The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 364 - The Final Battle (2) (unedited)

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Chapter 364 - The Final Battle (2) (unedited)


A loud explosion was heard inside the mansion of the estate. Queen Patricia was sitting in her room while discussing the surprise attack that they planned to do tomorrow at dawn.

"What was that?!" Patricia stood up from her seat, surprised with the sound of the explosion.

"It sounded like it came from the docks." High Priest Hector replied.


There was a sudden knock on the queen\'s door.

"My queen, I have something to report!" A man\'s voice was heard from the outside.

"Come in, hurry up!" Patricia said with impatience.

The man outside hurriedly came inside.

"Your majesty, there was a huge explosion from the docks." The man said. "The sh.i.p.s are on fire and I am afraid there will be nothing left even if we try to extinguish it."

"WHAT?!" Patricia shouted in an outrage. "How could such a thing happened? Weren\'t there guards guarding that place?!"

"Y-Yes your majesty." The man was clearly shaken up with Patricia\'s outrage. "I-I believe there are intruders. Before the explosion, there was a light shot up on the sky. I have sent a portion of our men to the docks to investigate."

"What, we are under attack?" Hector said with disbelief. "How did they know we are here?"

"I thought your plan was flawless, Hector!" Patrica roared in anger. "We should have been the one to surprise them, not us!"

"I apologize my queen." Hector bowed. "I was so sure that I have been secretive with our dealings with the baron and did not make any mistakes. I am also shocked of what happened."

"Enough of your excuses!" Patricia yelled. "Where is the crown prince now?" She asked the man.

"Prince Gladiolus is currently inside his quarters your majesty." The man replied.

"Call for the crown prince, tell him to come here at once." Patricia ordered. "Also tell all the men to go to the docks to apprehend the intruders. Make sure that none of them will leave this place alive!"

"Y-Yes, my queen." The man bowed. But before he was about to exit the room, another man came inside.

"Your majesty, we are currently under attack from the front of the estate." The man said while still catching his breath.

"This cannot be possible?!" Patricia was now expressing disbelief. "DAMN IT! It is that cursed king of Grancrest, I am sure of it!" She swore.

"Take half of our men to the front and you the other half towards the docks." Hector ordered the two men.

"Yes sir!" The two men bowed and left.

"I curse that brat of a king!" Patricia yelled in frustration. "He is always foiling my plans."

"Calm down, your majesty." Hector comforted. "Your men are still superior in terms of power. He only has a handful of men that are Atlantians, compared to you that has an army. His army is all the way at the other side of the continent, he surely cannot call for aid. This might also be a blessing in disguise for us. He has the other half of the key fragment that we need. If he is currently here, won\'t we have a chance to take it?"

"That is correct." Patricia said in realization. "But there is also a chance that ours could be stolen away. As you know, that brat is not something to be taken lightly."

"I know what you mean, your majesty." Hector replied. "That is why it would be best to send the crown prince, who has the other half out to sea at once."

"What do you mean?" Patricia asked with curiosity.

"The king of Grandcrest does not know who is currently holding the half of the key fragment, therefore we can fool him that you have it in your hands." Hector explained. "I believe with your skill and the help of your loyal knights, we can surely take it from him."

"I see…" Patricia said nodding in agreement. "But how can Gladiolus go out to sea if all the sh.i.p.s have been destroyed?"

"You do not need to worry about that, your majesty." Hector said with a grin. "I always make back up plans. I have stored at least two sh.i.p.s at a place not far from here. The crown prince can take one and go towards where the forbidden magic is and wait for you there."

"I understand." Patricia nodded. "But I am afraid that my son will not listen to me. I do not know why he is being cold to me right now." She said with a frown.

"Do not worry. I will be the one to accompany his highness there." Hector replied. "We will wait for you there with the other half of the key fragment." He had a mischievous grin.

"If it is you, then I think he will listen." Patricia said. "Then make haste, Hector. I will go with my strongest knights and get the other half of the key fragment from that brat."

"As you wish, your majesty." Hector bowed. When he turned around, there was an evil grin on his face. He quickly exited the queen\'s room and go find Gladiolus.


Gladiolus was sitting by the window looking out to the open sea. He was holding the half of the key fragment, inspecting it while dangling from his fingers.

"This thing is more important to mother." Gladiolus scoffed.

Gladiolus remembered the words Regaleon had told him. Those words had shaken something inside of him. He started to doubt his mother\'s plans and how she had used him, Alicia, and her own twin sister Leticia just to fulfill her plans.

When Gladiolus had heard that his aunt Leticia had a living daughter, he was happy to know that there was another living blood of the royal family of Atlantia. His mother then told him that his cousin was his fated bride. The first time he saw Alicia, he felt a pull towards her. He had thought that it was love at first sight, the she really was his destined bride.

But now, he was having second thoughts. Gladiolus was sure of his feelings of love for Alicia, but he was now contemplating if she really was destined for him. His mother had told him that the royals of Atlantia should only wed those who are inside the family to maintain the pureness of their blood and strengthen their magical powers, but that was not always the case. Regaleon was someone from the branch families tied with the royal family but he had strong magical powers. And Alicia clearly had no feelings for him. If what his mother said about being destined was true, then shouldn\'t Alicia also feel the pull he was feeling?

"Rather than risk Alicia\'s life, I would rather let her go." Gladiolus murmured to himself and sighed.

Gladiolus was now sure the his mother had labeled Alicia as a danger and was planning to kill her.

"Once I see you again, I will tell you my heartfelt feelings and then let you go." Gladiolus said with a sad smile while looking towards the sea. "I will surely protect you from my mother from afar."

There was a brief light illuminating the night sky while he was looking outside the window when a large explosion occurred.


Gladiolus closed his eyes for a brief moment because of the blinding light made by the explosion. When he opened his eyes he saw the docks that can be seen by the window was now blazing on fire.

"What the…?!" Gladiolus stood up from his seat with shock. He saw the sh.i.p.s that were parked in the docks were now caught on fire. Every ship was caught ablaze.

After a few moments, Clara who was outside the door standing guard was talking to someone.

"Your highness!" Clara barged inside the room with a grave expression. "Her majesty has sent word. She wants you to go to her room right this moment."

"Let\'s make haste." Gladiolus replied. He can feel his heart thumping hard inside his chest.

What just happened is surely not some accident. Nevertheless, this had made the plans for the surprise attack tomorrow to become null and void. The sh.i.p.s were an essential part of the plan because they were the main mode of transportation.

Just as Gladiolus was walking down the hallway towards his mother\'s room with Clara, they met Hector on the way.

"Hector!" Gladiolus said with alarm. "Tell me, what is happening outside?"

"I am afraid we are under attack your highness." Hector replied with a solemn look.

"What?! How can that be?" Gladiolus said in a surprised tone. "No…never mind replying to that question. Where is mother right now?"

"Her highness is preparing to go out to safety, your highness." Hector replied. "She has instructed me to tell you to meet her at the open sea where the forbidden magic is. She is sure to have the other half of the key fragment by the time the two of you meet."

"What?! I cannot possibly do that!" Gladiolus yelled in anger. "How can I leave my men here while they are fighting against the intruders?!"

"I understand your sentiments your highness." Hector said. "But this is also the will of your men. They would want you to be sent to safety, with you carrying the last hope of your people."

"But still…" Gladiolus understood Hector\'s words but still was conflicted wether to stay and fight with his men or to go and fulfill the prophecy by taking the forbidden magic and revive the country of Atlantia. Such burdens are resting on his shoulders.

"Have faith in us your highness." Clara said. "I am sure that our men can handle the intruders here. Like Hector had said, we would want you to be safe because you are our last hope for Atlantia to rise again." With her words Gladiolus sighed and has decided.

"Then I will go out to sea." Gladiolus said with conviction.

"I will accompany you, your highness." Hector replied. "Clara, her majesty needs you by her side."

"I understand." Clara nodded and looked at Gladiolus. "Your highness, it is unfortunate that I cannot accompany you. I will surely be back by your side once more, but before that please be safe."

Gladiolus only nodded to Clara\'s words. Clara then left to go to answer her queen\'s summons.

"Then lead the way, Hector." Gladiolus said.

"Follow me, your highness." Hector led the way.