The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 367 - A Final Goodbye (1) (unedited)

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Chapter 367 - A Final Goodbye (1) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

Tempest and I were flying in the sky to the destination where Clara and Patricia went. Tempest hovered above and we saw a small dock where a ship was lying in wait.

"So, you are planning to escape Patricia." I said with a sinister smile. "Of course I will not let you."

I conjured fire balls in the air and let it fly towards the ship that was in the docks. Patricia who was already on board the ship was caught off guard and was surprised with my attack. The fire balls rained down on her and Clara.

"YOU B*STARD!!!" Patricia cursed at me in the top of her lungs, looking up at me with raging eyes.

"Your majesty, we need to abandon ship." The captain I presume, told Patricia. "ABANDON SHIP… I repeat ABANDON SHIP!"

The ship quickly caught fire after the rain of my fire balls from above. I see the people on the ship were running for their lives, jumping down and into the water to survive the fire. Patricia and Clara were no exceptions.

I have instructed Tempest to hover near the shore to let me off. I jumped down the sandy beach with only one thing in mind, and that is to end Patricia\'s life here and now.

"*cough cough*" Patricia coughed out water that she swallowed when they jumped out of the ship.

"Your majesty, are you alright?" Clara said with pure worry. She helped Patricia out of the water.

"Get your filthy hands away from me!" Patricia yelled in anger. "How dare you push me off the ship without my permission?"

"B-But my queen… it was an emergency." Clara reasoned. "If I have not done that then…"


Patricia slapped Clara on her cheek. It was red like a tomato, indicating how hard the slap was.

"Impudent b*tch!" Patricia yelled. "How dare you speak back at your queen. You are nothing but a lowly subject under me."

The people that were manning the ship were ordinary Alvannian crew under the baron. And so after abandoning ship they ran away in fright, not even turning back. The ones that were left by the shores were only Clara and Patricia.

"So, you are now showing your true colors Patricia." I said with a mocking smile. "Tell me Clara, do you still want to serve under such a queen?"

Clara looked like she was in the verge of tears. I am giving her this last chance to turn her back away from Patricia. If she does, then I will honor the promise that I have given to Jeremy.

"I… I cannot." Clara pulled out her sword and faced me. "I have to keep her majesty safe."

"Then I have no choice but to end you here and now." I said with a chilling voice. "I will not let anyone get in my way of killing Patricia."

I was about to confront Clara who was the only obstacle in my pursuit of Patricia when I heard horse hooves coming from a direction.

"Clara!" Jeremy yelled. "Please stop this!"

"B-Brother…" Clara looked at the direction of her brother in surprise. "I thought you…"

"I can never abandon my one and only little sister." Jeremy said while jumping off of his horse. "Your majesty, let me talk to her for the last time. Please." He begged me. I paused for a second before giving him permission by nodding.

Dimitri was just behind Jeremy, also in horse back. He came down and went towards me.

"Your majesty." Dimitri whispered. "Her majesty\'s mother is here. She is being escorted by the king of Alvannia. They are on their way here as we speak."

"Mother in law?" I asked in surprise. I looked at Patricia, knowing that I will have a hard time killing her if my mother in law would beg me to spare her twin\'s life.

Jeremy walked in haste towards where his sister was standing.

"Do not come any closer!" Clara yelled. "Your majesty, please stay back." She told Patricia.

"Clara, please stop this." Jeremy pleaded his sister. "Father would not have wanted us to do this. He marched to war wanting us to never experience such hardsh.i.p.s like him. His majesty King Regaleon has given his word to me, that he will spare your life if you just surrender."

"But what will happened with his highness Gladiolus." Clara asked with a doubtful face. Jeremy shook his head in regret.

"We are not the ones to decide their faith Clara." Jeremy said with a solemn voice. "But I believe prince Gladiolus still has room for change. But her highness the queen…" He shook his head in doubt.

Clara looked like she was being persuaded by her brother. Jeremy took slow steps forward, until he was face to face with his sister.

"Clara, come with me. Okay?" Jeremy held his sister\'s shoulder gently.

"Brother I…" Clara looked up at her brother looking ready to go with him but then we were all surprised by a sudden action.

Clara spit blood from her mouth. An ice spear was impaling both the siblings\' body.

"Jeremy!" Dimitri and I both shouted in surprise.

"HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Patricia laughed out maniacally. "How dare you two betray me?! If you are just going to betray me, then pay it with your lives!"

"C-Clara…" Jeremy hugged his sister and both of them fell down the sandy beach.

"PATRICIA!!!" I screamed with rage.

Dimitri and I were running towards their direction when we felt the ground shaking. Not long, the beach\'s shore was split into two. There was a huge crack separating us from Patricia. Sea water rushed thru the huge crack and flowed inland like a river.

"HAHAHA!" Patricia laughed. "That is the perfect ending for traitors such as you siblings. You want your sister back, then accompany her in hell! HAHAHA!"

I gripped my fists hard with anger but rather than rushing to Patricia, I knelt down beside the siblings.

"Do not worry, I will heal you." I said. I used my power to heal Clara first, because it looks like she had the most blood loss. The ice spear melted just before we got to them, making their wounds ooze so much blood, staining the sand underneath them.

"P-Please, heal my b-brother first." Clara said while coughing up blood. "I-I am a lost cause."

I tried to heal her fast but what she said made sense. With my white magic, I can feel that major arteries were stabbed beyond repair. She lost so much blood in just little time. It feels like Patricia made use of magic so that I cannot even use my white magic to heal her. I gritted my teeth knowing that my white magic has its boundaries. I cannot heal those that are beyond repair.

Like Clara has requested, I used my white magic to heal her brother Jeremy. It was fortunate that Jeremy\'s stab wound strayed away from any major organs.

"You saved your brother." I said to Clara knowing that she tried to save her brother by changing the direction of the ice spear before it stabbed him.

"I tried my best to push him away before that, but he held on to me." Clara coughed up blood once more.

"You silly girl." Jeremy who was pale said in a low voice. "If I just knew, I should have shifted places with you." Jeremy was shedding tears down his face.

I concentrated hard to close the wound on Jeremy\'s chest. I can feel his wound closing up, the only problem now is his loss of blood. But in comparison with Clara, Jeremy\'s was not that alarming.

"T-Thank you for saving my brother." Clara said with a solemn look. "As a thank you, I will tell you where the other half of the key is. *cough* It is with his highness Gladiolus. He has boarded a ship with High Priest Hector, towards the open sea… to her highness Princess Alicia." And after that, she had breathed her last.

When Jeremy saw his sister stopped breathing, he cried out loud. I can feel the agony he was feeling with his cries. Dimitri was trying to comfort him by his side.

My eyes were wide open in surprise with what Clara had just said.

\'So Patricia was only a diversion.\' I thought. \'The half of the key is making its way now to where my wife is. I am sure this was the high priest\'s idea. He knows that I will rush towards them with my half of the key, knowing that I cannot leave my wife at the vicinity of my enemies. He had such great and cunning tactic in mind, I can give him that.\' I praised my enemy\'s adviser.

"Tempest!" I called out to him.

"I am right here." Tempest replied in no time.

Tempest hovered on top of us and I used my magic to jump high and boarded his back.

"We will go to where Alicia is right now." I said.

"Understood." Tempest replied and was about to fly towards the open sea when a rain of ice spears rained down on us.

Tempest made a fire sphere around us, to protect us from the onslaught of the ice spears.

"I will not let you get away!" Patricia yelled.

From afar, we saw a tidal wave coming for us. It was at least fifteen to twenty feet high.

"That is insane!" I heard Dimitri yelled.

This was the power of what a royal blood could have. Such unimaginable power that can render us speechless.

"I will not let you get away!" Patricia yelled. "You will all die here. HAHAHA!"

Tempest and I tried to fly towards the tidal wave. With our combined magic, I am sure we can dissolve that huge tidal wave that will not only kill the ones here but also innocent civilians miles from here. Such destructive force can wipe out one tenth of the coastal areas of Alvannia. But Patricia was trying to block our path. She used every elemental magic she can use at her disposal. Tempest and I were at a defensive without having a window of opportunity to get away.

"Dammit!" I cursed with our present predicament.

"Stop this, sister!" I heard the familiar voice of my mother in law, Leticia.

I saw mother in law from where I am, riding a horse with the king of Alvannia and some soldiers behind them. The onslaught of elemental magic that has been bombarding me and Tempest, were now being blocked by elements that nullify the others. I looked at mother in law and she was looking at me and gave me a nod.

"Her majesty\'s mother is helping us." Tempest said.

"Leave my twin sister to us." Leticia mouthed to me. "I will dispel the tidal wave. Go to my daughter, hurry." I nodded at her in understanding.

"Tempest, let\'s go." I said.

"What about that big tidal wave coming?" Tempest asked.

"Mother in law said she will deal with it." I replied.

"I understand." Tempest said.

And with that, Tempest and I flew towards the open sea and passed the tidal wave.

\'I will leave the rest to those in shore.\' I thought, wishing them good luck. \'I believe in them.\'

I set out to where my wife Alicia was.