The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 375 - The Final Villain (3) (unedited)

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Chapter 375 - The Final Villain (3) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

"How amusing is this? Hahaha." Hector laughed out loud. "Such power coming from that little baby. I cannot wait to get my hands on him."

High Priest Hector Words infuriated me. I can feel my anger rushing all over my body. The fire armor I am wearing blazed like never before.

"I will not let you." I gritted in anger. "You will pay with your life by eve thinking of taking my son away!"

I rushed to him with blinding speed. Hector was caught by surprise, but he was able to raise his conjure himself a sword that parried mine. I did not stop there; with fast speed I swung my sword left and right trying to break Hector\'s defense. My actions gave a little opening. Hector was so pre-occupied with my sword that he did not pay attention in his lower part of the body. I was able to give him a powerful to the groin that sent him flying to the opposite direction.

Hector was in mid air when Gladiolus also launched an attack against him. He flew towards Hector and used his water magic to blow him to the ground with huge force. The impact made a dent on the ground where Hector landed, but he was getting back up like our attack did not even faze him. Seeing that Hector was still standing, me and Gladiolus attacked him simultaneously not giving him any break.

Out attacks are paying of little by little. We can see Hector having a hard time defending from out attacks and he was being hit little by little. Gladiolus and I are using our fire and water magic, giving Hector\'s body a shock from heat and cold.

"Ahhhh…" Hector screamed as he was hit by one of our attacks hard.

Hector was sent flying and while he was in midair, I conjured fire balls in big sizes.

"Fire balls!" I screamed and conjured the fire balls. I hurled them towards the unsuspecting Hector and made them explode in his vicinity.

My exploding fire balls in the past were only small and concentrated because of my limited power, but with the surging amount of magic power I have right now, I was able to conjure bigger ones.


The smoke was thick after my fire balls exploded. I assumed the thud I heard was from Hector\'s body hitting the ground.

When the smoke cleared, I saw Hector who was having a hard time standing up. He was panting hard, clearly being in pain after our last attack. We can now see him having cuts and bruises, unlike from before where our attacks had no effect on him.


I clearly saw two magic stones that were embedded in Hector\'s body break.

"His magic stones, they are starting to break." I said with eagerness.

"Yes, I can see it as well." Gladiolus replied. "We can beat him if we are able to break all of those magic stones. He will revert to being a normal human being after we take care of all those magic stones embedded on his body." I nodded in agreement.

Our plan was clearly set. We just need to attack relentlessly and until all of the magic stones in Hector\'s body are broken. The magic stones are the ones that stores the magic powers Hector was able to get from my children\'s birth. Without those, he will be a human once again.


(Alicia\'s POV)

I was holding my son in my arms while watching Regaleon and Gladiolus fighting High Priest Hector. It was a spectacle to watch the two of them fighting in full power with the boost my son gave them. I was relieved to see that Hector was being pushed back by their synchronized attacks.

"Can you see them my darling? Those are your father and your uncle." I said with a smile on my face.

My son who was just a newborn was very attentive to every word I said. It was a little surprising to think that maybe he has developed a consciousness so early.

"Well, you are the reincarnation of the Almighty One. So, you are a little special." I said to him. "But I will love you and your sister equally." I kissed his cheek.

My son made a little sound and smiled while looking directly at me, as if telling me that it is okay. Of course, I do not plan to play favorites just because he was the reincarnation of the Almighty One or the so called "Chosen One". For me, the twins are both my children. They are the children I had with the love of my life and my husband, Regaleon.

*BAAM BANG BANG*loud explosions were heard one after another. I looked at the battle that was playing out in front of me and saw that my husband and Gladiolus were now having the upper hand. Hector was being pushed back and hard.

"His magic stones… there are only a few left." I murmured.

The magic power Hector had a while ago was starting to diminish. It looks like the magic power at his disposal depends on the magic stones he had embedded in his body.

"No wonder he wanted to have you." I said. "It is because the magic power he obtained is not permanent. Once it is drained while in use, it will not replenish itself like us Atlantians."

Atlantians were gifted by the Almighty One with magic powers. These magic powers were passed down in the genes, making it more stronger depending on the family. Once the miagic power of an Atlantian has been depleted, it can be replenished over time. We who has Atlantian royal blood have greater amount of magic powers and can replenish it more quickly than others. But Hector who does not have Atlantian genes in his body cannot replenish the lost magic power.

"We are winning!" I exclaimed excitedly to my baby. "Can you see that? Your father is winning." I said with a happy tone.

At last Hector\'s last magic stone broke after Regaleon and Gladiolus\' relentless attacks. He was kneeling down on the ground with a badly beaten up body.

"F*ck!" Hector cursed out loud. "How could this have happened? I have waited for this day for so long. I have planned meticulously, and I am sure nothing had gone wrong!"

"Just give up Hector." Gladiolus said. "Not everything will go our way." Hector looked at him with raging eyes.

"It was all your fault!" Hector screamed out loud, pointing at Gladiolus with rage. "If I had just known that you will become a traitor and join the enemy, I would have killed after setting out to sea. Your mother would have been so disappointed in you." Gladiolus frowned with the mentioned of his mother.

"You may be correct. My mother would have been disappointed with my choice." Gladiolus said. "But this was a choice I made myself, and I am proud to have chosen it."

Seeing that Hector has been defeated and was aging rapidly once again, Regaleon and Gladiolus canceled the merger with their familiars. Temepest was in his falcon form while Virgil in his snake form.

"As the king of Grandcrest, I hear by place you under arrest, High Priest Hector." Regaleon said. "You will be put to trial and will pay for your crimes in front of the public. I am sure that the Jennovian people would want to see the criminal that have orchestrated such a heinous crime to their loved ones and family. They will be the one to put judgment on you."

Regaleon\'s face was firm and resolute. I am sure he wanted to kill High Priest Hector from where he is standing now, but like Regaleon has said he had to pay for his crimes in front of the families he had stolen countless of lives. It was a decision that a king should make, and I was proud of my husband.

"Your father is such a god ruler. Once you and your sister grow up, I hope the two you get his great wisdom." I was excited to see how my twins will grow up in the future.

"Haha…haha…HAHAHAHA!!!" hector laughed out loud like a maniac.

I felt something off about his behavior. Hector should not be laughing in his current situation.

"You are such an upright ruler, King Regaleon. But I do not intend for you to take me alive." Hector took a dagger out from behind him. "I still have a hidden card up my sleeve."


There was a huge explosion from where Hector was kneeling. Regaleon and Gladiolus was thrown away.

"Leon! Gladiolus!" I screamed to them with worry.

I saw Hector was beaming with dark golden light once more, but he was still aging.

"Of course, I have hidden the most precious magic stone I have." Hector pulled his pants just below his waist area where I saw a huge magic stone was hidden just by his groin. "It is not much, but I can at least have the right amount to do what I must. And that is to kill the Chosen One. If I cannot have his powers, then nobody can!"

Hector knew that both Regaleon and Gladiolus\' magic powers were depleted and used this opportunity to strike. He launched an attack in such blinding speed towards me and my baby. I quickly conjured a thick ice wall as a shield in front of us, but the ice wall was melted by Hector in an instant using the last of his magic from the magic stone. Just as the ice melted, Hector was in front of me with the dagger\'s tip just a few inches away. I was caught off guard and I was just able do what my body told me to do, and that is to use my body to shield my baby.

I turned around and hugged my baby tight. I was waiting for the pain as the dagger pierced my body, but I did not feel anything.

"Ugh…" I heard someone groan at my back. My heart was thumping hard, fearing something that I feared the most.

When I looked back, I saw Glaiolus\' back in front of me. The dagger that Hector was holding was pierced thru his shoulder.

"Such chivalry Crown Prince Gladiolus. And coming without a weapon I hand." Hector smirked wickedly. Gladiolus sword was nowhere to be found. It must have fallen far after the blast. "Who would have thought that you are willing to die for the one that you love."

"Shut your mouth, you dirty old man." Gladiolus coughed out blood.

"G-Gladiolus!" I screamed with such.

"If you want to die that badly then die!" Hector pulled out his dagger and readied for a final blow. Blood gushed out of Gladiolus\' shoulder.

"Run…" Gladiolus looked back and whispered to me.