The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 356 - The Crown Prince’s Message (2) (unedited)

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Chapter 356 - The Crown Prince’s Message (2) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

The projection started to talk and relay his message.


This is a little bit awkward, having to record this myself in such a way. I do not plan to lose my life in the battle to come, but just in case that I ever lose my life I have this recorded. I will leave this to my most trusted aid and dear friend. I hope that you will not ever have to watch this Patricia, but if ever this came to your hands then that means I have lost my life.

I have sent you and Leticia away to both protect you from what is to come, especially now that you are carrying our child as well. You might not have noticed, but because of my magic I can feel the new life just starting to bloom inside of you. That is the product and proof of our love for each other, and I hope that you will be happy once you find out about it yourself, like I was when I found out.

It has been a while when I suspected it, but now I am sure that father is not in his right mind. I have tried many times to persuade him to think twice about waging war but he never listened to me. When the war started, I had my full trust in him that we were truly the dominant race which should have ruled over this continent. But while the war was raging on, I saw how the other human races were fighting just to survive. I tried to change father\'s mind but he was so closed off to me and his other adviser\'s words.

And now that the war is in its grand scale, he is planning on using the forbidden magic that was found not long ago. I already asked him to send you twins to a safe place but it was like my words fell on deaf ears. His eyes were only focused on the power he would obtain when opening the forbidden magic. I used my power as crown prince to send both of you away just to be safe, hoping that we could se. each other once again after this war ends. But if ever I do not make it, please take care of yourselves and our baby. Please remember how much I love you, my beautiful Patricia.


There was a few seconds of blank projection that I thought that was the end of the message. But then another projection of the crown prince appeared. His appearance was different from the last time, now he looked haggard, bloodied and muddy all over. His appearance was disheveled and his face looked pale and sunken. On his background, it looked like a battle took place.


Patricia, my love. I have linked this last message and I hope this finds you well. We were defeated here in the final battle in the plains. I have already raised the white flag and accepted defeat. The united army\'s general in command accepted our surrender and promised to spare the lives of our country men and talk about the treaties with them as winners of this war. But father, he did not accept defeat and activated the forbidden magic and now all is in chaos. Father was not able to control the forbidden magic and it is out of control.


I will try and control the raging magic that father has unleashed. My love, I am sorry if I cannot go back to your side. Please remember that I love you. I hope you live a good life with our unborn child. Please raise him or her well, without having him to know of this dark time. Tell him or her that I love you both. Do not seek for revenge my love. I will offer my life to save you and our fellow Atlantians. I only wish for you to live in peace with our child.

Goodbye, Patricia my love.


The message cut off after that.

Hearing the late crown prince\'s last words made me realize that he did not agree with the mad king\'s plans in the end. He surrendered when he saw that winning was not in their hands and defeat was eminent. He was a good leader, thinking of his people in the battle. It was unfortunate that his father was so crazy to activate the forbidden magic that destroyed the whole country of Atlantia. The late crown prince as a hero that tried to save his countrymen by trying to control the raging magic, giving the people time to run.

"He gave the people ample time to run to safety, the united army and also Atlantians in that battle field." Dimitri said. "He is a hero that saved the lives of those present in that battlefield."

"The general of the united army if I am correct, is my father." I said. "So the late crown prince surrendered. I am sure that my father accepted it with open arms and offered amnesty to the Atlantians that surrendered."

"The late crown prince\'s last words are proof that the united army did not slay the Atlantian royal family in cold blood, as Patricia believes." Dimitri said. "This can help change the tide of the battle with the Atlantians under her as well." He said with hopeful eyes.

"No wonder Jeremy had a change of heart. But I am doubtful that Patricia will change her mind, even after hearing this message." I said. "With her current mindset, she is not far from her father the mad king. She is delusional and crazy with obtaining power and seeking revenge. But you are correct in one thing. This message can help us with the Atlantians under her wing. Maybe even Gladiolus will have a change of heart, after I have already planted seeds of doubt in his mind against his mother."


"Your highness, it\'s me William." I heard William\'s voice.

"Come in William." I replied.

The door opened and William came in.

"Chris has just arrived your majesty." William informed me. "He came with a big group of men."

"That is good to hear." I stood up knowing that the lycans had heeded my call. "It looks like Belgor had came to offer us some help." I beamed a smile.

I quickly got up and exited the room to recieve the guests I have called upon. When i arrived at the foyer of the mansion, what i saw was not only a handful of lycans but it can be called a small army.

"Belgor, it is good to see you once again." I quickly walked towards him. "Thank you for coming."

"It is also good to see you as well this soon brother." Belgor opened his wide arms and caught me into his embrace. His expression looked so joyous that there was no doubt he was happy to see me.

"Y-Your majesty!" Dimitri was taken by surprise by the sudden closeness of Belgor to me that he saw it as a threat and was about to go to my aid but I quickly waved my hand telling him it is alright.

"I am happy that you have called for my help." Belgor said while releasing me from his arms. "Now tell me what happend brother and how can we help you."