The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 388 Side Story (Gladiolus)(1)(unedited)

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Chapter 388: Side Story (Gladiolus)(1)(unedited)

When the five countries were united and the empire was established, Gladiolus was given the north to govern making him a grand duke. He was pardoned by the imperial couple over the crimes he had committed, but many Atlantians had lost trust in him after what happened with his mother Patricia.

The first few years he had worked hard with Dimitri to cultivate the lands of Atlantia. With the help of Carrick the black turtle and Virgil the blur dragon, they were able to bring back the once fertile land of Atlantia.

Within those years, Gladiolus was busy working to gain back the trust that he once lost. And because of guilt, he was not able to show himself to his family members especially Satiana his sister and Alicia his cousin.

When it was time the Atlaintians can come back to their home land bit by bit, some were reluctant to live at the north part where Gladiolus is governing because of the distrust that was built because of his mother\'s treachery.

At one of the caravans that was heading out to Atlantia, the group was assigned to head out to North Atlantia. Many had gone to the south and to balance the population this new group were assigned to the north.

"Are you okay to go to the north?" One man asked. "You know who is governing the north, right?"

"We have no other choice." One man replied. "We were assigned to go there to build our homes."

"He is her son. As the saying goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. What if he becomes crazy like what happened to his mother?" The man asked. "It would have been better if we were able to be assigned in the south. I heard that the grand duke that governs the south was the emperor\'s right hand. I believe he would be a better choice."

"I am not sure about you, but I am just happy to go back." An old lady replied. "I do not care about north or south. I just want to go back to the place we can call home."

"Yes, I understand what you are saying old lady." The man said. "But still, having to live under a man we do not know if will go mad in the future can be worrisome."

While the Atlantians in the caravan were debating, Anatalia was walking along. She was included to journey with the caravan to North Atlantia because of some matters regarding her species.

"Why would you judge a man from the sins of his mother?" Anatalia overheard some Atlantians talking bad about Gladiolus. "I am not sure about you, but I see that it is bad manners to talk about others on their backs." She had her hands on her waist with an irritated expression.

"I hope you do not think ill of my cousin Gladiolus." Alicia was just walking behind Anatalia.

"Your majesty the empress!" The Atlantians recognized Alicia at once and knelt in her presence.

"Please rise." Alicia said. "My cousin has worked hard with Dimitri to bring Atlantia back to life. North or south, Atlantia is now habitable thanks to them. I hope you give him another chance to prove himself. I myself have forgiven him for the sins he has committed against me after seeing his utmost sincerity. And the sins of the parent must not be passed down to their children. Gladiolus has done nothing wrong against you Atlantians, so I implore you not to see him as a bad person."

The Atlantians bowed down to hide their ashamed faces after hearing Alcia\'s words. The empress herself had forgiven Gladiolus.

"That is right!" A man in the group yelled. "I was a soldier under the prince. He is a good man that always thinks of his people. He is not like his mother that only used us for her revenge."

Some of the people in the group agreed with the man\'s words. The mood of the people in the caravan changed after. Alicia smiled seeing this.

"Here, give this to Gladiolus once you see him." Alicia gave a letter to Anatalia. "He has not come back even after years have passed. I hope this letter can make him come to see us once more."

"Do not worry Alicia. I will surely give this to him." Anatalia said with a proud face.

"Thank you." Alicia smiled. "I cannot believe that you have grown just after a few years have passed."

"You know that we sirens can live longer than the average humans. And as the sirens leader, I cannot stay and have a child like body for that long." Anatalia replied. "I can look young or old whenever I want to so do not get surprised." She smiled.

"I see." Alicia smiled back. "I hope you can come back before I give birth to this little one." She put her hand on her still flat tummy.

"I promise to be back before this little one comes out." Anatalia crouched to align her face on Alicia\'s tummy. "You just be a good boy or girl inside your mother\'s time until I come back, okay?" She stood back up again.

"Have a safe journey." Alicia bid Anatalia and gave her a hug.

"Do not forget what I have told you okay." Anatalia said. "Just follow my instructions and I am sure that you will be fine for the next nine months."

"Thanks." Alicia replied.

The caravan started to head out. Anatalia followed the caravan and waved goodbye to Alicia.


At North Atlantia, a new palace was built to house the grand duke. The first to have come here were a handful of employees who are Atlantians and also were under Gladiolus in the past. Jeremy also were one of the first who came and asked Gladiolus to be his assistant and right hand man.

Gladiolus was sitting in his office with a stack of documents on his desk in front of him. He was lookin into them with a serious face. Jeremy was helping him arrange the documents that he was finished with and signed.

"Why don\'t you get some rest for a while my lord?" Jeremy asked with a solemn tone.

"I cannot rest now. There are still many things to look in to." Gladiolus replied while his eyes were still on the paper he was holding. "There are still so many land titles that needed to be signed. How about the food stocks, aren\'t they be arriving before the first caravan arrives? And the seedlings to start the farming and the farming animals that have been gifted by the imperial couple have gifted, have they arrived?" Gladiolus was going through documents on his desks, searching for the documents.

"My lord, I have all of that under control." Jeremy gave Gladiolus a pat on his shoulder. "Here are the documents you are looking for. I have filed them neatly so that you can find them by category."

"Thank you Jeremy." Gladiolus sighed in relief. "I do not know what will happened if you are not here to help me."

"I will always be here to help you my lord." Jeremy replied. "All of the deliveries are on track as I last checked. And the first caravan had departed Grandcrest. They will be here on schedule, so rest assured that all are set when they come."

Gladiolus put down the document he was holding and sighed. He pinched his temple with his fingers seeming tired.

"I am nervous Jeremy." Gladiolus said. "What if they do not like me? I know what the Altantians are thinking about me, the son of the one that used them and left them to die."

"My lord, you are not your mother." Jeremy said, as if he has been repeating this sentence to Gladiolus for a number of times already. "I know that you will make a good leader that you are born to be. Do not let the sin of your mother hover over you."

"Thank you Jeremy." Gladiolus replied. He looked outside his window deep in thought.