The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 360 - Departure for the Battle Ahead (unedited)

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Chapter 360 - Departure for the Battle Ahead (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

The army we have built are now preparing for the battle to come. The men are busy sharpening their swords while others are preparing their suit of armor to wear. I myself am now preparing to suit up my armor I had prepared.


"Your majesty, it is me." Dimitri said from behind the door.

"Come in."I replied.

The door opened and Dimitri came inside. He was wearing his own armor that is black in color with the crest of Grandcrest engraved in the b.r.e.a.s.t plate.

"I have come to help you wear your armor, sire." Dimitri said solemnly.

"Thank you." I replied with gratitude.

Since back then, Dimitri was always by my side as my right hand man. In every battle, he was the one to suit me up in my armor and now was no different. He walked towards the corner where my armor is, and carefully lifted it up one by one. He carefully placed each piece on my body, carefully tightening every part to fit perfectly. The last piece he placed was the b.r.e.a.s.t plate, where the engraving of my family\'s crest is placed.

"I am done, your majesty." Dimitri bowed his head.

I adjusted my gauntlets and chest plate a little before looking at myself in the whole body mirror just situated behind me. I saw myself wearing the shining bright armor once again and sighed.

"I wish this will be the last time I wear this." It was my simple wish that I dearly want.

When I wear this armor, I know that it will be stained with the blood of many of my enemies. It was a sign of many deaths to come.

"I also wish that peace will come after this battle, your majesty." Dimitri said.

I know many of us hoped that this fighting would be over once and for all and peace will be achieved in this continent.

"Your majesty." Dimitri then handed me the last thing that is only missing in my armor, my sword.

I took the sword from Dimitri\'s outstretched hands. This was the sword that I have ordered for the blacksmiths to be made in haste. I have already sharpened it earlier but I still unsheathed it and looked at my own reflection on the shining blade. Like before any major battle, I pressed my thumb on the sharpened blade of my sword to draw up some blood. I let my blood drip unto the tip of the sword and closed my eyes.

"I, Regaleon Yosef Astley, swear upon this sword to slay my enemies before me." I chanted like what I do before every major battle. "This sword will taste the blood of my enemies until our victory is achieved."

I opened my eyes after my chant and quickly swung my sword and put it in its sheath once more.

"Dimitri, tell the army to prepare to depart." I ordered.

"As you wish, your majesty." Dimitri knelt down taking my order and then stood right back up and walked out to do the task I have ordered him to do.


The army was patiently waiting on the training grounds. The men are now wearing their designated armor with the crest of their designation. The lycans does not have any battle garb they use and came with their fur clothes. The sirens that Anatalia came with were wearing normal woman attires but their beauties cannot be hidden with their somewhat shabby commoner clothes.

"We are to depart now towards the estate we have talked about this morning." I started once I was standing on the platform. "Your respective captains in charge must have already briefed you of our plan. I have designated Raphael to be in charge of the Alvannian unit that will travel by land along the valley while William will be in charge of the unit that will travel by sea. Belgor will lead the lycans that will also travel with the Alvannian unit by land, while Anatalia will lead the sirens that will also travel by sea with William\'s unit. Dimitri on the other hand will be leading the elite unit with me that will take the mountain pass."

I looked around seeing the army with diverse people in front of me. They are looking up to me at their leader in this battle to come. I can see that the Alvannian soldiers and knights that were called upon had minimum to no experience on big coordinated battles such as this. I cannot blame that because unlike my men that were in constant battle since they were young, Alvannia had never experienced encounters bigger than apprehending bandits and such.

"I understand that you are feeling fear and nervousness in this upcoming battle." I said. "But with such capable captains leading you, I guarantee that if you follow them diligently you will have the luck of seeing tomorrow. I myself will be there to fight by your side. I will lead you all to victory!"

"YEAH!!!" The army before me had their fear and nervousness fade after my speech. "VICTORY!!! WE WILL GET VICTORY!!!" They were all fired up after my promise of victory.

I smiled knowing that my speech had fired up the army. I had not given them empty words. I am sure to gain victory in this upcoming battle.

"LET US NOW DEPART AND FACE OUR GREATEST FOE!" I yelled to add to their burning passion.

The army then marched, headed out to our designated paths to take. I walked down the platform with the other leaders of every unit I have appointed.

"I wish you all a good journey." I told them. "Let us meet tonight in our destination."

"Be careful, your majesty." Raphael said.

"I will also be going with this human Raphael." Belgor said. "Let us meet in the battle field later on." He patted my shoulder.

"Yes, be careful on the road." I told the both of them. Raphael bowed his head and Belgor grinned before both of them walked away.

"I will also be leaving now your majesty." William said. "The journey by sea will be much faster, so we will arrive their earlier than you. I will be the one to lead the unit that will go to shore and incapacitate their sh.i.p.s stealthily."

"Be careful William." I patted his shoulder, giving him my sincere worry.

"Do not worry Leon, me and my sisters will be there to accompany them." Anatalia winked.

"That is good to hear." I smiled.

"Then we will be on our way." William bowed his head and departed but Anatalia did not move a muscled and looked at me like she wants to say something.

"What is it, Anatalia?" I asked curiously.

"Well… I swam near where Alicia is to take a look and make sure she is okay." Anatalia said, but she was reluctant to continue. I felt nervous seeing her reaction.

"What is it?" I said with urgency. "Tell me, Anatalia." I urged her.

"Alicia she… she seems to be in pain." Anatalia said at last. "It looks like she is currently in labor. She will give birth any time soon from now."

"She is in labor?" I knew what that meant in a sense.

My heart was thumping really hard in my chest right now. I am now getting anxious to get to my wife as fast as I can. I combed my hair with such irritation and anxiousness, now being conflicted to drop everything and go to where she is right now.

"Your majesty, please calm down." Dimitri said.

"How can I calm down knowing that my wife can give birth any time soon!" I yelled at him.

"I am sorry. I am so sorry." Anatalia covered her face with her hands in guilt. "I know, I should not have told you anything before the battle. But I thought that you should know."

"your majesty, I understand. You are feeling anxious to get to her majesty. But please think of the operation we are to do right now." Dimitri scolded. "This army needs you to lead them. And also to get to her majesty, you need the half of the key that is in Patricia\'s hands right now."

Dimitri\'s scolding brought me back to my previous goal. It is true that we are in the middle of the operations to suppress Patricia\'s army and to get back the half of the key she stole from us. If I want to get Alicia back, then I have to get the half of the key in Patricia\'s hands.

"I understand, thank you Dimitri." I replied. "Thank you for telling me as well, Anatalia." She smiled when she saw me getting sober from my previous fit.

"Let us depart at once your majesty." Dimitri said. "As Anatalia had said, I think we need to make haste."

"I agree." I nodded in agreement. "Anatalia, you move along. Please be careful."

"Thanks Leon." Anatalia replied and was on her way.

I walked to where Midnight was and mounted him. Dimitri as well mounted on his horse.

"Tempest!" I called out. Not long, I heard Tempest\'s screech and hovered down. I extended my arm for him to land on.

"I am ready master." Tempest said.

"Please be my eyes like before, Tempest." I closed my eyes and touched my forehead to his.

"Of course." Tempest replied. "I am always here to help you."

"How is Snow doing by the way?" I asked in worry.

"She is in Tricia\'s care." Tempest replied. "I am worried that she seems to be in pain."

I worried for Snow because I know she was linked to Alicia. But I am sure that Tricia will be taking care of her. What I need now was to get Alicia back to my arms so that Snow will also be okay too.

"I am sure Snow is in good hands. Let us get her master back so that she can also recover." I replied and Tempest nodded his small head. "Let us depart!" I let Tempest fly back to the sky.

Dimitri\'s elite group all mounted their horsed and followed my lead.