The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 365 - Confrontation (1) (unedited)

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Chapter 365 - Confrontation (1) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

I look down from our position and saw our two groups are now engaging in battle. William has completed his mission quite well with the help of the sirens, all the sh.i.p.s in the docks have been caught on fire and are not usable any longer. Raphael and his group together with Belgor and the lycans are also a force that can compete with Patricia\'s Atlantian army.

We are now making a pincer attack against Patricia\'s army. Raphael and Belgor\'s group is attacking from the valley while William and Anatalia\'s group is attacking from the sea side. My group on the other hand is up on the hill, waiting for the right moment to strike.

"Tempest, can you locate Patricia and her son Gladiolus?" I asked.

"I am searching." Tempest replied.

I linked with Tempest once again and is now seeing what he is seeing with his eyes. I can see the battle the two groups are engaging. They have split Patricia\'s army as planned. I was relieved to see that both of the two groups are holding their ground fighting with Atlantians that uses magic in battle.

"William and Raphael are doing fine." I said in relief.

"It is good that the lycans and the sirens are on our side." Dimitri replied.

"Yes, they have been a good help." I said with a smile.

Tempest flew around the mansion location Patricia and Gladiolus.

"Regaleon, I can see the queen and her men coming out from the side entrance of the mansion." Tempest said.

I can see what Tempest was seeing right now. Patricia was indeed coming out from the side of the mansion and was being escorted by her knights. I also saw Clara was right beside her.

"So that b*tch is also here." I smiled sinisterly. The memory of Alex\'s death was still fresh in my mind. I remember how she stabbed Alex in the back. I unlinked from Tempest and turned around to face my men. "Our object now is to get the other half of the key. I believe that it is in Patricia\'s hands, therefore we will be engaging in battle with her knights." I explained.

My men listened carefully to my words. They have the look of being ready to go to battle at any minute now.

"Jeremy, your sister Clara is with Patricia right now." I said to him. Jeremy flinched hearing about his sister from me. "Remember what I have promised you. If you are able to convince your sister to surrender, then I can spare her life. But if I see her first, then do not blame me if I kill her with my own to hands for killing Alex." Jeremy knelt on one knee in front of me.

"I understand your majesty and I will honor that promise." Jeremy said with a solemn voice. "I will try and let my sister and the other Atlantians in Patricia\'s side to see the truth." I nodded with his words.

"The Atlantians with Patricia right now are not just regular ones." Dimitri briefed. "They are the knights that are quite skilled in battle and magic. Remember to never let down your guard, because it can cost you your own life." The men nodded.

"Then it is time." I told my men. "Let us join the battle!"

"YEAH!!!" My men shouted in unison.

"Unsheathe your swords and move forward!" I yelled.

All of my men pulled out their swords. I then lead them to charge down the hill.


Patricia was in front of her most trusted knights that are kneeling on one knee in front of her, awaiting fo her orders.

"Remember to find that king brat and get the key fragment from him." Patricia ordered her most loyal knights that are with her. "Kill anyone on your way, understand."

"YES!" Patricia\'s knights replied.

"Clara, stay with me as my guard." Patricia looked at Clara.

"As you wish, your majesty." Clara replied.

"After this, we will meet my son at sea where the forbidden magic is located." Patricia continued. "We will revive Atlantia with it, and take over this whole continent. We will show these b*stards who is the higher race. They will grovel at our feet, begging to spare their lives." She said with a wicked smile.

"YES!!!" The knights replied in unison.

"Let us go!" Patricia said.

With her words, her knights and Clara stood up and headed out of the mansion. By the time they got out, they saw that on either side battle was being fought.

"Dammit, where is that brat at?" Patricia said in irritation, not sure where to go.

Just then, they can hear many horse hooves stomping on the ground. When they looked up the side of the hill, they can see a large group of men coming down on their horses.

"CHARGE!!!" Regaleon was taking the lead.

"That f*cking brat!" Patricia cursed. "Get in formation! Do not let them move forward!" She ordered.

Patricia\'s knights were in position in front. The ones sat front knelt down and put their hands on the ground. Not long a wall of rocks sprout out from the ground, blocking the way of Regaleon\'s men.

But then black orbs were seen at the front of Regaleon\'s men. The orbs were darker that the night sky, and looking into it felt like peeking inside into an abyss. The black orbs got larger and hit the rock wall made by Patricia\'s knights. The rock wall was then sucked into the black orbs before it vanished into thin air, making a way thru.

"It is the dark magic user!" Clara shouted. "Watch out for him!" She shouted to her comrades.

Regaleon\'s men was able to cross the rock wall thru the spaces that were sucked by the black orbs. With that both groups started to engage in battle.

"My queen, stay back in a safer distance." Clara said while pulling her sword out.

The battle was between Atlantians, hence magic was used in full swing. All were fighting seriously, not one was giving even a slight chance to their opponents. The battle as equal on both sides that Patricia was getting frustrated.

"Get out of the way, I will handle this!" Patricia said in fury.

With her sudden orders, her knights knew what was going to happen and get out of her way in an instant. Patricia then unleashed her earth magic, making huge tremors on the grounds surface.

Regaleon knew what is happening at once, after seeing the ground shaking. This was something Patricia did back then in the fight on the Deuss Canal.

"Get our of the way!!!" Regaleon told his men in alarm.

"Go… go…" The men were scrambling to get away.

The ground started to break and the crack got bigger and bigger. Some of Regaleon\'s men was eaten up by the ground.

"I will not let that happened!" Regaleon used his earth magic and erected rock pillars inside the huge gap on the ground. His men were able to hold on to the earth pillars for safety.

"You dare!" Patrciai was enrage when she saw that Regaleon was to save his men that were swallowed by the crack she made on the ground.

Patricia looked up at the sky and raised both of her hands. She looked up and then a pile of black clouds started to form from above. Not long, chunks of ice were falling from the sky.

"I will crush you all!" Patricia did not even warned her own men and started to produce hail. But this was no ordinary hail, larger chunks of ice are starting to come down from the sky and it can injure someone severely if they were not careful.

"Look out!" Someone from Patricia\'s men warned.

Huge chunks of hailstones rained down from the sky. Some were getting hit by the head from both parties that made them bleed. Not long, they saw huge ice boulders coming down.

"Dimitri, do something about that huge ones." Regaleon ordered. "I will stop this hail storm."

"Yes." Dimitri replied in an instant.

Dimitri used his dark magic to conjure black holes along the way of five huge ice boulders coming down from the sky. He concentrated carefully, as to not let the black holes suck anything other than the boulders.

Regaleon on the other hand conjured fire pillars that were burning intensely. The fire pillars were able to reach the hail clouds and it evaporated slowly.

After the hail storm stopped, Regaleon got furious. "Is this how you treat your own subjects Patricia?! You put them in the line of danger just to win!" He shouted in rage.

"King Regaleon is right!" Jeremy yelled to get the attention of everyone. "This war started just because of the selfish will of Queen Patricia who is seeking revenge. We can live in peace with other people, if you stop fighting!"

Patricia\'s knights stopped after hearing their former captains voice.

"Captain Jeremy!"

"The captain is alive."

"He is back!!"

"But why is he with the enemy?"

"Brother, you are alive?!" Clara looked at her brother with tears and in disbelief. "But… why are you wearing the crest of Grandcrest?"

"You traitor!" Patricia fumed in anger. "How dare you side with our enemy!"

"My queen, I did what I think is best for our people." Jeremy said. "You have planted the seed of hate. Into our hearts and seeks revenge for what had happened many years ago. But as you can see, there is another way. Look at the Atlantians under King Regaleon. They are fighting for what is right, a long lasting peace."

"I am also fighting for our happiness, the happiness of all the Atlantian people!" Patricia replied in anger. "How dare you question my actions! What I did is for you and the good of all the Atlantian people."

"No, what you are doing is for your own selfish reasons." Jeremy replied with a firm resolve. "You want conquest and absolute submission, while King Regaleon has shown us how to live in peace with others in this continent."

"Do you think that the people that see us as monsters can live with us in peace?" Patricia said. "There is no way but to enslave them and force them to accept us, who are the higher species. They are the people that made us suffer, that took everything from us. We are the higher species, therefore we are the ones who have to rule over them. They are nothing but worms that crawl on our feet, that we could crush at anytime we please!"

Jeremy had a look of pity towards Patricia. "That way of thinking was the reason why our country was purged to the depths of the sea." Jeremy said. "I have heard the last will of the crown prince of Atlantia. After hearing this, all of you judge this and do what you want to do. Either stop this fighting and surrender, or continue to serve under the queen who is doing this for her own selfish reasons." He took out the pair of earrings containing the last will of the crown prince of Atlantia.