The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 382 - Side Story (Satiana and Jack) (2) (unedited)

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Chapter 382 - Side Story (Satiana and Jack) (2) (unedited)

(Satiana\'s POV)

The planned attack on the Jennovia palace was successful in many ways possible. We were able to get back the Jennovian palace and push out my mother\'s forces, but we were unable to get her. My mother and brother have left the palace long before we were able to lay siege on them, only a handful of soldiers that were discarded by the queen were left to defend a palace with no one inside. The civil war in Jennovia has ended and I was crowned queen of Jennovia just before the empire was established.

Because I was still young and has not come of age, Duke Matias was tasked to be my guardian. He became a good teacher and advisor to me in terms of politics and governing. Jack who had promised to stay by my side until I come of age had honored his promise. With Duke Matias\' suggestion, I had given Jack a title of marquis and a piece of land here in Jennovia. Not only that, but he was also appointed as my personal knight that stayed by my side.

Time passed by quickly and many happened. Regaleon and Alicia won the war against my mother and the empire was established. My title was changed from queen to grand duchess, something that has been promised with the king of Grandcrest. I have diligently learned under Duke Matias and other teachers of my duties as the grand duchess that oversees Jennovia.

I was also informed of my mother\'s death. I was quite sad because I was not even able to talk to her. I would have wanted to at least talk to her one last time and ask her if had she ever loved me as her daughter. I was ready to face whatever my mother would have told me, even if she tells me that she never loved me from the start. What I really wanted was closure in that chapter of my life, but I was not given the chance to do so.

It was autumn at this point in time and my coming of age was quickly approaching. On top of my duties as grand duchess, I was also busy with the preparations of my coming of age ceremony. And not only that, many letters from well known aristocratic families have been sending invitations to tea parties and such. As I know, these families have sons that are near my age hence I can see their plan on inviting me in such gatherings.

I sighed seeing a pile of doc.u.ments and unopened invitations letters on top of my work desk.

"It really is tough, now that your coming of age ceremony is coming near." Duke Matias said, looking at some closed invitation letters. "These families have sons that are in your age. Hmm, they have quite high ambitions."

"I know, right?" I sighed once more.

"Our grand duchess is quite popular these days." Jack who was standing by my side had a teasing smile on his face.

"it really is quite troublesome you know." I replied to him. "They just want to introduce their sons to me, hoping that I will take them as consorts. I have no plan on making a harem you know." I said with irritation.

"Well, you father had at least three consorts. And your grandfather had seven." Duke Matias smiled teasingly. "It is common for Jennovian monarchs to have side consorts."

"I know you are teasing me uncle." I told the duke. "Grandcrest was also similar in the past, but King Regaleon had already demolished that in his reign. I also do not plan on following in my ancestors\' footsteps."

"That is true." Duke Matias replied. "It will only have problems with choosing an heir in the future."

I blushed hearing the word \'heir\' from the duke\'s mouth.

\'Yes, I as a ruler I am also tasked to bore an offspring to continue my lineage.\' I thought.

I took a peek at Jack, imaging what if he would be my consort. What would our children look like?

\'I will be happy if our children had his red fiery hair.\' I smiled.

"But it would be best to select an escort for your coming of age ceremony." Duke Matias said. "it would be wise to choose well, grand duchess. As you know, many eyes will be on you and your escort will be looked at as a potential future consort."

I sighed knowing what the duke meant by his words. The aristocratic faction has kept an eye for me for the whole time of my governance. As I am new at this, some with ill intentions can nitpick on my short comings. A rebellion or uprising is possible with a weak ruler. And so, it is a must to get a consort that has a good standing and will be able to help me in governing in the future.

"If I may, I would like to suggest my son Alfred." Duke Matias replied. "You have known him for quite some time now and I am sure you have an idea of his affection for you. He will make a good partner in the future. I can vouch for him as his father." He bowed his head solemnly, showing his sincerity.

"I know that young Lord Alfred is a good man." I replied to him awkwardly. "But… I have not thought about taking a consort. For now, I want to focus on my coming of age ceremony and get through with it without any problems. But thank you for your suggestion uncle. I will keep that in mind." I smiled.

"I understand." Duke Matias replied. "I know it is rather difficult, because it should be a mother that is tasked to make preparations for a daughter\'s coming of age ceremony."

I felt a prick on my chest hearing the duke words. It is true that a mother should be the one in charge of the preparations but unfortunately, I do not have one.

"Please mind your words in front of the grand duchess, Duke Matias." I heard Jack said with a chilling voice.

"Ah yes… I am sorry. It was insensitive of me." Duke Matias quickly apologized.


There was a knock on the door of my office.

"Come in." I ordered.

The door opened and an attendant came in.

"Your grace, Duchess Leticia of Alvannia and Grand Duke Gladiolus are here and wants to meet you." The attendant said.

"Aunt and older brother?!" I was surprised.

Aunt Leticia had maintained contact with me through letters, but we were busy to have time and see each other. My brother Gladiolus on the other hand have not contacted me for since the time he left with mother. I was so happy that he was here to meet me.

"I will meet with them." I stood up and smiled happily. "Bring them to the lounge area where we take important guests." I ordered.

"Understood your grace." The attendant retreated and closed the door.

"I will finish these doc.u.ments later." I said. "You can call it a day uncle."

"Then I wish you a good day ahead, your grace." Duke Matias bowed.

"Come Jack, let\'s go to the lounge area immediately." I said with joy.

"As you wish, your grace." Jack smiled back and he escorted me out of my office.