The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 380 - Epilogue 1 (3) (unedited)

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Chapter 380 - Epilogue 1 (3) (unedited)

Chapter 380

Epilogue 1 (3) (unedited)

I can feel the same pain I felt when I gave birth to Alphonse and Aerith. I knew full well that my body is getting ready to give birth to the child inside me.

"Get the clean towels ready and some hot water in her majesty\'s room at once." I heard Tricia\'s voice giving orders to the other maids.

"T-Tricia." I called out to her in a hoarse voice.

"Yes, your majesty?" Tricia was by my side in an instant. "I am right here."

I reached out to her and she held my hand in an instant. I can feel ger warmth and worry radiating over me.

"L-Leon…" I asked at once.

"Do not worry your majesty." Tricia said with a comforting tone. "His majesty is on his way as we speak."

After hearing Tricia\'s words, I felt some relief that Regaleon was on his way, but I can still feel anxiety, nervous that he might not make it to our youngest\'s birth. And just after thinking such a thing, I felt a bolt of pain run from my lower region.

"Ahhhh!!!" I screamed with pain, clenching Tricia\'s hand that I was holding and the bed sheets from my other hand.

"Hang in there your majesty." Tricia said comforting words, but her face was full of worry.

"Your majesty, please breathe as I say." A midwife that was at the opposite side of my bed said. "Inhale… exhale…"

I do as I was told. I took a deep breathe and exhaled. It helps me regain some strength after the shot of contraction. I had three midwives that are attending to me in my childbirth. Unfortunately, Anatalia out of the country right now because of siren business. After the war, the sirens and lycans existence were made know all over the continent. They were introduced as allies to the empire that has sworn loyalty to Emperor Regaleon. Because of that they were given land that they can call their home in the continent.

The lycans had chosen the mountain regions in the middle part of the continent while the sirens were given the land at the southern part of the continent near the south sea. Both races were starting to develop the land that were given to them as their own and the empire is helping them along the way.

"I will try and be back when you give birth." That was Anatalia\'s words before she left to tend to her siren business. But I am afraid I will give birth without her now.

"Ahhhh…" I screamed once again after another shot of contraction.

The interval is getting shorter and shorter meaning my baby is ready to come out any time soon.

"L-Leon…" I call out my husband\'s name. "Leon…"

I was sweating buckets while lying down on my bed. I can feel my body losing its strength every time the pain of the contractions come. All I could think about now was my husband that I am longing for.

"I am here my love." I heard Regaleon\'s voice by my side. I looked up and saw the face of my loving husband carrying our son Alphonse in his arms.

"You are here…" I said, giving him a strained smile. I felt relief wash all over my body after seeing him.

"I rushed here on Tempest the instant I got the message." Regaleon said while planting a kiss on my forehead. I can feel his hand patting my head. "You are doing fine my love. Just stay strong, okay?"

"Hmm…" I nodded. "Alphonse is here as well."

"Mama… aw u in pwein? (Mommy… are you in pain?)" Alphonse asked with a worried look.

"I am sorry that you are seeing mommy this weak." I replied with a weak smile.

"I dwont want to see mama in pwein. (I don\'t want to see mommy in pain.)" Alphonse said with a sad face.

"Oh, my sweet little boy." I said with a smile. "Mommy needs to go through this so that your little sibling can be born."

Alphonse tried to reach me with his short little arms but Regaleon did not let him.

"Al, your mother needs to concentrate right now." Regaleon said. "Did you not promise to be a good boy?"

"Ehhmmm…" Alphonse did not listen to what Regaleon was saying and still tried to reach me.

"It is okay…" I nodded to Regaleon to let Alphonse touch me.

Regaleon looked at me, contemplating before nodding and agreeing. Regaleon put Alphonse down on the bed and he crawled near me. Alphonse Regaleon looked at me, contemplating before nodding and agreeing. Regaleon put Alphonse down on the bed and he crawled near me. Alphonse put his hand on my forehead lovingly. Once he had done so, I can feel the strain and weakness of my body dissipate and strength was gradually returning. I can see white light starting t radiate all over my body.

"A-Al…" Regaleon said with a surprised tone, his eyes were wide looking at our son. "You can use white magic!"

I was surprised to hear what Regaleon said. As I know, Regaleon showed signs of being capable of using white magic when he was in his adolescent years, and it was not easy to use as well. He needed to train to harness its healing powers to be able to heal more efficiently and effectively. But our son is using white magic as if he were a pro.

"He really is the reincarnation of the chosen one." I heard Anatalia\'s voice by the door.

"Anatalia…" I was happy that she came just in time.

"I told you I will try my best to be here once you gave birth." Anatalia said while panting, indicating that she was running along the way.

Anatalia did not quickly strode towards the foot of my bed and checked on me at once.

"I can already feel the baby\'s head." Anatalia said. "If I say push, you push, okay? Alphonse is now serving as your personal pain reliever and you will not feel the pain of the contractions."

"Hmm…" I nodded in understanding.

"Okay now… push!" Anatalia said.

"Hmmpphhh…" I was now holding Regaleon\'s hand squeezing it while pushing. I can feel him also squeezing back gently, comforting me.

"You can do it my love." Regaleon said.

"Okay, deep breathe Alicia." Anatalia said and so I had time to relax. "Now, push again."

I pushed and took a break as Anatalia had said so. I can feel that only a few more pushed and my baby will be out.

"Downt wowy mama, my witew bwadew is comin. (Don\'t worry mommy, my little brother is coming)." Alphonse said.

"Just a bit more Alicia… just push." Anatalia said.

"Ahhhh…" I used my strength to push and just after that I heard the baby cry.

"Uwahhh… uwahhh…" I can hear how healthy my youngest\'s cry were that a felt relief in an instant.

"Alicia, Regaleon… it is a boy." Anatalia said.

"Did you hear that my love, we have another boy." Regaleon said and planted a kiss on my forehead.

"That is great." I said with a smile. "How did you know that you will have a little brother, Al?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Bwecoz I hav dream bout it… (Because I have dreamt about it…)" Alphonse replied.

I was dumbfounded hearing that my son had dreamt about having a baby brother. I looked at Regaleon at once and he too had a surprised expression. I knew that he was thinking what I was thinking as well, that our sone Alphonse must have prophetic dreams. Regaleon shook his head knowing that we do not have any proof of this as of now.

\'I guess we will have to talk about this in the future.\' I thought.

"Here you go Alicia…" Anatalia handed me my youngest son now saddled warmly. I looked at his cute little face. He had his eyes closed, sleeping peacefully.

"He is so beautiful." I said feeling joy blossom as I see my youngest one in my arms.

"Do you have a name in mind?" Regaleon asked with his arms over us.

"I am not yet sure what to call him." I replied. I had a bunch of names in mind but for boys and girls, but I was not able to choose. "How about you Alphonse, have you thought of a name for your little brother?" I asked with a smile.

"Weonhawt…" Alphonse replied. "My witiw bwadews name is Weonhawt."

Alphonse replied as if he knew his little brother\'s name for a long time.

"Leonhart?" Regaleon replied. "That is a good name." He smiled.

"Hehe, I guess he took the name \'Leon\' from you." I giggled. "Al really liked daddy, huh?"

"Yep!" Alphonse replied with a proud smile. "I wiw be gwow big and stwong like dadwy (I will be growing big and strong like daddy.)"

"That is good to hear." Regaleon patted Alphonse\'s head affectionately. "And you will be tasked to protect your little sister and brother in the future."

"Hmm!" Alphonse nodded is little head showing his resolve to his father.

"Hehe." I giggled seeing how Alphonse is growing in the right path. "Leonhart… my little Hart." I looked at my youngest with all the love and affection I am feeling inside my heart.

Now we are a family of five. The new addition to our little family is another blessing to me and Regaleon. Now that the empire is starting to get stabilized, I just wish that this peace will last for a long time. But there is still the prophecy that is set upon my son Alphonse. It was a path that he needs to accomplish in the future, and Regaleon and I will try our best to give him the best things possible to help him in his future journey.