The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 36 Results of my training

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Two weeks have passed when I first started to study the art of sword. Leon gave me a light sword at first, telling me that he will make it heavier once my strength goes up after training.

We practice the sword every afternoon in my courtyard. Morning consist of studies in history, politics and literature.

Leon and I are training in my courtyard this afternoon as well.

"Very good. Keep your stance to balance your body." Leon instructed.

The first week was used on how I should handle a sword with my hands. As for the second week, Leon said I can start sparring with him.

I was swinging my sword at him, watching his every movements as I calculate and anticipate his every strike.

I was able to dodge his attacks and he was also able to block mine. After some time, in just a split second I missed his movements and my sword flew from my hand. Leon\'s sword was pointed on my throat. I gulped, looking at the tip of his sword shining from the rays of light coming from the sun.

"I yield." I say panting.

"You did well." Leon replied and panting as well. He took a deep breath and sheaths his sword.

"I still have much to learn." I said.

"In just two weeks you did well. I\'m afraid that if you continue in your progress, you will surpass me after a year." Leon chuckled.

"Don\'t tease me." I pout my lips. "That is impossible. You are a great knight and have perfect sword skills."

"Hey, I\'m complimenting you." Leon chuckled. "And it is not impossible to surpass me. If you use your potential to the fullest, I am sure you will improve faster."

Leon was looking at me with a smile on his face. It was like he was looking into my soul.

"What is it?" I asked awkwardly. I am not used to being looked at.

"I was just thinking how a good student you are. A fast learner and adapts to changes rapidly." Leon complimented. "In no time I am sure you will be a fine princess worthy to be a queen." He smiled his brilliant smile.

"A queen? But I am never going to become a queen." I said.

\'I am just a bastard of the king of Alvannia. Being a low born princess. What crown prince would want to marry me?\' Then I remembered the grand ball. The man who was wearing a silver mask. He had black raven hair and dark blue eyes. He was the crown prince of Grandcrest, prince Regaleon.

I remember him asking me to dance. I remember when he held me with his hands and pulled me into his arms. I remember the way we danced, the feeling of turning and twirling. It made me feel that we were flying.

"Then you would rather become a duchess?" Leon asked. I was awoken from my reverie with Leon\'s voice. I looked at him with confusion, his face was dark and cold.

"Were you just thinking about him?" Leon said with a cold voice.

"What do you mean?" I asked confused. \'Did he know I was thinking of prince Regaleon? Is he a mind reader or something?\' I thought.

"Were you thinking of young lord William?" Leon said with his cold and chilling voice.

"No, of course not." I answered.

"Then why were you daydreaming just now?" Leon asked.

"You just mentioned being a queen and I just thought I only know two crown princes. And one of them is my younger brother." I said.

"Oh, okay." Leon was looking amused. "So who were you day dreaming of?" His lips curved up into a smile.

"I was just thinking of prince Regaleon. And I was not daydreaming." I said with an irritated tone. \'Did it look like I was day dreaming?\' I wondered.

Leon\'s smile widened more. I was confused \'Why would he be amused about me thinking of the crown prince of Grandcrest?\'

"Is that so? So what do you think of the crown prince Regaleon?" Leon asked curiously.

I looked at him surprised. \'Is he jealous? But if he is why is he smiling like that. He is weird.\' I thought.

When I was about to answer I heard someone shouting my name.

"Alicia Roselyn Von Heist!" The voice was glass breaking. It echoed inside my body, down to my bones and into the core of my being.

When I looked where the voice was coming from I saw my stepmother, the queen, rushing towards me. I also see my two elder sisters following her from behind. Elizabeth has a bandage on her left cheek.

"You filthy whore!" My stepmother raised her hand ready to slap me.

I ready myself to take the blow. But I was shocked to see what had happened next. I blocked my stepmother\'s hand with my own hand.

She looked at me in surprise. I can\'t blame her, I am also surprised myself. My reflexes just kicked in.

\'Is this the result of my training?\' I thought to myself.