The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 363 - The Final Battle (1) (unedited)

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Chapter 363 - The Final Battle (1) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

As I look down from above using Tempest\'s eyes, I saw that the two groups are in their respective positions. They are only waiting for my signal to commence our surprise attack.

"Dimitri." I called.

"Yes, your majesty." Dimitri was in attention at once.

"Tell the men to have a fifteen minute break." I ordered. "And after that, we will start our attack."

"As you wish, your majesty." Dimitri replied.

I looked down to the estate with my own two eyes. Inside that mansion was Patricia and Gladiolus. They are currently at the possession of the other half of the key fragment that I need to get to my wife Alicia. As I promised, I will surely end this war with Patricia right here and now.

I came down from the edge and walked towards my men who were having a quick break. I am sure they had a weary journey but we still need to be in schedule after coming here.

"Your majesty, I have conveyed your orders." Dimitri said when I walked towards them.

"Hmm." I nodded. I looked at my men who were looking at me with calm solemn eyes. "All of you here today had been by my side for many years. This is not the first time we have ridden into battle and I surely hope that it will be the last, in the hopes of peace after this. Like I always say before we go into battle, I wish you all to stay alive no matter what it takes. It is the best feeling of achieving victory with all of you present to celebrate it with me."

"We are always here behind you, your majesty." Dimitri replied in behalf of his men.

"We promise you victory, like the other battles before this." Chris chimed in.

"YES VICTORY!" The men cheered. "VICTORY… VICTORY!!!"

I raised my hand to hush their cheers. "I am sure we will obtain victory tonight. I promise you all the peace we yearned for after this fight."

"YEAH!!!" The men replied.

I looked around and looked down on the estate and the people inside that does not have any knowledge of what is to come.

"It is time." I said and looked at the night sky. I lifted my arms up and produced fire magic on my hands. I fired it up as brightly as possible and shot it towards the night sky. My fire blast came up like fireworks and lit up the darkness around the area. For sure with this, my army have seen this and knew what to do. The enemy should have also seen this and are now in alarm.

"You will not know what hit you, Patricia." I grinned. I pulled my sword from its sheath and pointed it towards the mansion where our enemies were. "FORWARD!!!" I ordered.

"AAAHHHGGGHH!!!" My men shouted their battle cry.


William looked up at the light that illuminated the night sky. It was like fireworks lighted up in festivals. He knew at once that it was the signal he has been waiting for.

"Tell the men to light the fuses and run to a safe distance." William gave his order to one of his men.

"At once, sir." The man replied and swiftly ran to relay William\'s orders.

William walked towards the place where he had set up the explosives. It was at the bottom of the ship where he was sure that it would make much damage.

The fuse was long enough to give William time to run to a safe distance. He took out the match from his pocket and lighted it up. The fire flickered on the match stick in between his fingers and carefully ignited the fuse. The fuse was now burning slowly.

"This will do." William murmured to himself. He then ran up to the deck of the ship and swiftly got off toward the docks. His men were also running out from the others sh.i.p.s, a sign that they have done their missions.

"Hurry! Run to a safer distance!" William shouted.

His group were now running out of the docks. The explosives they have planted will surely wipe the docks from where it is standing right now.

"You also swim out to safety!" William told the sirens that were still on water. The sirens nodded in understanding and quickly dived and vanished from the water\'s surface.

William and his men had safely arrived on shore in a safer distance when he saw Anatalia and some of her siren sisters running towards them.

"William!" Anatalia waved to him. "Leon gave the signal."

"Yes, I know." William replied.

"I also did a good job." Anatalia said with a smile, waiting to be praised. William smiled seeing the young siren.

"I see." William patted her head. "You did a good job."

Anatalia beamed a smile like a little girl being given a treat.


Explosions are now being heard one after another. The rows of sh.i.p.s that were parked in the docks are now being engulfed in a huge fire. All of the sh.i.p.s are now destroyed, without a single one being left.

"We are successful in our first mission." William said looking at the blazing fire. "Brace yourselves because these shores will be littered with enemies in a few minutes!" He told his men.

William\'s group knew that the explosion will attract attention of their enemies inside the estate. They all pulled out their swords waiting for their enemies to come. William as well pulled out his sword, readying himself of what is to come.

Not long, a group of men came rushing from the direction of the estate. As planned, the explosions has attracted a huge amount of Patricia\'s forces.

"Here they come!" William yelled. "Show them what we Alvannians do to unwanted guest in our lands! More so to enemies that threatens our lands!"

"YEAH!!!" William\'s men yelled.

Both groups clashed in the middle of the sandy beach. The sounds of swords clashing are heard in the dead of night. Screams of those that are wounded and fell were heard, making the sandy beaches a bloody battlefield.

"Sir, they are using their magic!" One of William\'s men yelled.

Indeed they were briefed that their enemies were Atlantians that uses magic in attacks. The men under William who were normal Alvannian humans were at a disadvantage.

"They may have magic, but they are not invincible!" William yelled. And as to make his words seem true, he had pierced his sword straight to the heart of an Atlantian opponent that dropped dead in front of him. "Do not be afraid and have faith in your skills as Alvannian soldiers!"

William\'s words brought confidence and courage back to his men. They were fighting their enemies while relying in their skills that they have achieved in the years of training.

"Do not worry. We are also here to help!" Anatalia shouted.

From the waters of the sea emerged the Sirens. They started to sing and their beautiful voices were heard along the shores. One by one the enemies were entranced with their melody.

"H-Hey… what are you doing?" One enemy shouted. "No… I am not your enemy. Nooo…"

The enemies that were under the Siren\'s enchantment were fighting against their own allies. This gave William\'s group an advantage against their enemies.

Many bodies are now littered by the shores of the beach. The sandy shores that were golden before under the sun are now tainted with blood. William had killed another one of the enemies when he saw flashing lights coming from not so far away. It was evidence that there was a magic battle ongoing from that direction.

"I hope you are doing fine, your majesty." William murmured. "You are the only one who can get to Alicia now." He said while piercing his sword to an enemy that was in front of him.


"It looks like it is time." Belgor looked at the signal that Regaleon had just shot up the night sky.

"It seems so." Raphael was also looking at the signal above. "Men get ready to charge in!" He ordered.

Grey had just got back from his first mission to take care of the guards in the vicinity. He and the other lycans that came with him had their furs stained with blood.

"We have taken care of the guards in the vicinity." Grey said.

"That is good." Belgor replied. "How about those that surrendered?" He asked.

"A handful have surrendered." Grey replied. "They have been sent to a place and are now being guarded by some of our brethren."

"Good job son." Belgor praised his son\'s good work.

"Thank you, f-father." Grey replied rather awkwardly. He was not used to having his father call him affectionately outside their own home.

"Now tell the others to get ready." Belgor said. "We are about to go to battle." He said with a serious look."

"Right away." Grey replied and left right away.


Explosions are heard one after another from afar.

"That is the sign from William\'s group." Raphael said and turned around to face his men. "It is our turn to make a move. Men, remember what we have talked about in the briefing. Our enemies are not normal humans. They possess magic that can be a disadvantage to us. But do not lose hope because we have lycans on our side to fight. You have seen their capabilities just now and I am confident with their help, we can win this battle. Let us show them that this land is ours and that they cannot just do anything they wish!"

"YEAH!!!" The men shouted.

"CHARGE!!!" Raphael shouted and his army charged the front of the estate.

"You heard the humans, let us show them what we can do." Belgor shifted to his beast form and led the lycans in the frontal assault of the estate.