The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 379 - Epilogue 1 (2) (unedited)

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Chapter 379 - Epilogue 1 (2) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

I was so busy with finishing the paperwork that I did not realize that the sun was starting to set in the west. I sighed heavily and pressed my temples feeling the fatigue I acc.u.mulated today.

"That was a big sigh your majesty." Chris who just came inside my office door said. He was carrying quite a few doc.u.ments in his hands.

"Is that urgent." I asked feeling irritated that there are more doc.u.ments to look at.

"I am afraid, your majesty." Chris gave me an apologetic smile. "You will be away for three days and it would be best to check these ones before you go to her majesty and the highnesses." He flapped the doc.u.ments.

"I understand." I deeply sighed ones more. "Put it here so that I can finish them all before the middle of the night." I tapped the remaining doc.u.ments on my desk.

"Of course, your majesty." Chris smiled and put the doc.u.ments on my desk together with the remaining doc.u.ments.

I was engrossed with my work once more thinking that after this pile of doc.u.ments I can go to where my wife and children are.

\'I want to surprise Alicia.\' A smile crept on my face after the idea popped up in my head.

I planned that after I finish these doc.u.ments, that I estimate will be done by midnight if I work non stop, I will take Tempest and fly to where Alicia and the children.

\'I am sure they would be asleep by then, but I would like to at least plant a kiss on their sleeping faces.\' I thought.

I can imagine how surprised the twins will be when they see me after they wake up. I would also want to sleep in the same bed with Alicia while hugging her in my arms.

\'I cannot sleep very well without my wife by my side.\' I thought. \'I cannot last more than three nights. It is like torture.\' I confessed my own weakness.

If it is not for Alicia and the baby\'s well being, I would not have endured to be away from my family like this. Alicia is having a hard time in her second pregnancy, as if this were her first. The doctor advised that she needed a stress free environment and suggested that she spend the remainder of her pregnancy in a quiet place, that is why she and the twins travelled to one of our vacation villas.

"Will you be going to her majesty after you are done, your majesty?" Chris said as if he had read my mind.

Chris had been with me as my personal assistant since the empire was established. He has seen how I work and also knows how my mind works. At first Dimitri was also here helping us, but after South Atlantia started to take in people, he was needed there and only Chris and I remained here in the capital. Work piled up but thanks to Chris I was able to finish work every day with his help. Because of that Chris had become my close aid since then, like Dimitri was.

"You know my answer to that." I smiled at him.

"Do not worry your majesty. I have already scanned those doc.u.ments and made preliminary evaluations." Chris said. "Those doc.u.ments only need your royal stamp for approval. Those doc.u.ments that got rejected in the first scan will be sent back with explanations that I have made."

"Thank you so much, Chris." I replied to him with a smile. "You really are a capable assistant."

"Thanks for the compliment, your majesty." Chris smiled back. "I am just doing my job to support you. And also, I am sure her majesty and the highnesses are waiting for your return."

"You are right." I smiled just thinking about the twins running towards me with excitement and huge smiles on their faces. I would also like to see my wife\'s lovely face while I plant a kiss on her plump and sweet lips.

"Her majesty is near her due date, I believe." Chris said. "I cannot imagine that you will have another child just after three and a half years of marriage."

I smiled thinking about our small wedding in the village. After that we had Alphonse and Aerith by surprise. When we got back to Grandcrest, I immediately planned a big wedding together with our coronation as emperor and empress of the newly established empire. The festivities lasted for three months.

"I know right." I replied. "I pray that you and your wife will be blessed with a baby soon as well." I remarked.

Chris got married within this year. His wife is an Atlantian that was with him in Dimitri\'s special unit. I was happy to know that he was able to settle down not long after we had obtained the peace we have fought so hard for.

"I hope so too your majesty." Chris replied. "But I am also happy to monopolize my wife for now." He smiled.

"I completely understand you." I smiled knowing what he meant.

Alicia and I had the twins right after we got married and I was not able to get her all to myself after that. But I was happy to have my children, it was just that Alicia\'s attention had been divided to three after having Alphonse and Aerith.

It was not that long when the sun had set, and the night was starting to get deeper. A messenger bird landed on the window of my office. It was a fast messenger bird used for emergencies. Chris knew that as well and walked towards the window to open it. He took the message from the messenger bird and read it at once.

"Y-Your majesty…" Chris complexion paled. "The messenger bird came from Sir William."

"What does it say?!" I said in alarm, knowing that William will not send a message if it was not an emergency.

"It says that her majesty is currently in labor now." Chris replied. "She might give birth any moment now."

Hearing Chris utter the words, I quickly stood up from my seat and quickly ran towards the door.

"Chris, you take care of those doc.u.ments for me!" I said before exiting my office.

"Yes, of course your majesty." Chris replied at once. "Take care on your journey." He quickly remarked but I was already outside and only heard his words in passing.

\'Tempest!\' I quickly mind linked.

\'Yes, master.\' Tempest replied at once.

\'We are going to Alicia now. She is about to give birth.\' I said to him.

\'I am just waiting outside.\' Tempest replied.

I found the nearest balcony near my office on the second floor and jumped out immediately. In no time, Tempest swept down from above in his phoenix form and caught me.

"Hurry Tempest." I said in quite panic. "I do not want to miss the birth of my third child."

"I understand." Tempest then quickly sped up.

It was not that long when I saw the vacation villa in sight. My heart was thumping fast inside my chest all the way.

\'Please let me make it in time.\' I prayed and prayed in the whole journey.

Tempest hovered just above the entrance of the villa and I quickly jumped down. The head maid and the butler of the villa quickly came out to greet me.

"Your majesty…" The both of them started to bow.

"Skip the greetings." I said immediately and walked inside the villa. "Is my wife in her room right now?" I asked while quickly climbing the stairs towards the second floor.

"Yes, your majesty." The butler replied at once. "Sir William carried her majesty to her room at once."

"Her majesty\'s water broke while she was having snacks outside with the highnesses." The head maid explained. "We called the midwives at once and they are currently in her room with her majesty right now."

I quickly walked towards our room when I landed at the second floor. When I was about to turn a corner, I already heard Alicia\'s screams.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Alicia\'s voice was echoing at the corridors.

I turned the corner and saw William and Philip standing guard outside. Philip was cradling the crying Aerith in his arms while Alphonse was clinging unto his waist.

"How is she?" I asked William at once.

"Her majesty has been in labor for some hours now." William replied.

"Waaahhh…" Aerith was sobbing. "Dada, why is mama kwaying (Daddy, why is mommy crying.") She asked while reaching her tiny arms towards me. I took her from Philip and tried to comfort her.

"Mommy is just feeling some pain while getting your little sibling out." I tried to explain as best as I possibly can.

"Ish it coz mama hash so big tummy? (Is it because mommy has so big tummy?)" Aerith asked.

"Yes, something like that." I replied while wiping the tears from her chubby cheeks. "Now be a good girl and stay here for a while, okay? Daddy will go and help mommy inside."

"Cwant Aywit go inswide too? (Can\'t Aerith go inside too?)" Aerith asked.

"No baby girl." I said soothingly. "Mommy needs to concentrate so that your little sibling can get out mommy\'s tummy safely. Why don\'t you go with Philip and help Tricia with your baby sibling\'s things? I am sure that once he or she is out, he or she will need clothes to wear and a bed to sleep on. You will be a good sister and help them, won\'t you?"

"Y-Yesh." Aerith sniffed. "Aywit will hewp becoz I am a gud owder sistew (Aerith will help them because I am a good older sister.)"

"That\'s my little girl." I patted her head and looked at Philip and Tricia. They quickly got what I was trying to do.

"Come now princess, why don\'t you pick the best sheets for your sibling\'s crib." Tricia coaxed. "There are so many to choose from that I cannot decide. Help me select the most beautiful one, okay?"

"Owkay…" Aerith took Tricia\'s hand and walked away.

I was about to open the door when I felt someone tug my pants from below. When I looked down, I saw Alphonse looking at me with pleading eyes.

"Why don\'t you go with your sister?" I knelt down to face my little one.

"I-I want to see mama." Alphonse said.

"But mommy is in pain right now." I tried to explain.

"I will be gud." Alphonse said with pleading eyes. "Pwease…" I sighed in defeat seeing those cute pleading eyes.

"Okay. But be a good boy, okay?" I stood up and carried Alphonse in my arms.

I opened the door to see my wife who was about to give birth to our third child.