The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 357 - Helpful Allies (unedited)

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Chapter 357 - Helpful Allies (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

I have told Belgor everything that happened so far. When we left the lycans lair, to the passage thru the mountain pass, and then the trap that Gladiolus and his men set up in our rendezvous point. Belgor listened carefully, nodding his head every now and then.

"So what you are saying right now was, this Gladio something person had stolen the key that your subordinate was carrying?" Belgor affirmed. "And this key thingy was the thing that you got from that room that was sealed with magic?"

"Yes, that is what happened." I said and sighed.

Belgor was rubbing his chin contemplating something. I was nervous that maybe he will not lend me a helping hand because I let Gladiolus steal the key.

"Well, that girl made such a disgraceful thing backstabbing that young man Alex. It is just sad because I am quite fond of that young man." Belgor shook his head with a sad face. "Do not worry Regaleon, we lycans are here to help you." He pumped his chest with his fist.

"Really?" I asked in surprise. "That is good to hear. I am so grateful that you are here now."

"Of course, what are blood brothers for?" Belgor patted my shoulder with such force. "What your enemy did was a cowardly act. I also would like to avenge that young man Alex."

"Thank you Belgor." I said with utmost sincerity.

"Haha, do not mention it." Belgor replied. "Those b*astards are also Atlantians you say?"

"Yes, that is correct." I replied with a nod. "They are from Patricia\'s faction, the one that started the war that is currently raging on this continent."

"I see. Then that will help us greatly, since there are not many Atlantians left." Belgor said. "Grey, pick lycans that are fast in speed and with a good nose. They will set out at once and you will lead them to search the east coasts. You know what to do."

"Understood." Grey said with a respectful bow and left.

I looked at the father and son, thinking what could they be planning. Belgor looked at me once again and smiled.

"As you know, we lycans are fast in speed. We can run one hundred miles per hour in our beast form. My brethren would help sweep the whole east coast in stealth and unnoticed." Belgor said. "And our nose are very sharp as well. You Atlantians have a different scent compared to regular humans. I do not know why, but maybe that is because of your magic abilities. Your people have a fresh sweet scent, like a field of flowers with morning dew."

I was bewildered with how Belgor described our scent that I sniffed myself unknowingly, but I did not smell any different.

"Is that so?" I just said. "I do not smell such a scent on me or anyone of my comrades."

"That is why I told you our nose are sharp." Belgor grinned. "Do not worry Regaleon. My son will surely bring news by morning. I am confident of my brethren\'s capabilities." He patted my shoulder once more.

"Thank you once again, Belgor." I also patted his shoulder, expressing my deep gratitude fir his help. "You are most welcome to take shelter here in Duke Destia\'s estate. I have already sent someone to inform him of your arrival."

"No need my brother." Belgor refused. "We would be more at ease to spend the night in the woods. We are not accustomed to take shelter in someone\'s home, especially if we are not even acquaintances." He explained for me to understand and not be offended.

"I understand." I nodded in reply. "Then when all of this is over, I will surely invited you to my own residence in Grandcrest. I will make sure the our hospitality will be equal to the one you have shown me and my men when we were in your lair."

"Then I am looking forward to that. I have not yet visited that far off Grandcrest, let alone in the capital where Atlantians resides. We make sure to avoid places with Atlantians you know, so that we will avoid unnecessary fight." Belgor replied with a smile. "It will be a good thing to travel at that side of the continent. We have been staying here in the east for quite some time now."

I was happy to hear that Belgor was open in visiting Grandcrest because of my invitation. The lycans are good allies to have, and I will keep it that way for the future generations to come.


I woke up the next morning before dawn and I had a restless sleep. Even though I tried to rest my mind always drifted to my wife Alica\'s safety. I also cannot help but worry about Patricia\'s next move, now with the half of the key fragment in her hands.

I quickly got up from my bed when I knew that sleep will not visit me anymore and put on my clothes and get ready to go outside. Once I exited my door, the hallways of Duke Destia\'s estate are still quiet. I am sure that the servants and the masters of this estate are still sleeping peacefully.

I walked outside and saw some of my men doing their rounds with some of the duke\'s guards.

"You majesty." They bowed in my presence.

"Arise." I said. "Is Dimitri still sleeping?" I asked.

"Yes, your majesty." One replied. "The captain turned in for the night after you. Would you like us to inform him that you are awake?" He asked.

"No need." I shook my hand. "Let him get some rest. I will just take a walk by the shore. If anyone searches for me, tell them I am there."

"I understand your majesty." He replied. "Have a pleasant walk sire." They bowed once again. I nodded my head and left for the sea shore.

The surroundings are quite except for the calm waves washing by the shore. I looked out to the horizon and saw the glow that I am sure is coming from where Alicia was right now.

"My love." I whispered my longing to the wind blowing by the seashore. "I am so close but cannot even approach you." My heart felt an ache from the longing for my wife.


I heard foot steps running on the sand towards my direction. When I looked around, I saw a group of big wolves running towards my directions. They were lycans in their beast form. I recognized the two lycans in front, the gray one was Grey and the black towering one was surely Belgor. They all stopped right in front of me.

"What is wrong, Belgor?" I asked anxiously.

"Grey had just returned with news." Belgor said. "They have caught scent of Atlantians some miles north from here. It was an estate by the east shore with a small port. We have not yet made a move because we are not yet sure if these Atlantians are the one you are looking for."

"I understand." I nodded. "But this is still a lead. It would be best to send someone to investigate quietly first, as to not alarm them of our presence." I said.

"We can do that." A voice from the sea said.

I turned around and saw Anatalia\'s head bobbing out from the waves.

"Anatalia." I called out.

"I will send my sisters to investigate the small port and mansion you speak of. It will save us more time because we can move quickly in water and we can charm a few men to tell us what they know." Anatalia said.

"That sounds better than interrogating people." I said in thought, knowing that interrogation will also need some time that we do not have in hand right now. "Then please, I will ask for the sirens help on this." I asked solemnly.

"No worries Leon." Anatalia said with a wink and a thumbs up. "We are here to help."

The sirens dived under the waves and were gone.

"So you also have an alliance with the sirens, I see." Belgor said.

"It is something that just happened along the way." I smiled innocently.

"Haha, I am afraid you have a charisma that attracts beasts like us." Belgor laughed. "I was right to follow my instincts and have you as a blood brother, I am sure you will do great things in the future."

I smiled thinking that I am thankful having these ancient creatures at my side. They will be someone that are good to have relations with in the future. It is something that my children and their children after them, a good relations to have. It maybe somnething benefitial in the future, but I want to invest into this relarionship, knowing what it can give in the future.

"I am really thankful of all your help." I said. Belgor grined, flashing his sharp teeth.

"They say that good things come to good people." Belgor replied. "I am sure that you are a good person, for having such good allies be by your side."

"More like good friends." I smiled back at him. "Don\'t you agree, brother?"

"Hahaha, yes, yes." Belgor replied. "I have gained a good brother."