The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 370 - The Atlantian Royal Siblings (2) (unedited)

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Chapter 370 - The Atlantian Royal Siblings (2) (unedited)

Dimitri pulled out his sword from its sheath, ready to attack at any given moment. But before that happened, ice spears were conjured above them and it was Patricia\'s doing.

"DIE!!!" Patricia shouted and the ice spears started raining down from above.

"Look out!" Dimitri yelled towards Leticia, but to his relief the ice spears were only headed towards him.

Dimitri dodged at every ways possible. He used his sword to block any ice spears near him. But the ground he was standing was small, and even just one misstep can cost him his life.

"Ugh." Dimitri groaned. He just missed for a few seconds in blocking the latest ice spears and got scratched by his left cheek and on his right leg. He fell just by the edge of the ground pillar they were standing on.

Dimitri looked below and saw a high drop. There were sharp rocks protruding on the surface below while waves are splashing on them.

"She really is a b*tch." Dimitri cursed. He knew that the sharp rocks were Patricia\'s doing.

"Fall to your grave!!!" Patricia yelled.

Dark clouds started to gather on top of them and strong winds started to blow. Dimitri who was currently standing up was hit by the strong winds.

"Dammit!" Dimitri used all of his strength to push back, because behind him was a huge drop to his death. But the wind that was blowing was so strong that his feet slipped and his body rolled over the edge. "Ahhhh!"

"Dimitri!" Leticia yelled.

"Hahaha. It was his fate to die." Patricia said with a sinister grin on her face.

"I will not let you." Leticia said.

To Patricia\'s surprise, thick tree branches started to grow from the earth pillars. They served as bridges along each pillar. Not long a hand grabbed at the edge where Dimitri had fallen. He climbed up, panting hard.

"That was too close." Dimitri said while getting up. "I thought I was a goner if not for the tree branches that started to grow. Thank you Leticia."

"No need for thanks." Leticia replied curtly.

Patricia looked furious at the situation.

"How dare you Leticia?!" Patricia roared. "Why… why are you helping this taboo child?!"

"Because he is still our brother Patricia." Leticia replied with a curt tone. "We have lost many family members since the war. I do not want to lose anymore. So please Patricia, stop this." She pleaded with an innocent face.

"NO!" Patricia yelled. "He needs to die for this curse on us to end. I will kill him, and if you block my way I have no choice but to hurt you sister."

The weather changed drastically. The once tropical area started to be coated with snow falling heavily form above. The temperature drastically dropped to freezing.

"Dimitri, we need to stop her before she makes this part of the land into an ice wasteland!" Leticia shouted.

They knew what had happened to Jennovia back then was Patricia\'s doing. The land had frozen for decades and life became hard for people. Patricia can do that again in this part of the continent, and they knew that they have to stop her.

"I will go on ahead!" Dimitri said.

"I will be supporting you from behind." Leticia replied.

Dimitri used the tree branches that Leticia had conjured as bridges. But because of the snow storm that Patricia made, the branches were now coated in ice. He had to tread carefully so as not to slip and fall.

The strong winds is also giving Dimitri a hard time in advancing. It was pushing him back, making each of his step forward pretty hard. The snow storm is also blocking his view, giving him difficulty where to go.

"Look out!" Leticia yelled.

From out of no where, ice spears were headed in Dimitri\'s direction. He used his sword to block every ice spear that was coming his way. Leticia was also using her magic to make the branches grow once more from being frozen, blocking some ice spears.

"Thanks." Dimitri said.

With their current position, they were at a disadvantage. With zero visibility, they do not know where Patricia is at right now. And the opponent was able to know their location and attacking them.

\'I know you said I cannot join the fight, but at least I can give you some advice. Right?\' Carrick telepathically linked to Dimitri.

\'It is much appreciated.\' Dimitri replied.

\'You only know that your dark magic sucks the things that is in the vicinity, but what you do not know is that there is a dimension inside that vortex that is made by you.\' Carrick said. \'The things that is being sucked in is stored in that space and time, that is wholly in your control. Do you get what I mean?\'

Dimitri was processing the words Carrick had just said and had a conclusion.

\'Do you mean that my dark magic is something like a dimensional magic?\' Dimitri asked.

\'You are correct.\' Carrick replied. \'It was only called dark magic because it is colored black, but the context of it is that the dimension is a kind of space you have built. It is a high from of magic like light magic, and only a handful of people from the royal bloodline can master. The space you can create also depend on the magic power you have. Meaning while you increase your magic aptitude in time, then the dimensional magic you can create expands. I believe with your current magic right now, you can enclose a tenth of this area in your own dimension. And everything inside will be under your will.\'

\'Meaning I can pinpoint where Patricia is hiding, correct?\' Dimitri asked.

\'Yes.\' Carrick replied. \'But maintaining the dimensional magic will take a toll on your body. I suggest you do not surpass ten minutes.\'

\'I only need to put a small area into my dimension.\' Dimitri said. \'Can I do that?\'

\'It is much harder to contain a small portion that to let lose. But I think you do not want to endanger the others because you are still not used to using dimensional magic.\' Carrick said. \'Your time limit is five minutes at best.\'

\'That is plenty of time for me.\' Dimitri replied. He was sure to get Patricia in that time span.

\'I will be here to guide you then.\' Carrick smiled.

Dimitri then concentrated. This was his first time to enclose a location with his dark magic. In the past he only made small black vortexes to suck enemies, but now he needs to do it at a much wider space and he needs to contain it within a small area.

A black ball started to appear in the air and it was getting larger by the second. Dimitri acknowledged Carrick\'s words, letting the black hole lose was easier than containing it at a small space. Little by little, the area was engulfed in pitch darkness.

\'Just a little more.\' Dimitri thought. He did not want to let his dimension stretch to where there are other people because he was still afraid of he cannot bring back the once that were sucked inside his dimension.

When he thought the size was enough, he stopped. He was astonished with what he had just done. He had the area they were in inside his dimension. His consciousness can feel three beings inside, those three were none other than Leticia, Carrick, and Patricia. All the surroundings were pitch black. The snow storm that Patricia had conjured does not exist in this dimension, even the terrain a while ago was nowhere to be found.

\'You have done it. Now you have five minutes.\' Carrick praised. \'Now go get her!\'

"Yes." Dimitri replied. He then linked to Leticia\'s mind who was in his dimension. \'Leticia…\' He called out.

\'Dimitri?\' Leticia said in confusion. \'Is this your doing?\' She asked in curiosity.

\'Yes, Carrick taught me how to use my dark magic. Well, it is more of a dimensional magic.\' Dimitri replied. \'Just stay where you are. I am still not used to using this magic. It will be safe to stay in your location for now. I will be getting to Patricia.\'

Dimitri rushed towards the location of Patricia. Not long he saw Patricia looking around in confusion.

"You…!" Patricia yelled after seeing Dimitri.

"It is over Patricia, just surrender." Dimitri said. "You have no power here. Everything inside this dimension is under my control."

Patricia grumbled and her face distorted in anger. But then her expression changed with a defeated face.

"You are right. I think this is my loss." Patricia replied with a low voice. "All of I done is for naught. I only did this because of the injustice I have suffered by the hands of that b*stard king of Jennovia."

"Then surrender." Dimitri had said. "I do not wish to kill you, because you are my blood related sister. But if you continue, then I have no other choice but to take your life." He said firmly.

"You are our half brother, Leticia had said. Looking at you now… you really do look like father." Patricia looked at Dimitri straight into his eyes. "When I heard about you I was but a young teenager. I am sorry if we siblings have done nothing to save you back then. We were powerless at the face of our father." She said with a sad expression.

"I have no qualms at what happened in the past." Dimitri replied in a flat tone. "But if you surrender now, then at least his majesty might spare your life and will only imprison you. I believe Leticia would give a few words in your favor. I too can help you a little, at the expense of us being blood related."

"Thank you." Patricia said with tears on her face. "Then I will surrender."

Dimitri took a step near Patricia to detain her.

"I will only surrender if I am dead." Patricia said with a menacing tone. She pulled a hidden dagger inside her dress and stabbed the unguarded Dimitri in the stomach.

"Ugh…" Dimitri took a step back and held his bleeding stomach and knelt on the ground. Patricia was standing beside him with a sinister grin.

"You should have died years ago." Patricia said. "I will just give you what you deserve. DIE!"

"No!" Leticia shouted.

When Patricia was about to stab Dimitri in the heart, Leticia pushed her hard. Because Dimitri was hurt, he was not able to hold on to his dimension. The dimension quickly disappeared and the old terrain came back. When Leticia pushed Patricia, she was at the edge of an earth pillar. Patricia fell down.

"NOOOOO!!!" Patricia screamed until a splash was heard and cut off her voice.