and a dip when I am at it."

Virgil sleethered down Gladiolus towards the opened veranda door. He slithered until the end and dropped. Not long a blue light flashed and a big blue dragon was seen flying towards the open sea that can be seen in the veranda.

"Be carefull out there." Gladiolus said before Virgil was far.

Gladiolus had specifically build his palace near the eastern sea because of Virgil, because Virgil was a sacred beast that loves water.


"Come in." Gladiolus permitted.

"My lord, the preparations are done." Jeremy said.

"Then let\'s go." Gladiolus took his coat that was hanging and put it on. He took a deep breath and exited his room.


Glaidiolus was now standing in front of the Atlantians that were included in the first caravan that arrived. They will be the first citizens of North Atlantia and as the lord, Gladiolus was there to give them a welcoming speech.

Gladiolus had prepared his speech days before, but he was still nervous to see the eyes of the Atlanitans on him. He gulped and then opened his mouth to start his speech.

"Everyone, I welcome you to North Atlantia." Gladiolius started. "I know you have traveled a long way to get here, and I assure you I will not take so much of your time now so that you can rest."

The Atlantians in front of Gladiolus was silent and was looking at him with seriousness. Gladiolus can feel the pressure of him standing in front of them.

"Me and my people here worked hard to have all of your needs be readily available upon your arrival." Gladiolus said. "I know that some of you if not all have ill feelings against my deceased mother and maybe me as well. Firstly I would like to apologize for the hardships that you have faced because of my mother\'s plots and plans." He bowed half of his body in front of the Atlantian people.

The Atlantians were surprised and started to murmur around. Jeremy was just behind Gladiolus, giving the guards a knowing look to be prepared in case of emergencies. Gladiolus stood back up and continued his speech.

"I only ask of you all to give me a second chance to prove to you that I can be a better ruler than my mother was. I would like to make it up to you." Gladiolus said. "All I ask is. That we all work together to make North Atlantia prosper once more. I will need your help to make living here better for all of us."

Gladiolus ended his speech there. There was a short time of silence before someone clapped their hand from the crowd. After once person there was. Another and then another until all the Atlantians started clapping their hands and cheered.

"We believe in you grand duke!" One man said.

"You never left us in battle before and I know you never will now that you lead us." Another said.

"Let us work hard to lift Altnatia out from the grave." Another said.

The Atlantians started to cheer in front of Gladiolus. They were smiling with a light heart. This made Gladiolus emotional and light tears came out of his eyes.

Not long the groups was dispersed and were sent to their assigned houses. They they were given the right amount of land and was given farming and planting tools to start their lives here. These was all planned out for the future of North Atlantia.

Gladiolus and Jeremy was heading back to the office. When they opened the door, Anatalia was inside wearing a light blue dress that looked radiant from the suns rays. Gladiolus was momentarily mesmerized by the sight.

"Good morning Grand Duke Gladiolus." Anatali greeted. "This is not. Our first meeting but let me introduce myself, I am Anatalia the leader of the sirens."