The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 387 Side Story (Satiana and Jack) (7)

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Chapter 387: Side Story (Satiana and Jack) (7)

(Satiana\'s POV)

The ball was in full swing, and many has given their birthday greetings to me. One by one, the nobles that were invited came to me and wished me a happy coming of age bearing their gifts. I on the other hand made causal talk with them, especially my vasal that came to greet me.

I had my first dance with Gladiolus and so far, I have not dance after because of the flood of people wanting to wish me a happy birthday and presenting their gifts. I on the other hand have my eyes wandering around the ball room, hoping to see a glimpse of Jack anywhere. But unfortunately, I cannot find him anywhere.

"Happy coming of age grand duchess." Regaleon said. He greeted me with Alicia and their twins.

"Happy birthday Sati." Alicia replied. "These two here are Alphonse and Aerith. Greet your Aunt Sati, it is her birthday today."

The twins are standing hand in hand in between Regaleon and Alicia.

"Happy birthday Aunt Sati." The twins spoke on unison.

"Thank you so much for the greetings." I replied to the imperial couple. "Oh, look how adorable your children are."

"Do you have a birthday cake?" The little girl Aerith asked me with twinkling eyes.

"Yes, of course I have." I said with a smile. "It is there at the buffet table."

"Can we get a huge slice of cake?" Alphonse asked. "Al loves cake."

"Yeah, yeah. Me too." Aerith said with a huge smile.

"You can get a huge serving of cake, as big as you like." I replied.

"Yey!" The twins replied and ran towards the buffet table.

"Be careful not to bump on other people!" Alicia yelled out. "I apologize with their behavior. They are a little rowdy sometimes."

"Oh, no need to apologize. I like kids." I replied.

"Well, I hope you get one for yourself as well." Regaleon said from out of nowhere.

His comment made me blush, thinking about making babies made me feel embarrassed.

"Stop teasing the poor child." Alicia elbowed Regaleon. "Well, we will go to where the twins are. I am afraid they can finish your big birthday cake by themselves."

"Hehe okay." I giggled. "But I do not mind if they do."

"Thanks." Alicia said and headed to where the twins are with Regaleon.

I had a breather at last. I felt that all of the guests have now greeted me, and I tried heading upstairs to get a good view of the ballroom to find where Jack is.

\'He won\'t miss my coming of age, right?\' I thought to myself while my heart was thumping real fast.

"Your grace." Someone called me. When I looked around, I saw Duke Matias alone.

The duke and his son had already greeted me earlier, so I believe the duke is to inform me that it is time to give my coming-of-age speech.

"Duke Matias, is it time already?" I asked.

"I believe so your grace." Duke Matias said.

I was planning on announcing my engagement with Alfred in my coming-of-age speech. I never thought I could not confess to Jack my feelings before the announcement.

"You will be announcing your engagement with my son tonight, correct your grace?" Duke Matias asked.

I have already talked to the duke about accepting his son\'s marriage proposal earlier in the day. But now, I am having second thoughts.

"Y-Yes duke." I replied.

"I am happy that we will be an official family because of this." Duke Matias smiled whole heartedly that I was hesitant to tell him I am having second thoughts. "It is also for the future of Jennovia your grace. I am sure my son will be a fine partner for you and a good father to your children in the future."

I was forced to remember my duty as the lord of Jennovia. My decision to marry Alfred was for future of Jennovia as well. I climbed the steps with a heavy heart, weighing what to do. On one side was my duty and the other was my personal feelings for the person I love.

I was standing in front of the guest looking down at the ball room. The attendants have called their attention, and I was now the focus of their gaze. What I will be saying right now will be the future of Jennovia. I clenched my sweaty hands and started the speech I prepared.

"I thank you all for coming to my coming-of-age ceremony. It is not long since I have taken the seat…."

I was continuing my speech as I have memorized it, but my eyes were wandering down on the ballroom. I was searching for him, searching every face in the crowd to find him. But that was not the only thing I was searching for. I was also searching for a sign.

\'If I see him, then I will not mention accepting the marriage proposal of Alfred. If not, then I will proceed with announcing the acceptance of the marriage proposal.\' I thought to myself.

I was searching hard, looking at the faces of the people down the ballroom one by one. My speech was at the end, and I felt my heart sank that I cannot find what I was searching for.

\'Is this the sign?\' I thought. \'Is it really not meant to be?\'

"I will also take this opportunity to speak about my future." I began. "I know many of my vassals have been asking me when I will take a husband that can assist me in governing Jennovia. I know that it is also one of my duties to birth an heir for the future generation. I am here today to tell you that I have chosen a suitable husband that had proposed marriage to me. I am sure that he can help me with my tasks now and in the future."

\'This is it.\' I told myself. \'After I say this, there is no turning back.\' I gripped my hands hard, forcing myself to say the words.

"I have chosen to accept the proposal of…" I trailed off.

"WAIT!!!" I heard a familiar voice resonate in the ballroom.

The guests all turned around to see a man with crimson hair standing by the door. He was wearing a formal suite with white and red motif and his usually shaggy hair was brushed up. My heart raced seeing him so handsome.

"J-Jack…" I called his name.

"Sorry I\'m late. I did not have any good clothes for the occasion. I only had my knight\'s uniform as a formal attire. And in this occasion, I have to dress neatly and so I asked Sir William to lend me a hand." Jack said.

I saw William bowed his head with the mention of his name. I saw Regaleon\'s familiar Tempest perched in William\'s arm.

"I am glad that I am not too late." Jack said while walking towards to where I was.

The crowd made way to let Jack pass. His steps were swift as if in a hurry and in no time, he was climbing the stairs and is now in front of me.

"Your grace, I know I am being bold right now, but I will just say this directly with all my heart." Jack then knelt down on one knee in front of me.

My heart was racing when I first saw Jack, but it went up a notch when I saw him taking out a box from his pocket. I covered my mouth to prevent my surprised voice from getting out.

"Satiana, I am sorry if it took such a long time until I recognized my feelings for you. I know that I am being bold and everything, but I realized that I do not want to just stand behind you anymore." Jack said. "I started to realize that I wanted to be the one standing by your side forever, and no one else. The thought of you in the arms of another man is unfathomable. I love you Satiana, and I want to be the man that will stand by your side in your journey of governing Jennovia. Sati, will you marry me?" He opened the box and inside was a gold necklace with a heart shape pendant with leaves circling around it.

Tears started to come out of my eyes after hearing his words. I cannot believe that the man I love also has the same feelings for me. The happiness in my heart is bursting out.

"Yes… yes, yes, yes!" I cannot utter other words but yes.

Jack\'s face beamed brightly to my answer. He stood up and took the necklace out of the box and helped me put it on my neck. I brushed my hair up so that he can put it on me without any difficulty.

"It was in such short notice that was I only have a necklace in my proposal." Jack whispered into my ear. "It should have been your birthday present but now it is my engagement gift for you. I will find you a ring with the best emerald rock on top first thing tomorrow."

"The necklace is fine. I love it." I replied with a smile.

"You deserve the best ring out there. Do not worry, I will let my men find one." Jack carefully pulled me into his arms. "May I kiss you now?" I was a little shy but nodded my head in agreement.

Jack put his palm on my cheek and inched nearer to my face. I closed my eyes and anticipated. I have always imagined what Jack\'s kiss would feel like in my lips and now he is just a mere inch away from me. I then felt warm lips touch mine. At first it was a soft and innocent kiss, but after some time is felt burning and passionate as if wanting to devour my lips in his.


I was emersed with my time with Jack that I forgot that we were not alone. The guests started to cheer and congratulate us. Jack reluctantly pushed me but left a peck on my forehead.

"I cannot wait to have you all to myself." Jack whispered into my ear, and I felt a blush crept on my face.

Jack and I waved towards the guests with smile on our faces. I am happy that all turned out okay in the end.

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