The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 374 - The Final Villain (2) (unedited)

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Chapter 374 - The Final Villain (2) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

High Priest Hector\'s appearance now is very far from his appearance when I saw him last time in Jennovia. That time when I was saving Alicia in the Jennovian palace, I only caught a glimpse of him, but I am quite sure he had an appearance of an old man. The reports also said that he was in his seventies, but the High Priest Hector before me now had a very youthful appearance. He has a face of a young man in his twenties. He had a good looking feature and a well built body, but the magic stones that were embedded in his body make it look hideous.

Hector\'s body was now emitting such a strong aura. What Gladiolus had said a while ago must be true, he bathed on the excess magic essence that bursted out after my son\'s birth. With the magic power he had obtained, he was able to make his appearance younger and he was now more powerful.

\'Gladiolus and I cannot take this fight too lightly.\' I thought to myself. \'Dammit, if only I was at my full capacity in this fight.\' I cursed.

The high priest is just a normal human being, but when he absorbed the magic powers of my son when he was born that is also as powerful as the Almighty One\'s, he became a powerful being which can be ranked second to the Almighty One himself.

"If only I was at my full capacity." I blurted out once more.

"We cannot do anything with our circ.u.mstances right now." Gladiolus who was by my side said. "The high priest\'s main objective now is to get your son who is the chosen one. After drowning himself with the magic power he got, he became drunk and wanted more. I have a hunch that his current body is still mortal, that means we can still kill him."

"So you mean he wants my son so that he can get more magic power to make himself immortal?" I asked.

"What I have learned from the years I knew him, the high priest is one cunning and ambitious man." Gladiolus said. "I believe what you just said is not far from his ambitions."

"I will not let him get to my son." I said with a chilling voice. "Over my dead body."

"Hehe." Gladiolus chuckled. I looked at him with a cold gaze. "I believe your wife would not wish you to have a cold and dead body. So let us make it out alive, okay?"

"Agreed." I said with a flat tone.

Gladiolus and I made our stance in front of High Priest Hector, our swords pointing at him.

"Two against one? The odds are against me." Hector shook his head like he was dissatisfied. "But no matter, because you are no match for me now." His lips arched up in an evil grin.

"King Regaleon, back me up from behind!" Gladiolus said and activated his water amor around his body.

Gladiolus propelled forward in an instant, his destination was directly towards Hector. When he swung his sword at Hector, it stopped in mid air as if there is an invisible wall in front of him. Gladiolus was taken by surprise and the next second, his body was sent flying on the other side. His body made contact on the ground hard and he rolled numerous of times before stopping.

I conjured many fire balls the size of apples and sent it flying towards Hector. When they were near him I detonated them and it exploded in close contact. The smoke from the blast covered the area he was standing. I was not sure if that did the job, but I did not stand by to wait. I quickly ran to my right and my eyes were watching where Hector was standing just a while ago. The smoke slowly cleared and I saw a shadow inside. Not long the shadow swiftly moved and the smoke around him dissipated with his fast movement.

Hector rushed towards me in fast speed. He was so fast and was in front of me in an instant. I was not able to react quickly when Hector put a fist on my face. I felt my body fly backwards with the force. I felt my jaw was fractured with the pain I was feeling. I used my arms to shield my body and braced myself on impact.

I rolled for a few times on the ground before I was able to stop, I can feel the pain all over my body. I just opened my eyes from the fall when Hector was on top of me in a blink of an eye. He had his arm and fist ready to punch me and I was only able to raise my arms to block it.

\'F*ck!\' Was what I thought with my disadvantageous position.


The impact of the punch was strong that I can feel my body scream in pain. Hector readied for another punch when water gushed violently on Hector\'s body and he was pushed back.

"Are you alright?!" Gladiolus was by my side the next moment and lend me a hand to stand up. I took his hand and stood up, feeling my body scream in pain.

"I-I am fine." I said, wiping some blood from my lips. "He got me there." I said with irritation.

"He is not just powerful but also fast." Gladiolus said. "If only you can do that thing you did in our fight a while back… you know the one where you merging with your familiar. If both of us can do that, I think we have a chance."

"Tempest and I can only do that once a day because it can deplete our magic power." I explained. "I want to teach it to you, having our present circ.u.mstances but it also takes time to learn that kind of power, and I think your familiar has also reached his limit."

Virgil was now in his snake form, meaning he has also depleted his magic power. We are clearly in a disadvantage now.

"Then the odds are against us, I guess." Gladiolus sighed.

"But I will not give up." I said with conviction. "I will not let him get to my family!"

"Me too." Gladiolus said. "I will fight till the end before he can get to the chosen one."

Hector stood up from Gladiolus attack just a while ago. He dusted his pants as if the previous attack was nothing to him, there wasn\'t even a scratch.

"Oh dear me…" Hector said. "I think I will need to get new clothes. The pants I am wearing are all wet and dirty right now." He smirked at us.

Hector\'s reaction rubbed me hard with irritation. Gladiolus\' face was also crumpled with anger.

"I want to swipe off that smirk on his face." I said with an irritated smile. I can feel some of my magic has gone back and so activated my fire armor. It was not as blazing as my fire armor at my full capacity, but at least it can help me take Hector\'s blows.

"The feeling is mutual." Gladiolus charged up his water armor.

Gladiolus and I then charged towards Hector.


(Alicia\'s POV)

I was holding the twins protectively in my arms while looking at Regaleon and Gladiolus engaging in battle against Hector. Looking at their current circ.u.mstances, they really are at a disadvantage. All of their attacks seems to be ineffective against Hector, while Gladiolus and Regaleon are getting a good beating from Hector\'s attacks.

My heart was thumping non stop since the fight began. Every time Regaleon took blows, my heart clenched in pain. I was feeling powerless, knowing that I cannot even help them. I have thought of going there and joining the fight but I decided against it because I know full well that my magic powers are also depleted after giving birth. Also my physical strength has not yet come back fully. I will be only a hindrance to them in the fight. I clenched my fists hard because of the helplessness I was feeling. Then I felt warm hands holding my closed fists.

"Do not loose hope Alicia." It was Anatalia who was holding my hand. "Have courage, for Regaleon and your children."

"Hmm." I nodded. Her words gave me the boost I needed.

It is true that I needed to be brave, now that I am a mother of these two beautiful children. As a mother, I needed to protect them. I also believe that Regaleon will do his best to protect us.

I looked at the twins I was holding safely in my arms. They were still crying, feeling the danger near us. But I was surprised to see the male twin starting to emit a faint glow.

"What is the matter, my dear?" I stroke his forehead trying to feel his temperature.

When I touched him directly, I can feel magic starting to surge inside me. I was amazed with the power I was receiving.

"Do you want to help your father?" It was like I can understand his inner most thoughts.

The male twin looked directly into my eyes and started to hold in his sobs. It was like he was telling me he wants to help.

"Anatalia, can you please hold on to her for me for a while?" I asked.

"O-Of course." Anatalia agreed but had a questioning face towards me. "But, what are you planning to do?" She asked while taking the female twin.

"This little one wants to help his father." I replied as I stood up.

I can feel the power that I was getting from my son. I am now sure that the male twin was the reincarnation of the Almighty One, feeling his magical powers. I walked towards where the three were fighting. In my every step, my son started to glow even brighter.

I saw Gladiolus and Regaleon not far but in a very beaten state. Their magic armor was nullified and their bodies are filled with cuts and bruises. Their clothes were tattered and their breathing was becoming heavier as time passes by. They were not in good shape.

"Is that all the king of Grandcrest and the crown prince of Jennovia can do? Hahaha!" Hector laughed mockingly. "And to think you two had royal blood running thru your veins. If you look at yourselves now, you two looks pathetic and weak." His body was emitting a dark golden glow that felt ominous.

"My dear, can you help them?" I asked while holding my son near me and kissing his cheek.

As if replying to my questions, his little arms stretch out and held my cheek. His little gesture put a smile in my face. His little body started to glow a warm golden light. The light radiated towards Regaleon and then Gladiolus.

"W-What is this?" Gladiolus looked at his body glowing with light golden light. "I can feel my magic power charging up."

"Not only is it coming back, I can feel a boost of power coming inside of me." Regaleon said and looked back. He saw me holding our son in my arms. "Alicia…"

"It is this little one\'s doing." I replied with a smile.

"I see." Regaleon smiled sweetly towards us. "Thank you my son. With this, I can protect you, your sister and your mother." He stood up with determination in his eyes.

"Thank you, chosen one." Gladiolus said and stood up.

Not long, Tempest and Virgil in their animal forms came and changed into their sacred beast forms in an instant.

"Master, we are ready." Both of them said in unison.

"You know what to do?" Regaleon asked Gladiolus.

"Yes, your son showed it to me." Gladiolus replied.

After that, a blinding light soon appeared and enveloped both the bodies of the masters and the familiars. The blast was strong that smoke blew away. I conjured a magical barrier to protect Anatalia and my daughter, while my body was enclosed with the golden light that protected me and my son from the blast.

"Thank you little one." I smiled towards the little one in my arms and he smiled back.

When the smoke cleared, I saw Regaleon and Gladiolus were now merged with their familiars. Their bodies were blazing with their magical attributes. I can feel that they have powered up and are now in par with Hector.

"How amusing is this? Hahaha." Hector laughed out loud. "Such power coming from that little baby. I cannot wait to get my hands on him."