The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 386 Side Story (Satiana and Jack) (6)

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Chapter 386: Side Story (Satiana and Jack) (6)

(Satiana\'s POV)

It was already nighttime, and the hall is now open for my birthday. Guests are now starting to arrive as I have heard from one of my maids. While the party is about to start, I am still here getting ready to wear my gown.

I looked in front of a full-sized body mirror and saw myself dolled up beautifully. I was wearing the right amount of make-up on my face. My hair was beautifully decorated with butterfly and flower ornaments. My lips were tinted with the same red as Jack\'s crimson hair.

"I have not seen Jack the whole day today." I asked the maids helping me prepare.

"I have already asked the knight standing guard outside your grace." One maid replied. "Sir Jack had left a word that he will be away for a while because of an emergency."

"An emergency?" I asked. "I hope nothing bad happened." I felt worried in an instant.

"Do not worry your grace, I am sure the marquis will be fine." The maid replied. "He is such a strong and capable man, that is why he is very popular with the female employees in the palace." She giggled.

"Jack is popular?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Of course, your grace. He is such a handsome man and one of the sought of bachelor\'s here inside the place." Another maid replied. "And with his witty remarks, no girl would not fall for his charms, hehe." She giggled.

"But unfortunately, the marquis only has eyes for you, your grace." The maid replied.

"M-Me?" I asked in disbelief. "You must be mistaken. I mean, he only sees me as a younger sister."

"What do you mean younger sister, your grace?" The maid looked at me questioningly. "The gaze the marquis has for you is filled with love and affection that is impossible for I to be feelings for a younger sister."

"Yes, yes." The other maid nodded. "If you can just see how the marquis\' eyes follows you everywhere validates his romantic feelings for you."

"I am not sure about that." I replied with an awkward smile. "Well, he is my personal knight so of course his eyes would follow me everywhere, right?"

"I think not your grace." The other maid replied. "I mean, the gaze of the marquis has for you it is hot and burning. If I can be bold, I will say it is quite dreamy. How I wish someone would gaze me the same way the marquis gazes you your grace."

"She is correct, your grace." The other maid replied. "Majority of the female employees inside the palace would had seen it and they also yearn for someone like the marquis to look at them like that. But do not get us wrong your grace, every one of us is rooting for the two of you. We hope that romance blossoms soon for the both of you."

"That is ridiculous. I am sure you girls are just jumping into conclusions and fantasies." I giggled.

"But we wish the two of you the best, your grace." The maids said. "We truly wish for your happiness."

When the conversation ended, I realized I am now wearing my ball gown for the night. It has the tender color of yellow green. It is adorned with light green emerald gems that gives a subtle color to the gown.

"Oh my… you look so beautiful your grace." The maids each complimented.

"Thank you." I told them. If not for their hard work since this morning, I will not have been this beautiful.

\'I might say, the process of beautifying is quite tiresome.\' I thought while remembering what they did since earlier this morning.


"Your grace, her majesty Empress Alicia and mother is here to see you." The knight guard said from outside.

"Please let them in." I ordered.

When the door opened Aunt Leticia and Alicia came inside. They were both wearing their ball gowns and are so beautiful.

"My dear niece, you are so beautiful." Aunt Leticia crossed the room and gave me a light hug.

"Thank you, aunt." I replied and hugged her back.

"You are quite exceptional, Sati." Alicia complimented. "Tonight, is your night." She hugged me.

"Thank you, Alicia." I hugged her back. "You are so beautiful as well."

"Nothing compared to you, hehe." Alicia giggled. "By the way, are you sure about your plans for tonight. Are you not going to think twice about this?" She asked.

I have exchange letters with Alicia about the plans on my marriage. I have consulted her many times, and I have come into a conclusion that is best for the land I am ruling.

"Yes, Alicia." I replied with a sad smile. "Unfortunately, I never had the courage to tell him of my feelings. I am afraid that he would reject me, that he will say that he only sees me as a little sister and nothing more." I tried to stop tears from falling.

"How about you try and tell him first, Sati." Alicia encouraged. "You might not know, what if he has mutual feelings? I suggest at least give it a try."

"My daughter is right, Sati." Aunt Leticia said. "There is no harm in trying. Jack is now a marquis, and I cannot see anything that can stop the two of you from getting married."

"I-I think you are right." I replied. "At least I want to tell the feelings that I have for him."

"That is right, Sati." Alicia said. "If ever he rejects you then tell me, and I will surely give him a punch or two." She said brandishing her fists.

"Hehe, thanks Alicia, Aunt Leticia." I hugged them both.

"We are a family. Of course, we are here for you." Aunt Leticia said.


"Grand Duke Gladiolus is here." The knight guard announced.

The door opened and my brother that was wearing formal clothes came in.

"Your majesty Empress Alicia, Aunt Leticia." Gladiolus bowed as a greeting.

"Is the ball about to start?" Aunt Leticia asked.

"Yes, I am here to escort my little sister." Gladiolus said with a smile. "If I may…" He offered his hand towards me.

"Thank you, brother." I placed my hand on top of his.

"Then let us go." Gladiolus tucked my arms inside his and escorted me out. "We will be heading out now, your majesty, aunt." Alicia and Aunt Leticia nodded and the both of us walked outside.

I was getting nervous with every step I take. This is the first time I will host a ball as the main character, being that I had just come of age. Before, I was just hosting small social gatherings and such but now is different. All eyes will be upon me, and I am the start of the night. I cannot make any mistakes.

"Do not be nervous." Gladiolus encouraged me. "You are the grand duchess of Jennovia. Even if you make a mistake, no one can talk negatively about you. If there are, then I will personally deal with them. They will wish that they have never been born."

"Hehe brother, that is a bit harsh." I giggled. "But thank you for thinking of me, brother."

"Of course, you are my only little sister." Gladiolus smiled gently. "You are very beautiful today. I am sure that they will be in awe at your presence."

"Thank you." I replied.

My nerves calmed down after Gladiolus and I talked. What I am looking forward to right now is meeting Jack tonight and confessing my feelings for him.

"Well, here we are." Gladiolus said.

We are behind a curtain on top of a staircase going down the ball room. I can see that many people have now gathered, and my nerves started to act up again. I squeezed Gladiolus\' arm and I can feel his hand brushing it to comfort me.

"Do not worry. I am here with you." Gladiolus smiled.

I felt courage with Gladiolus words. I took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Let us go." I said.

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The attendants opened the curtains and I saw the ballroom down below more clearly.

"Her grace the Grand Duchess Satiana, being escorted by his grace Grand Duke Gladiolus." The attendant announced our presence.

The murmuring from the crowd down below silenced and all eyes are now upon us. Gladiolus and I graciously went down the staircase. Once we are down, all the people bowed down and greeted us. Hence, the ball has begun.

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