The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 358 - The Beginning of the Final Battle (1) (unedited)

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Chapter 358 - The Beginning of the Final Battle (1) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

After I got the information the lycans gave, I rushed back to the estate towards the room where Dimitri is sleeping. I knocked at his door in a rather hastily manner that I heard Dimitri scrambled up inside his room and opened the door in tremendous speed.

"Your majesty, has something happened?" Dimitri asked with worriment. His clothes were in a disheveled manner that I thought was because he was such in a hurry when he heard my knock at the door.

"I am sorry to disturb your sleep." I said apologetically. "But I got good intel from the lycans."

"I understand your majesty." Dimitri said, fixing his disheveled clothes. "I have slept quite enough. I am ready to do the task you need me to do, your majesty." He said with a solemn expression.

I nodded thankfully at Dimitri. He was really a loyal subordinate and an older brother figure to me. Having sleepless nights is not anything new to us. With the fight with my half brothers, having a good sleep was something we cannot have. Being in the battle field also added to having only four to six hours of sleep, just enough to rest. My subordinates have been through a lot to achieve where we are right now, and to win this battle might be the key to having the peace we are craving to have for so long to achieve.

"Please assemble the men an hour from now. I will brief them at once of the information the lycans have given." I replied.

"I will tell them at once your majesty." Dimitri replied with a bow.

"We will wait for the sirens\' intel." I said. "Anatalia took the task of infiltrating the said location to gain intel. I am sure they will be back soon."

"I understand." Dimitri nodded. "Then I will be back to tell the men. I will let them assemble in the training grounds after an hour."

"Thank you, Dimitri." I patted his shoulder. "If we ever confront Patricia today, I wish this will be our last encounter with her. I would like this war to end with Patricia\'s death by my hands." Dimitri nodded in understanding.

I want this battle to be the last one to be fought in this war with Patricia. Jennovia has already surrendered to me and made a treaty. We just need to end Patricia\'s life, to make sure that there will be no one biting our backs after the three kingdoms have been combined and become an empire.

"This will be the final battle." I said with conviction.


After an hour had passed, I headed to the training grounds for the knights of Duke Destia\'s estate. Once there I saw a significant amount of men standing in rows, it was a mix of knights and soldiers. Some were wearing soldier\'s uniform of the Alvannian kingdom. They were the soldiers that Dimitri and William recruited. Others were wearing specific knight\'s garbs, depending on what family they were associated with. They were knights of noble families that were called to our aide. And the last group was Dimitri\'s own elite unit of Atlantians. They were wearing there signature black uniform with the crest of the country of Grandcrest.

I headed towards the platform in front of them. Already standing there were Duke Destia and his son Raphael, Dimitri, and William. I have called Belgor to attend this gathering as well, but they were not yet here. The lycans are still wary of humans and does not linger much with them. I also did not want to force them if they do not want to.

I was about to step up the platform when I heard the men murmuring loudly. I looked at the entrance of the training grounds and saw the lycans making their entrance with Belgor in the lead. Lycans were basically much larger and bulkier than a normal human. The human knights and soldiers were surprised by the entrance of these unknown people, but Dimitri\'s men were who were with me the time we confronted with the lycans were calm with there sudden presence.

"Sorry for being late." Belgor said with a huge grin. "We did not want to surprise the humans, but I guess our presence gives off a dominant vibe."

"It is okay." I reassured him. "Well, you did have huge impact for being late. Such a big entrance, I might say." I joked and chuckled.

"I know right? Hahaha…" Belgor laughed out heartily.

"Well then, let us start the briefing." I said. "After you." I gestured him to go up to the platform first.

"Why thank you." Belgor smiled and went up with me behind.

Belgor stood with the others while I took the center stage. I looked at the gathering of human knights and soldiers, my Atlantian men, and the lycans. I smiled, seeing that we all have come together to face one foe that could threaten our entire continent.

"Greetings Alvannian knights and soldiers, my subordinates from Grancrest and the lycans that I recently made an alliance with." I started. "I know you might have been informed as to why you are here today. I have asked aid from the current regent of Alvannia Richard because of the threat of a certain person and the group she is leading. And the safety of your princess Alicia who is now my wife, is threatened by this same person."

The men before me who was restless a while ago with the lycans entrance were now listening intently to me. They have been briefed before hand on what was going on, but still I want to tell them with my own words of what is currently happening.

"I have sent the lycans on a reconnaissance mission in order to find Patricia, the dethroned queen of Jennovia." I said. "As you know, we were at war with her for more than two years now. The Jennovian kingdom has surrendered, but she was able to escape before she can pay for her sins. She poses a threat to all of us in this continent, because she wants to covet and revive the forbidden magic that sunk nearly half of this continent under the sea."

Low murmurs started between the Alvannian soldiers and knights. I am sure that they have heard some stories from their grandparents of the war that happened in the past.

"I know you have heard stories about the Atlantian people. But I beg of you to see Atlantians individually and not as a whole. They may be the culprit of the tragedy from more than twenty years ago, but the main culprits are now dead, and the remaining Atlantians now are also victims that lost their home land." I explained. "I myself have Atlantian blood running thru my veins. My people that are standing with you right now, are also carrying Atlantian blood."

The Alvannian men were surprised by my words but they did not have any negative reaction.

"I hope that you also see them as fellow men." I said solemnly. "And the lycans here right now are beings that have been in this land far more longer than us. They are beings that would like to live with us peacefully, that is why they formed an alliance with us. They are here to help us as well and will be fighting along side us. I implore of you to lend me your strength now and in the future as well." I bowed my head in front of them.

As a ruling monarch, bowing in front of someone lower in status may seem to be disgraceful, but for me it is a sign of respect towards the other party. They are still under Alvannia and I am merely borrowing their power right now, and this army with diverse people cannot work well if they have animosity towards one another. That is why I am bowing my head right now, to gain their trust.

"We believe in you!" The Alvannian men shouted.

"We will lay our trust in you as our commander!"

"We have heard great stories about you, and we are willing to fight along side you."

"It is a great honor to fight under your command, your majesty."

I smiled hearing their words. I can feel tears at the rim of my eyes but I hold it in. It is unsightly to see a grown man let alone a commander that will be leading you to battle tear up.

"Thank you, everyone." I give my upmost gratitude. "To tell you of the intel we have gathered will be Belgor, the lycans\' leader. They have probably found where our enemy\'s army is hiding. We are also waiting for the intel of someone that is currently infiltrating as we speak." I gestured Belgor to take the stand in my place.

Belgor walked by my side and looked at the people in front of us.

"I cannot believe that a day will come and I will be fighting along side humans." Belgor grinned. "But as Regaleon had said, we are here to help. We have found the possible hiding place of the enemy. I will disclose to you the locations and the terrains. We can plan our approach after that." He started to disclose the information they have gathered thus far.