The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 366 - Confrontation (2) (unedited)

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Chapter 366 - Confrontation (2) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

Jeremy played the last message the late crown prince of Atlantia placed in those pair of earrings. I saw once again the holorgram of the late crown prince, about to relay his last will. Using my light magic, I enlarged the hologram\'s size so that the people at the front of the estate and at the sea side would see and hear the last will of the crown prince of their fallen country.

"M-My love?" Patricia was lost for words and looked at the hologram of her brother who was also her fiance before he died.

The hologram relayed the same message I have heard when I played it back just yesterday night. I looked at the reactions of Patricia\'s men and it was mixed. Some were surprised while others are still meticolous of the message\'s credibility. Patricia was teary eyed at first, but after hearing the words given by her former lover, she then had a sour face. I have guessed that Patricia will not be moved buy her former lover\'s words.

Patricia\'s men started murmuring their ideas of their late crown prince\'s last will.

"It that really our crown prince?"

"Well, it looks like it. He has the same features as the other royal bloods of Atlantia."

"Yes, he looks like our Prince Gladiolus."

"I am sure it is him. I have seen the late crown prince when I was working as a stable boy inside the palace. He was a kind and gentle young lad."

"His last will, you all heard it right? He does not want us to take revenge."

"Yes. He admitted that it was all the mad king\'s fault. He was against the war in the first place."

"With his personality, I believe in his words. He really wants peace."

"But do you think this message is authentic? I mean, are you sure that it is not tampered by the enemy?"

"You have a point."

Many words were said about the last will of the late crown prince. Some believed it was truly a message from him that was in line with his kind personality, but some were skeptical.

"What you have heard from the message are all true!" Jeremy shouted. "You know that my father was the closest aide of the late crown prince. His highness entrusted this to our father, who is his most trusted person. And our father gave these pair of earrings to us before we fled the country for safe keeping. I only knew of the message hidden inside when Clara gave me her half of the pair."

"That is a lie!" Patricia shouted in anger after the message was given. "There is no way he would say such cowardly things. He would want us to get revenge on those who oppressed us. Those who looked at us like monsters, the ones that treated us like heretics should pay!"

"I am sorry my queen, but I vouch on my life that this is all true." Jeremy said firmly. "I for one, wants all these fighting to end. We have been living a life full of grief and seeks vengeance for a something we know our own people was the one who made the mistake. If you lay down your weapons and surrender, King Regaleon of Grandcrest, who also has a portion of royal blood of Atlantia running in his veins, will pardon us and is willing to give us a life we deserve. A life to live in peace, without any guilty conscience that will hunt us in the future."

Patricia\'s men started murmuring to each other, thinking about what they would do.

"NONSENSE! Do not be fooled of what this traitor is saying!" Patricia raged. "If you lay down your weapons and surrender, they will surely enslave all of you. Do you not remember what these people had done to us Atlantians? They have branded us as heretics, they enslaved us and tortured us. They will surely do it again. There is only one way we will live happily in peace, and that is to win this war. We will live above them, as the higher species that we are!" Patricia reasoned.

"I give my word as the king of Grandcrest." I said with a loud voice, so that everyone can hear. "I promise that anyone who surrenders will be given clemency. You will not be harmed in any way, at present and in the future. You can see how I protect my own." I gestured to my own Atlantian men.

"His majesty is right." Dimitri added. "We Atlantians were lucky to have met him. We were given a new place to call home. And we serve him whole heartedly."

My own men started to chime in their words of encouragement.

"His majesty was only a prince back then when he found me living on the street. He knew at once that I am an Atlantian. Me and my comrades here were all homeless orphans and he gave us a place to sleep."

"That is true! His majesty gave us a roof on our heads, cloth on our bodies, and food on our bellies."

"Without him, we would have died on the streets. Being shunned by people for being Atlantians."

"We whole heartedly served under him. We will gladly give our lives for him."


My men were all singing praises about me, and that made my heart feel warmth. I may have ulterior motives at first when I took them under my wings, but now they have a place in my heart. We all grew up together, them being shunned by people and me being looked down upon by my half brothers. And with the time together, they grew on me. They were my men who I know would have my back whatever happens.


I can hear weapons falling down on the ground one after the other. I can see the solemn expressions of Patricia\'s men that has wholeheartedly given up this fight.

"What are you doing?!" Patricia yelled in anger. "Do not tell me you believe their words?!"

"We surrender."

"To tell the truth, I am a little tired of the fighting."

"All I want is to live in peace for once."

"We have been fighting for so long. It would be good to rest."

"You are right."


All of Patricia\'s men lay down their weapons and surrendered. It is a breath of fresh air, seeing that we were able to prevent further blood shed.

"YOUR FOOLS!!! TRAITORS!" Patricia roared, her face was contorted with anger. "You will all pay for this. Wait until I get the forbidden magic in my hands. All of you will beg to come back and serve me once more!!!" She turned around and started to run away.

"Patricia is running away!" I yelled. "After her!"

"My queen, follow me!" Clara used her wind magic and hoisted their bodies up into the air.

"Clara!" Jeremy yelled at his sister. "Stop! Don\'t do this!" Clara looked at her brother from above with a sad face.

"I am sorry brother. I am happy that you are alive but you have chosen to side with the enemy and become a traitor to her majesty and prince Gladiolus." Clara said. "His highness entrusted his mother\'s safety to me and I plan to do my task well." After her words they flew away.

"Tempest!" I called out to him.

Tempest in his falcon form hovered on top of us. And with a blink of an eye, he transformed into his phoenix form. His huge wings sent strong winds in the vicinity until he had landed not far from where I was.

I walked towards Jeremy and patted his shoulder. He was still in shock that his sister did not surrender, unlike the other Atlantian men under Patricia.

"You tried." I told Jeremy. "Just pray that she will not block my path. Because if she does, my sword will surely find its way sticking through her body." I walked towards Tempest.

"At least we were able to prevent any more deaths to your comrades." Dimitri patted Jeremy\'s shoulder, trying to comfort him. "If your sister knows better, she should not block his majesty\'s way towards Patricia."

"My silly sister…" Jeremy sniffed, he was silently shedding tears. "…I am afraid that she is madly in love and because of that will do silly things."

"I also cannot ensure your sister\'s safety." Dimitri said. "She has killed one of our own. His majesty is very protective of the people under him. And there is a side of him that holds a grudge. I am afraid that if your sister tries to confront him, she will not survive."

"Hmm." Jeremy nodded wiping his tears away. "I am a man of my word. I will keep my promise with his majesty. All I could do now is pray for my sister\'s sake. I hope she will not make a foolish move."

I climbed at Tempest back and we were airborne in no time.

"Dimitri! Select a handful of men and follow us in horseback." I ordered.

"Understood." Dimitri replied with a bow of his head.

"Chris, make sure to wrap everything here. Meet with the other groups. You know what to do." I ordered.

"Yes, your majesty." Chris replied.

Tempest and I ascended higher and saw where Patricia and Clara were. They were headed in a direction a little farther north, along the shores.

"I think I know where they are going." Tempest said. "I saw a ship setting out to sea from that direction a while ago."

"So they have a back up plan for retreat." I assumed. "Come to think of it, I have not yet seen Gladiolus or that High Priest adviser. They are probably in that ship you mentioned."

I was feeling something off. We have won the battle, but I am still feeling anxious for some reason. All I could do now is get to Patricia and take back the half of the key fragment from her.