The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 35 The Atlantian Prince

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At the border of Jennova and Alvannia, inside the thick and dense forest, there was a small cottage.

A young man of eighteen years old with platinum blonde hair and silver eyes is sitting on a bench outside of the cottage. Around the cottage there was a layer of thin white light like a curtain enveloping it.

"Your highness." A guard who is wearing all black emerged from thin air. "There are still shadow guards in the forest trying to search for us.

"Do not worry. They can\'t find us with my cloaking spell." The platinum blond haired bot said.

"You are getting good using your magic young prince Gladiolus." A middle aged man emerged from the cottage.

"I have been studying since I was young."

Gladiolus said. "My mother thought me well in the magic arts."

"It\'s a shame that your mother died prematurely." Hector said.

"And why is the high priest of the Jennovian church here, priest Hector?" Gladiolus asked. He stared daggers at the middle aged man wearing robes. "As you can see we are being pursued by the shadow guards of the country of Grandcrest."

"Don\'t look at me like that young prince. In fact I am here to help you." Hector have a mocking smile. "I am here to give you safe passage to Jennova."

"What does your Queen want from a prince without a country?" Gladiolus asked.

"We would like to make an allegiance young prince. We know that the king of Alvannia had helped you and we have been in talks with the king." Hector said.

"You also want to fight with the country of Grandcrest?" Gladiolus asked.

"They have been flourishing this past few years. They have been alienating all the riches the almighty being has given to his subjects." Hector said. "They must be thought a lesson and give some of the riches fairly to the other countries."

"Heh, using the name of the almighty just to justify your actions. It really is the priest\'s of the church of Jennova\'s way." Gladiolus said sarcastically. "Have you forgotten, you also called us demons for using magic?"

"That was in the past young prince." Hector smiled. His smile was chilling. The prince knew that this priest was spouting lies in his face.

"Do not worry. I don\'t have any plans taking revenge." Gladiolus said. "I just want to have a country to call home again. Where the other Atlantians who have survived the purge can call home. I saw their state in my travels. They are refugees that are treated poorly by the countries that took then in. What I don\'t like is how they treat them indifferently. They treat then like filth."

"And the king of Alvannia promised you a country?" Hector asked.

"It is none of your business." He said to Hector.

What Hector just asked was correct. King Edward of Alvannia promised him land, if they win the war they are planning against the country of Grandcrest. He just needs to find the scattered writings about the forbidden magic to have an edge for the war. As of now Grandcrest has the most powerful army with well trained soldiers.

"Don\'t worry young prince. I am here as an ally and not as an enemy. Here." Hector took a piece of paper from his pocket and gave it to Gladiolus.

Gladiolus took it and looked at it curiously. He opened it and saw the stamp of King Edward of Alvannia. He read it\'s contents.

\'Dear Prince Gladiolus,

I have made an allegiance with the country of Jennova. Someone from the country of Jennova is there to give you safe passage to their country. I know that Grandcrest soldiers might have known your existence now and being here in Alvannia can pose a risk to our plan. For now please go with the Jennovian representative.

King Edward\'

Gladiolus crumpled the paper and it burned into ashes with flames.

"So I will be going with you." Gladiolus said.

"Yes young prince. Let us wait for the cover of night. Your magic can help us to move undetected." Hector said.

Gladiolus sighed. For his people, he is willing to do anything.