The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 362 - The Battle Begins (2) (unedited)

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Chapter 362 - The Battle Begins (2) (unedited)

Note: Parental guidance is advised because of some harsh language and bloody scenes

William and his men started to spread out to the sh.i.p.s that are on the docks. They quietly dealt with the guards that were not under the charm of the sirens, while the sirens are using those that they have charmed to deal with other guards as well. Overall, William\'s group are going on smoothly in their plan.

William was stealthily moving to another ship when he saw another pair of guards walking in their rounds.

"I am a little relieved that I am on duty guarding here at the docks." The guard said.

"And why is that?" The other guard replied.

"It is because I do not want to fight against fellow Atlantians like last time." The guard sighed. "I do not know about you, but it is does not feel right for me. I mean… we are fighting to revive our ruined country. Why would we need to fight against our fellow countrymen?" He reasoned out.

"Even if they are fellow Atlantians, they have betrayed our country by siding with the country that helped with our country\'s downfall." The other guard replied.

"I heard that the king of Grandcrest also have Atlantian royal blood." The guard replied. "It is not their fault that they have served him, we Atlantians are usually drawn to people with royal blood of Atlantia."

"Heh, I heard that he only has half of the royal blood. Unlike our queen and prince that are pure bloods. If you ask me, those that serves our queen\'s enemy deserves death even if they are fellow Atlantians." The other guard replied. "Just shut up and do not word any of your concerns any longer. If our queen hears you speak of such foolishness, she might punish you severely."

William was using the dark to sneak behind the guards. He picked a piece of wood on the ground and threw it at the opposite direction to serve as a distraction.


"What was that?" The guard asked and looked at the direction of the sound.

"Let us go and look." The other guard said. "Lead the way, I will be right behind you."

The guard walked towards the direction where the sound came from first. His partner was behind him a few steps back. William used this chance to sneak up on the one at the back with a knife on his hand. He quickly grabbed the guard and covered the guard\'s mouth with his hand to prevent him to make any noise. William quickly raised his hand with the knife and slit the throat of the guard. Blood spilled from the guards throat but he stilled tried to fight his way out of William\'s grip to no avail. The guard\'s body convulsed and then dropped down, void of life.

"Who is there?" The other guard that inspected the sounds was holding the hilt of his sword with tensions. He was careful to turn the corner but when he did, he only saw a dead end and sighed in relief. Thinking that the sound was nothing, he was about to turn around but then he was tackled from behind in surprise. "Ahhh."

William had the other guard pinned on the ground, his knife was resting on the guard\'s neck carefully.

"Do not make any noise if you want to live." William said. "Nod if you understand." The guard nodded.

"If you want me to spare your life, then you have to surrender." William said. "Nod your head once again if you agree to surrender."

The guard was at first hesitant, but then nodded his head in the end.

"Good." William pulled the guard up from the floor and pushed him at the edge of the docks. He pushed the guard towards the water.

"Ahh…" The guard tried to yelp while he was falling, but before his voice came out something from the water leaped out quickly and grabbed the guard mid air before falling.

"I will leave him to you ladies." William said.

"Hehehe…" Beautiful voices giggling are heard after. William smiled thinking that the sirens really have nice voices.

When William turned around, he saw one of his men running towards him.

"Sir William, all of the guards have been dealt with." The man said.

"That is good." William replied. "How many of the enemies has surrendered?" He asked.

"Quite a few sir." The man replied.

Before William left, Regaleon specifically told him that enemies that he thinks could be redeemable can be given the option to surrender. Therefore, they do not kill on sight but give those Atlantians that seems to be swayed the chance to surrender.

"How about the explosives?" William asked.

"All explosives have been set sir." The man replied. "We are only awaiting for your orders."

"I understand." William nodded. "Tell the men to be on standby."

"Yes sir." The man nodded and left.

William sighed looking at the direction of a hill near the estate. "That should be where his majesty will be coming from." He muttered.

Before William gives the order to detonate the explosives, he was said to wait for a signal coming from his majesty himself.

"We have to get the timing right. Now, my group will only need to wait." William said. "How are the others doing?" He wondered.


At the other side of the valley, Raphael\'s group and the lycans led by Belgor were marching. The night was still early and they were getting near the baron\'s estate where Patricia\'s army is getting ready for their planned attack.

Raphael\'s groups was riding in horseback while the lycans were in there animal form. They were marching at a steady pace when Belgor took the lead.

"We have to stop here." Belgor said to Raphael.

"Halt!" Raphael gave the order and their group stopped from advancing.

"The estate can be seen from afar just behind that bend over there." Belgor used his snout to point the direction. "We cannot go further because guards are surely roaming around."

"I understand." Raphael replied with a nod. "We still need to wait for his majesty\'s signal before we can launch our attack as planned."

"Yes, you are right." Belgor said. "But we can at least pluck out the guards one by one." He said flashing his sharp teeth after a grin.

"Is it really necessary to?" Raphael asked with an eyebrow up.

"It is still best to be cautious." Belgor replied. "We cannot risk being found out before we can start the operation, correct?"

"I understand." Raphael sighed. "Then we will leave them up to you. I heard that your species are good in stealth."

"Leave them to us." Belgor grinned and nodded to Grey.

Grey knew immediately what his father meant and hand picked a number of lycans.

"Take the guards out as quietly as possible." Grey gave his command. "Remember what Regaleon had said. If the enemy looks like they are worthy, then let them surrender. But if they do not, then you know what to do."

The lycans that Grey hand picked nodded their heads and swiftly moved into the darkness of the trees. Not long, some muffled voices can be heard not far from where they are. The estate was still a bit far from where they are, and so muffled noises is not something to be alarmed about.

The humans in the group stiffened after hearing the muffled voices that they can only imagine what is currently happening. They only knew of the lycans in a short period of time and they cannot dispel the uneasiness they are feeling towards something the do not know of.

"Do not worry. I am sure that they will give chance to those that willingly surrender." Belgor said.

"I do not doubt you will." Raphael said with a smile. "His majesty had put his trust on you and I believe in his majesty\'s decisions. And so, I will put my faith in you and your species."

"I like you human. Hahaha." Belgor laughed.

"Then that is good to hear." Raphael replied. "I also feel that we can be good friends in the future."

After the humans seeing their leader and the lycans leader speaking casually with one another, have relaxed their tension from before. The conversation of both leaders had dispelled any hostility both parties had with one another.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

My men and I have taken the passage that will take us to the hill near the baron\'s estate. We have journeyed into a thick forest that is the only way.

The sun had just set into the horizon and the night sky was filled with stars and a quarter moon. We were getting nearer to our destination.

"Because our path was within the dense forest, we will be arriving last compared to the other two groups." Dimitri said.

"Hmm, it seems to be that way." I replied.

"But it is still good because at our location, we can see if both the groups are in place before we commence with our operation." Dimitri said.

"Yes, we will proceed as planned." I said. "The other two groups will wait for our signal before launching our attack."

I have told the other groups to set out as planned. If ever they are to engage in battle with the enemy, it would be best to do it stealthily. And if ever some of the people under Patricia wanted to surrender, then they are free to do so and should be left unharmed and to be detained.

"Your majesty, I can see our destination." Dimitri said.

I saw the edge of the hill after a long trek up. We carefully crouched low to the ground and looked down. In our current position in higher ground, we can see down below more clearly.

\'Tempest.\' I called to him telepathically.

\'I am here.\' Tempest replied inside my mind.

After that, we linked with each other and I can now see what he sees. He was flying above the estate and hovered around. In the direction of the valley, I can see Raphael and Belgor\'s group waiting patiently under the shadow of the trees. At the sea side, I can see that William had taken the docks while Anatalia had taken out the guards on the sea shore.

"It is time." I said in earnest. "The last battle with Patricia is about to begin."