The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 352 - Preparations for the Final Battle (2) (unedited)

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Chapter 352 - Preparations for the Final Battle (2) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

After the battle with Gladiolus\' men, I let my men rest and set up camp in a more safe place. It was well past midnight but sleep evaded me. Many thoughts have been running inside my head that I cannot rest easily. I gave up sleeping and went out of my tent to reorganize my thoughts. After stepping out, I saw Dimitri sitting quietly by my tent entrance.

"Your majesty." Dimitri bowed and greeted me.

"Why are you not resting Dimitri?" I asked. "You have traveled without stopping. I am sure you are also fatigued."

"I cannot just let his majesty rest without someone guarding your tent." Dimitri said with a solemn voice.

I remember ordering all my men to sleep and rest to restore enough energy for the trip back to the city of Veluria. I have rejected them having to take turns guarding me, since I know all of them are fatigued after the battle with Gladiolus\' men. Some of them are also injured and wounded, and unfortunately some also lost their lives in the fight.

"How about you, your majesty? Don\'t you also need to rest?" Dimitri asked. "Can you not sleep, thinking about her majesty?" I sighed deeply hearing Dimitri\'s words.

"You know me to well, Dimitri." I made a faint smile.

"I have been by your side since you were young. If anyone would know you quite well, then that will be no other than me." Dimitri said with a faint smile. "In fact, I see you as a little brother your majesty." I smiled hearing his words.

"I also look up to you as an older brother." I said with all honesty. "You were all I have when mother left this world. And I am grateful that you have never left me alone in that palace that were filled with snakes, just waiting to snap at me once I let my guard down."

"It has been my pleasure serving you, sire." Dimitri replied.

"Sleep seems to not want to visit me tonight." I sighed. "I cannot but help worry, now that Gladiolus has the other half of the key."

"I understand your majesty\'s worries, but please rest assured that he cannot go near her majesty with just half of the key." Dimitri said. "The other half is still in our possession, and because of that they are surely to have to change their plans."

What Dimitri just said was true. Gladiolus cannot do anything with just the half of the key. At least I was relieved knowing that he cannot go to where Alicia was, with the divine beast guarding. But the threat is still there. As Jeremy had said, Patricia had a cunning tactician on her side. High Priest Hector is not someone to be taken lightly.

"They will surely need sh.i.p.s to board if they want to reach the forbidden magic\'s location. It would be best to station guards on all ports on the east coast." I said while deep in thought.

"I have already sent a letter to his highness, crown prince Richard in the capital with the request of deploying nearby forces of Alvannia." Dimitri said. "But with such little time to prepare, I am not sure if we can have the numbers to face off Queen Patricia\'s army of Atlantians. If only my special unit can travel here with the speed of light." He said with regret.

"We did not anticipate such things to happen Dimitri, so do not blame yourself." I patted his shoulders. "I would be thankful to my brother in law if he can deploy Alvannian forces nearby to aid us. At least we can face off Patricia\'s own army."

Richard is currently his father, King Edward\'s proxy at the moment, feigning illness as a cause. But in truth, Edward was planning to step down from his position after a Richard gains experience. As for Dimitri\'s half of the special unit, they have gone back to Grandcrest when William picked him up. Even if Dimitri send orders summoning them, it will takes at least two weeks for them to travel the fastest by the southern seas. Traveling by land will take them a month to get from end to end of the continent even without much stops along the way.

\'Normal humans are no match to Atlantians with fighting magic, and I am sure Patricia\'s men are not some weaklings to look down upon. They might be not that big in number, but even a handful of them could be equal in strength as one battalion of humans.\' I thought. \'We would need Dimitri\'s unit to keep them at bay or at least someone as powerful as an Atlantian.\' That was when I remembered the sirens and lycans that had just become my ally.

"Dimitri, send word to Anatalia in Veluria." I said. "She was left in Duke Destia\'s estate to keep an eye on Alicia. Tell her I will be needing the help of her race."

"Consider it done your majesty." Dimitri replied humbly.

"And tell Chris that to make a detour to the ruins where we found our key fragment before going to Veluria." I said. "I have a message to give to the lycan leader Belgor."

"L-Lycan leader?" Dimitri gave me a shock and confused expression.

"It is a long story, but to explain it we met the lycans of ancient times and I was able to become allies with them." I replied. "I guess I formed a relationship as a blood brother to their leader."

"I believe that what happened was not an easy task." Dmitri sighed. "I am sorry for not being by your side, your majesty." He said apologetically.

"It is fine because Alex was with me." I felt a bitter pain in my chest remembering the young man. Dimitri saw my expression and knew right away what I was feeling.

"Do not worry, your majesty. I have already sent a letter to the capital informing of your orders about his younger brother." Dimitri assured.

"Thank you as always, Dimitri." I replied. I was feeling tired after our discussion. With making plans, I guess my heart felt at ease. "It is already late and we have a busy day ahead. Take some rest Dimitri, I will need you by my side with our battle with Patricia\'s forces. And I hope this will be our final battle with them." I plan in ending Patricia in our next confrontation.

"I understand, your majesty." Dimitri bowed. "Please rest as well." I smiled, knowing that Dimitri is acting as a nagging older brother.

"I will, so be sure to take some rest as well." I smiled.

Looking up at the night sky full of stars, I cannot help but think about my wife Alicia.

\'How long has it been since we have been parted from one another? I think a month has passed.\' I thought and lost count of the days. I was only focused on getting the key fragments that I lost track of time. \'I still have a few hours to sleep until dawn breaks. Might as well get some shut eye before departing. I will need to be in full strength and with focused mind for the battle coming.\'


My consciousness was returning ever so slightly. I can feel my body floating in mid air. The feeling was strange but I felt safe. I tried opening my eyes but I can feel my eyelids being heavy, as if they do not want me to wake up.

I was able to open them a little, getting a little glimpse. I looked at my surroundings feeling confusion.

\'Where am I?\' I thought, but then remembered about my conversation with the Almighty One. \'Oh yes, I remember. I am at the depths of the sea.\'

My body felt heavy and I cannot really move. To top it off I still feel drowsiness over me. I looked at my body, and I was actually floating in mid air. But that was not what caught me by surprise. What I saw when I looked down was my bulging stomach. It was huge, as if I was in my late months of pregnancy.

\'How long was I asleep?\' I wondered. \'Why hasn\'t Regaleon come and get me?\' I felt a pain in my heart, thinking that maybe Regaleon has forgotten about me and our child.

I want to scold Regaleon in my mind for not finding me much earlier, but the drowsiness came back in full power. My eyelids closed on their own and I was pulled in deep sleep once more.