The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 355: The Crown Prince’s Message (1)

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Chapter 355: The Crown Prince’s Message (1)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

Dimitri\'s men that traveled by horseback had returned to Veluria by nightfall. I can see their tiredness from the trip, and so I ordered them to rest the night. Chris\' small group on the other hand had not come back. It was because of the mission I gave to him. I have sent him on a detour to the lycan\'s lair to seek their assistance in this upcoming battle. I was not sure if Belgor and the lycans will heed my call to arms, but I have my hopes up that they would.

I have sent Dimitri and William on an errand earlier when Richard\'s letter arrived. While riding Tempest in his phoenix form, they have gone to the nearby coast cities to mobilize the soldiers there and be on stand by when we would need them. They also had gone to every port found in the east coast of Alvannia to cease any departure to the eastern city, and to keep an eye on suspicious individuals that would ask for ships to rent.

I was currently standing at the balcony of the room that Alicia and I used when we first got here in the port city of Veluria. The balcony overlooks the eastern sea, where Alicia is currently. The faint glow in the horizon came from the location where she was at. I sighed, knowing that I am so close to her but I could not even go near her.


"Your majesty, it is me." Dimitri\'s voice came from outside the door.

"Come in." I replied.

The door opened and Dimitri walked inside holding a tray with a tea set and some snacks.

"Tricia made this for you, your majesty." Dimitri put down the tray on the table. "She said this was to help you rest well. She knows that you are tired your majesty and is worried about you."

"Please deliver her my thanks." I smiled with the simple thought from Tricia.

"She is also anxious and restless, your majesty." Dimitri said. "She wants to help it the littlest ways as possible such as this. She also made some for my men."

I took a sit on the couch and let Dimitri pour me some tea on my cup. I smell the scent of the tea, and it had a calming effect on me.

"I am sure that she is also worried for my wife." I took a sip from my cup and my body instantly felt relaxed. "It is good that she also served this tea to your men. It has a calming effect. Why don\'t you seat and have tea as well, Dimitri."

"Thank you for the offer, your majesty." Dimitri bowed and took a sit in front of me. He also poured tea in an empty cup and accompanied me in drinking.

"Is there still no information where Patricia\'s forces are hiding?" I asked.

"There is still no word your majesty." Dimitri replied. "But do not worry, we have already have soldiers stationed in every port in the east coast. If ever there is something suspicious, they will send a word immediately and let us know."

"That is good to hear." I sighed. "But I cannot help but feel anxious. They might only have half of the key but we do not know what they are planning. They may try to get this half that is in my hands."

I took out the other half of the key I have kept safe with me in all times. I have made it to be placed in a chain that was tied around my neck for safe keeping.

"If only I can go to where Alicia is with just half of the key." I sighed once again, remembering my wife that was in the depths of the sea all alone. I cannot but help fell worried about the safety of her and my unborn child.

"I know that waiting is the most frustrating to know you majesty but until we see what the other side\'s next move is, we are in the dark and blind." Dimitri replied. "But I feel that we do not need to wait that much longer anyway. The light coming from her majesty\'s location is getting even brighter, like the first time it flashed. I believe something might happen at any time now."

I remembered what Anatalia had just said a while ago. Alicia\'s tummy is already bulging and she may be giving birth any time soon. This was another problem that I was very anxious about. At the very least, I want to be by my wife\'s side once she gives birth. I want to be there when my child goes out into this world. I want to hold them both in my arms.

"Do not worry your majesty. Anatalia is watching her majesty carefully. We will know once something happens." Dimitri saw the worry etched in my face. "The sirens as well are helping us monitor the easter coast\'s shores. With there help, we would know any valuable information."

"Thank you as always, Dimitri." I appreciate Dimitri\'s help. I know that he is helping me in every ways possible.

I was drinking tea when I saw something sparkling at the top of the table by the bedside. When I focused my gaze there, I realized that it was the pair of earrings the Jeremy had given to me. It contains the message from the late crown prince of Atlantia, Gladiolus\' father.

I put my cup down and walked over to the bedside table. I picked the earrings and put them in my palm, looking at them curiously.

"Have you seen the message inside, your majesty?" Dimitri asked me.

"I haven\'t yet." I replied. "I just feel that seeing it is like prying into the late crown prince\'s last will. I feel like I am invading his private message."

As per Jeremy had said, the message that this contains can help make Patricia and Gladiolus stop this fighting. I am not really think that it is very important because I have already planned to finish Patricia by my own hands, but I am a bit curious of the contents of the late crown prince\'s message.

"Are you not even a bit curious your majesty?" Dimitri asked. "Jeremy had entrusted the message to you, meaning he trusts that you would use this for the good of everyone."

"You are correct." I replied. "I guess it would be good to at least see its contents."

I placed the pair of earrings on the center table side by side. It then started to resonate with one another. A white light bursts out and enveloped the whole room. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them, I saw a projection of a young man. The young man looked much like Gladiolus, except for the long waist length hair. His eyes were more calm looking, rather than Gladiolus\' sharp eyes that I think he got from his mother Patricia. The young man I am sure is no other than the late crown prince of Atlantia. The projection started to talk and relay his message.

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