The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 359 - The Beginning of the Final Battle (2) (unedited)

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Chapter 359 - The Beginning of the Final Battle (2) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

We have formed an army consisting of Alvannian people, my Atlantian men under Dimitri\'s elite group, and the lycans under Belgor\'s leadership. This small army has its pros and cons.

One of the cons is that this army has been built just today. They have no experience working with one another. That is why I have lowered my head in front of them a while ago, so that we can work with each other beyond their differences from one another.

But on the other hand, the pros of this army is that we have diverse talents. The Alvannian men are for sure trained hard in the military, having General Robert as the head of the military for the longest time here in Alvannia.

We also have magic by our side that comes from Dimitri\'s elite group of men. They are trained hard under Dimitri\'s strict training. They also have experienced many battles under my command, and I can vouch for their prowess in battle.

The lycans on the other hand have brute strength, speed and agility that gives us big advantages in battle. The lycans have demonstrated their strength and tactics in battle against my men who are Atlantians, that is why I am sure they can hold their own with Patricia\'s army that consists of Atlantians that are experts using magic in battle.

The meeting with the army that we have just formed ended after Belgor have told us everything that they got from their reconnaissance on the place where are enemies are currently residing. We have let the men retire to their make shift quarters and wait for further orders. I came back inside the estate with Duke Destia and his son Raphael, Dimitri, William, and Belgor.

"I will be taking my leave your majesty." Duke Destia said. "I will leave my son to take my place in this battle. As you know, I am old in age and I am afraid I will be more of a burden than help. I am sorry."

"Do not worry duke, it is fine by me." I replied and patted his shoulder. "I understand. Your son here is someone I know I can trust."

"Thank you, your majesty." Duke Destia expressed his gratitude and retreated.

The five of us left had gone to the study room that I have been using as my make shift office. While walking, Raphael walked to my side.

"Thank yo for having trust in me your majesty." Raphael replied. "I am sure to give everything I have got to help."

"You are a good person Raphael." I replied. "I just wish that your sister is the same as you."

"Thank you for showing mercy to my sister." Raphael bowed his head. "She is still young. I am sure she had learned her lesson and still has room to change."

"I hope so, for your sister\'s sake." I replied.

Once we were inside the study room, we talked about the approach we will be taking. As Belgor had explained, the estate was situated in a valley by the east coast. It was a terrain that could be advantageous for us, because we could block both their escape routes by land or by sea. The army can be split in to two groups, one that will traverse on land while the other will travel by sea on sh.i.p.s.

"The estate is some miles away from here. If we can depart by noon, we can arrive at the location by early evening." Belgor said.

"But it will be good to wait for the sirens intel." I replied. "It will be good to know that it is really Patricia\'s army residing in that estate. And if the sirens can tell us more after they get information, then we can have the upper hand in this battle. I want this battle to be the last one to end this war. I want Patricia\'s head." I said with a glint of hate in my eyes.

"This Patricia b*tch really got to your nerves, huh?" Belgor asked.

"She gave his majesty many hardsh.i.p.s in the past few years." Dimitri replied to Belgor\'s question.

"I want to be the one to end her life with my own hands." I said with fury, remembering everything she had done these past few years.

"Your enemy is my enemy as well." Belgor said. "I will help you brother. If we find that b*tch, we will deliver her to you fresh. You can do as you please with her." He grinned.

"Patricia is not someone that can be easily captured." William said. "I have seen her in person when I was under disguise in Jennovia. The air around her is something that I can only explain as… dark. She is feared by the people under her, and I think that fear comes from her power."

"To explain it to you Belgor, she is not an ordinary Atlantian like my subordinates." I added. "She has the blood of a royal of Atlantia like me. Her magic abilities are at the top of the charts, same with her son Gladiolus."

"The one that you fought with? The one that snatched the key you were looking for?" Belgor asked.

"Yes." I nodded.

"So they are as powerful as you in a sense?" Belgor asked.

"That is correct." I replied.

"Well damn." Belgor said. "It is good that we formed and alliance and was able to make this army with haveing such short notice. You will need all the help that you could get. I know because I could say that after fighting against you is not a joke. And you say there are two of them in your caliber… that is going to be a heck of a fight I tell yah."

"That is why we need to plan this carefully." I replied. "If only Alicia was here as well. The odds will be even." Thinking of my wife under the sea alone made me worry for her once more.

"Do not worry your majesty. There is nothing we cannot achieve with proper planning." Dimitri assured.

"And we also have the sirens in our side." William reminded. "You remember their abilities, correct?"

"I have only heard of the abilities of the sirens but unfortunately never met one until this morning." Belgor said. "Is is true that their song can put you under their spell?"

"That is true." I replied. "I also fallen under their spell in the past. And it was not any other siren, it was the queen of the sirens that put me and my group under her spell."

"Really? Then how did you break it?" Belgor asked with amazement.

"It was my wife who helped us break from the spell." I said with a smile, remembering how she fought with the sirens to save us. "She fought hard by herself to wake us up from the charm."

*WHISTLE* Belgor whistled.

"Your wife must be a good fighter." Belgor said with a grin. "She must be a good woman that is proud to stand by your side. We lycans are also mated to the ones that are a good match to us, like me and my wife."

"I can say that I am the lucky one to be married to my wife." I said in honesty. "She has been the light of my life. That is why I want to get her back as soon as possible."

After thinking about how I want to get my wife back, there was a knock on the door.


"Your majesty, Anatalia is here to see you." The guard outside said.

"Let her in." I replied quickly.

The door opened and Anatalia entered in haste.

"Leon… Leon…" Anatalia called and rushed to where I was.

"Anatalia, how was your trip?" I asked at once when she was right in front of me.

"Good news." Anatalia said while panting hard. She must be running before arriving here. "That estate the lycans mentioned was filled with Atlantians and they are really under that Patricia you have mentioned."

"That is good. Now we are sure that is the place where they are hiding." I replied. "What else have you found out?"

"We also found out their plan. They know where you are right now, and they are planning to attack by dawn tomorrow." Anatalia said. "They are planning to depart by sea using sh.i.p.s and will make a surprise attack."

"That is good intel." Dimitri replied. "Your majesty, now that we know their plan we can attack earlier to surprise them."

"Yes, that is the best way to counter." I replied. "Tell the army to prepare to depart. We will be departing by noon. We will split the army into two groups as planned. The lycans will be included in the group that will go by land, the sirens will be included in the group that will travel by sea." All of the people present nodded their heads in agreement.

"I will relay your orders to the Alvannian men." Raphael said.

"I will go with you." William said to Raphael. "I am also a knight from Alvannia. I will be helping to lead."

"And I will tell my men of your orders, your majesty." Dimitri said.

"I will be telling my brethren of our plans." Belgor said.

"Then I will tell my sisters." Anatalia said.

"Thank you, all of you." I said sincerely. "Let us make this work. After this is all over, we can have a peaceful future ahead." All of them nodded in agreement.

One by one they exited the study room to go to there respected assignments. I walked towards the corner to get the sword that I have ordered from the blacksmith. My old one was broken in my fight with Gladiolus and I ordered this to be made in haste.

I pulled it from its sheath and checked the blade. It was made in a rush and so it was not as good as my old one, but this will do. I swing the sword back and forth to get a feel of it.

"This will do." I said. "This will be the last battle, and I need to prepare."

I then opened a curtain that was covering my armor in the corner of the room. I have made them send this to me from Grandcrest.

"The last time I wore this was when I slayed my half brothers in the last battle for the throne. After that, I was crowned victor and became the king of Grandcrest." I said.

I touch the b.r.e.a.s.t plate that shows the engraving of the crest of the royal family of Grandcrest, the blue rose with thorns.

"This time I will slay Patricia." I promised. "And then I will get you back, my wife." I told myself.