The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 353 - Chess Pieces (1)

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Chapter 353 - Chess Pieces (1)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

Once day broke, my men and I prepared for our departure. Chris who was hurt in the fight yesterday was now in full vigor after I have healed him. Others who were also injured seriously was healed with the help of my white magic. I tried to persuade them to rest and leave the fight to those that are still in full capacity, but they were adamant and refused to be left out in the fight that could be the last battle with Patricia and her men.

"Good morning, your majesty." Chris greeted me. "Captain Dimitri had given me orders to send word to the lycan leader Belgor." I bowed as a reply to his greeting.

"Yes." I replied. "I will need you to make a detour before returning to Veluria. Take some men with you and give this letter to the lycan leader Belgor. Tell them that I sent you."

"I heed your orders." Chris bowed.

"How are you feeling?" I asked in genuine worry.

"I am quite all right now, thanks to your white magic your majesty." Chris replied.

"You know that I have excused you and the others that were injured from the upcoming battle." I said. "You do not need to push yourself. Even if I have healed your external injuries, your body is still recuperating from within."

"I understand your majesty\'s worry, but me and the other men would like to stand and fight by your side in this upcoming battle." Chris replied. "We will need all the help we can get." I sighed, knowing what he said was correct.

"Then at least promise me that you will do everything in your power to stay alive." I patted his shoulder. "Losing my men is also hard for me, as a leader." My words hit Chris, as if he was in the brink of tears but held back.

"We will try our best, your majesty!" Chris said with a burst of emotions. "We are happy to serve you, and plan to until the day we die."

"I am happy to hear that. But I would prefer you fight to stay alive as well." I smiled.

"Your majesty, all the preparations to depart are done." Dimitri walked towards us.

"Hmm, then let us depart." I ordered.

The plan was to journey back to Veluria. My men will be traveling in horseback while me, Dimitri and William will ride Tempest back to the city. Chris will take three men with him to make a detour to the lycan\'s lair.

With this arrangement, my group will arrive first in Veluria with the group of men arriving after a day in horseback. Chris\' men will be the last to arrive. I have planned to get back first to prepare Alvannia\'s forces, once a reply to my request from Richard came. Using messenger falcons, I am sure that a reply would arrive before the afternoon.

"Tempest!" I called.

Not long, I saw Tempest\'s falcon form hovering from above. In a blink of an eye, he transformed into his phoenix form and landed smoothly in a clearing near me.

"Long time no see, master." Tempest said while bowing his head low for me to reach.

"It really has been a while." I carefully rubbed his head. "Have you rested well?"

"Yes, I have." Tempest replied.

"I am sorry to overwork you like this." I smiled apologetically.

"If you my master is restless, I probably will not rest easily as well." Tempest replied. "I am also worried for the mistress."

"Thank you, as always." I replied. "I will need you by my side."

"And I will be here to help you, like always, my master." Tempest replied.

"We are ready your majesty." William said and Dimitri nodded.

"Then let us go." I said.

The three of us mounted Tempest. And in no time, we were airborne.


We arrived in the port city of Veluria at noon. Once we landed, Duke Destia greeted me.

"Your majesty, welcome back." Duke Destia said. "I am happy to see you unharmed."

"Thank you for your concern, Duke Destia." I replied to the old man. "Has a letter from the capital of Alvannia came?" I asked.

"A letter?" Duke Destia asked in puzzlement. "None so far has arrived, your majesty."

"I see." I replied. "Then please inform me instantly if a letter comes. I will be by the shore."

"As you wish, your majesty." Duke Destia bowed.

"Where is your son Raphael by the way." I asked.

"My son is currently by the port, your majesty." Duke Destia replied. "He is ensuring that no ship will set sail to the eastern sea. As you know, some people do not follow orders easily if no one in a high position is standing guard. That is why he had taken the position to keep watch."

"That is good to hear." I replied. "At least this port is in watchful eyes."

I walked quickly, making my way towards the shore, where I knew I could find Anatalia. Not long, I can hear the waves of the sea splash in the shores. The brown sand that was listening with the sun\'s light looked like gold in my eyes. My strides were quick, and I was by the shore in no time. I was about to call for Anatalia when I heard her voice.

"Hey, Leon!" I heard Anatalia\'s voice. I looked around the wide sea searching for her until I spot her I few meters away.

"Anatalia!" I waved at her. I saw her swim swiftly in the water until she came walking out of it.

Anatalia was completely n.a.k.e.d without any care in the world. I knew that she was still young, but all of us here are men. I quickly took off my coat and dr.a.p.ed it around the young Anatalia.

"Thank you." Anatalia smiled.

"You need to be careful in the future. Not all human men are gentlemen, like the ones here." I scolded. Dimitri and William were avoiding their gaze when they saw Anatalia rise from the sea without any clothes on.

"I will keep that in mind." Anatalia smiled. "By the way, I got your letter sent by a bird. I have already sought help from my siren sisters. They are now scouring the east coast as we speak. They are keeping an eye out for suspicious sh.i.p.s."

"Thank you so much." I said with gratitude.

"It is the least we could do to help." Anatalia replied. "Do not worry, we will not let any bad people near Alicia." She said with conviction and smiled.

"How is Alicia doing?" I asked Anatalia. She have kept watch under the sea near to where Alicia was. I am really grateful that a siren like her is in our side.

"She is still in deep sleep as I what I can see from afar." Anatalia replied. "But there is something a little off?" She pinched her chin in thought.

"What is it?" I asked in worriment.

"Only a month has passed by, but her stomach is getting bigger every single day." Anatalia said. "If my predictions are correct, she could give birth any day from now."

I combed my hair with my fingers feeling anxiety with this new predicament. Alicia\'s pregnancy was anything but normal. If I can put it in words, this was a magical pregnancy. That just means that time was not working in our favor. I do not want Alicia to give birth all by herself in the cold depths of the sea.

"We need to find Patricia\'s forces and get the half of the key fast." I said.

"Your majesty!" A servant from Duke Destia\'s estate was running towards us. "A letter has arrived from the capital!" He was waving a white envelope.

The servant was panting when he reached us and respectfully handed me the envelope. The enveloped was sealed with the Alvannian royal family\'s crest. I opened it in a hurry and unfolded the letter in no time.

As expected, Richard had given a royal edict for me to use the Alvanninan forces nearby. That means with this letter signed by him, I can mobilize Alvannian soldiers near here and also give orders to other ports in the east coast to seize sh.i.p.s from departing. Not only that, Richard has mobilized the royal army of Alvannia to aid us. The royal army has departed the capital at dawn and is now marching as we speak.

"Dimitri, take this letter and get as many Alvannian soldiers to be on stand by and prepare for battle." I ordered.

Alvannia\'s east coast cities have at least a proper amount of soldiers. It would be better to have them on stand by if ever we need them in the slightest. The royal army of Alvannia has been deployed, but it will take at least two days to get here from the capital. And time is not something we can take for granted.

"Yes, your majesty." Dimitri bowed.

"William, you go to the other ports in the east coast of Alvannia. Tell them to seize any departure of sh.i.p.s, big or small." I ordered. "We cannot overlook small ports. Patricia can make use of any modes of transportation necessary to reach her goal. And with Hector as her adviser, I do not know what other schemes they have." I said.

"I receive your orders, your majesty." William bowed.

"You can take Tempest, so that you can travel much faster." I told the both of them.

And with that, the chess pieces are all in place. \'What will be your next move, Patricia?\' I thought.

With my defenses in place, I only need to wait for Patricia\'s next move.

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