The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 38 Faking her burned face

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"I was the one that told grandpa." Richard came forward from behind. "Elder sister, I saw you a few days ago and your face was as smooth as a baby\'s."

"W-what? Nonsense!" Elizabeth yelled in defense.

"Then why not take off your bandage princess Elizabeth." Leon interjected. "You can clear your name from their allegations after we see your wound."

"Nonsense!" Veronica yelled. "If you open the bandage then the wound will get infected. You are asking this of my sister to ruin her face, don\'t you?"

Veronica stepped forward and defended her younger sister.

"Richard, son. Are you sure of what you saw? Maybe you were just mistaken." The queen sweet talked her son. But Richard stood firm with resolve.

"I am sure of what I saw." Richard said. "I was going to Elizabeth\'s courtyard to surprise her with a visit. I knew she was recovering from her burns so I got some ointment from the royal physician Dr. Alexander. But who knew my sister didn\'t need it."

"What? When did you visit?" Elizabeth asked worriedly. "Maybe you saw it by mistake. Sometimes the lighting in my courtyard is dim."

"I came to visit you three days ago at noon time. The sun was up in the sky and it was so bright. I cannot be mistaken." Richard answered firmly.

\'I was careless.\' Elizabeth thought.

She looked worried. She didn\'t anticipate that her little brother will make a surprise visit to her. She was so careful not to go out of her courtyard. And she didn\'t want to always wear the gauze on her cheeks because it was hot and can starts rashes on her beautiful face.

"Well? If you just let us take a peak on your wound then all of our inquiries will stop." Leon said sarcastically.

"No! I don\'t want my wound to be exposed. M-maybe some other time." Elizabeth was squirming.

I look at them from the sidelines. I was also curious if Elizabeth was really burned by the hot tea that slipped my hands.

My heart felt uneasy, thinking that if it is true she was lying about her burned face, then I have been wronged. Remembering how James slapped my face hard, feeling the pain on my cheeks. My feelings stirred. I felt irritated thinking of it. I clenched my fists hard.

\'I also want to see her face under that gauze.\' I thought to myself.

I felt the intense feeling of prying that gauze off Elizabeth\'s face. That was when, out of nowhere, a cat jumped out.

The cat sprung towards Elizabeth, screeching in anger. It flew towards her face.

"Ahhhh." Elizabeth was taken by surprise. She tried to pry the cat away from her face but it just dug it\'s claws deeper into her skin.

"Elizabeth!" Veronica screeched.

"My daughter! Someone help her!" The queen yelled.

The queen\'s guards looked at each other. They were from the lower class and can\'t touch the princess. It was forbidden and punishable by death.

"Oh for goodness sakes! Where are the maids." Veronica yelled.

The maids by the sidelines were looking at the situation in a daze. They were surprised with the turn of events that they sprang into action just after Veronica yelled at them.

"Ahhhh. It hurts!" Elizabeth was crying with pain. The maids rushed to her and helped her get the cat off. A maid was holding her while the other was prying the cat off of her.

"Ahhhh, my face. My face!" Elizabeth screamed.

The cat was pried of off Elizabeth after some push and pulls. The cat bounced and ran away in an instant. The guards weren\'t able to catch the feline perpetrator.

Everyone around was speechless. They were all in shock of what just happened.

"My face, it hurts. It hurts." Elizabeth was crying.

Everyone around her now saw her face that was full of scratch marks.

"There are no burn marks." It was I who first talked. "I can only see the scratches the cat made. But there are no burn wounds in your face. You lied to me."

"So what if I lied!" Elizabeth yelled. "You are guilty if I say so. No one will dare defy me."