The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 348 - A Sudden Farewell (1)

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Chapter 348 - A Sudden Farewell (1)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

We moved in haste towards the rendezvous area. The sun had just set when we arrived, and what greeted us was utter devastation.

We have selected our rendezvous area to be in an inconspicuous location, therefore we selected a location away from public eye. We chose an area by the borders of Grandcrest and Alvannia where there will be no civilians with prying eyes. But I never imagined that even with our careful planning, Patricia\'s group was still able to find us.

The location fortunately was desolate, in the heart of the forest. But the battle that was ensuing before my eyes have left the trees in the vicinity to be devastated. The battle before my eyes was not of that normal humans would have, it was a magical one. Atlantian versus Atlantian are engaging in battle, using their magic against each other.

"Men, our comrades are in danger!" I yelled.

Without any second thought I jumped down from Midnight and joined the battle that was ensuing. Patricia\'s men were as equal in fighting abilities as my men have. I can see that both parties have taken damage in the ensuing battle.

I quickly draw out my sword from its sheath, intending to join the fight as quickly as possible. I did not show any mercy towards Patricia\'s men, knowing that they also not show any mercy towards me.

I swing my sword to an enemy and slashed his throat and blood sprayed out, instantly killing him in the process. Another one was coming right for me, but I was able to quickly counter his attack and plunge my sword through his body.

My men with me were also engaging in battle as soon as they stepped into the battle field. I can see them fighting with all their might against Patricia\'s men, even if they knew that they were fellow Atlantians.

"Your majesty, watch out!" I heard Alex yell.

I look around and saw projectiles heading towards me, just inches away in hitting me. But before that happened, a strong gust of wind blew around me sending the flying projectiles away.

"Are you alright, your majesty?" Alex asked in worriment.

"I am fine." I replied instantly. "Thank you for watching my back, Alex."

"It is my duty, your majesty." Alex smiled at me and then got back to the battle.

I was fortunate to have such a capable young man such as Alex. Dimitri really has a keen eye to see talent. Alex had wind magic attribute and was able to control the wind. By now, I can see him conjuring a small tornado that was able to plow over our enemies.

"Hooray!" I can hear my men cheer for Alex, and seeing him made me smile.

"I should reward him when all of this is done." I said.

When the battle was ongoing, some of the men that was included in Chris\' party approached me in haste.

"Your majesty!" He called out. "Vice-Captain Chris…. you need to go to him fast."

"What is the matter?" I asked.

"Vice-Captain has the key fragment with him, but he is surrounded by enemies at the other side." He said.

"Then we must hurry." I said without a doubt. "Alex, follow me. Select some capable men with you. We need to get to Chris\' rescue quick!" I ordered.

"Yes, your majesty." Alex replied in haste.

Without a second thought, I ran towards the direction my subordinate pointed where Chris\' should be. Alex was just right behind me with at least five capable men.

I was running in haste, hoping that nothing have happened to Chris and the men he was with.

\'Chris, be safe.\' I thought. \'I am coming to help.\'

My mind was focused on getting to Chris in time, that I was surprised with the lightning that came down from the dark sky and into the direction of where Chris should be.

"Dammit!" I cursed and ran as fast as I could.

Not long, we arrived where the lightning hit. I saw Chris\' body lying on the ground with a man stepping on his chest from the top. The man was someone I have never seen for the past two years. His silver hair was longer than I last saw him and was tied in a pony tail. His silver eyes glowed when lightning illuminated the dark sky.

"You…" I called with wide eyes. "Gladiolus."

Gladiolus\' eyes were now focused to me after hearing his name.

"Well look who came." Gladiolus said with a smirk. "Please, feel free to join us. Your subordinate here looks like he cannot play any longer." He gestured towards Chris\' body.

I can feel anger boiling up inside me. "FIRE ARROWS!"

I conjure dozen of fire arrows and let them fly towards Gladiolus. He was able to jump out of the way effortlessly and landed to the opposite direction. I controlled the fire arrows to fly back to where he landed the next second. He was caught off guard but then a water shield enveloped him and my fire arrows dissolved once it hit.

"Your highness, are you alright?" I young woman stood by Gladiolus\' side, guarding him. If I am not mistaken this young woman was Clara, one of the Atlantian siblings under Queen Patricia.

"Clara, thank you for having my back." Gladiolus said.

"O-Of course, anytime your highness crown prince." Clara blushed bashfully after Gladiolus\' words.

As I recall, we were able to take Clara and her brother Jeremy into custody at the battle in Deuss Canal. But I have gotten a report that the sister was able to escape, leaving her brother behind

\'Looks like she came back to Patricia\'s side.\' I thought.

I did not waste any time in them and ran towards where Chris was lying on the ground. I knelt over him and quickly took his pulse. Fortunately, he was alive and still breathing. Alex and my men made a defensive circle around us.

"Y-Your majesty." Chris groaned in pain and opened his eyes.

"It is okay Chris. We will get you out of here." I assured him.

"No, your majesty." Chris shook his head. "The k-key fragment. We need to get the key fragment back *cough cough*."

I quickly understood Chris\' words. I looked around and saw Gladiolus smirking towards me.

"Is this what you are looking for, Regaleon?" Gladiolus smiled c.o.c.kily, brandishing the key fragment in between his fingers. "I came here just for this, you know. I heard that my dear Alicia is now under the sea, near the forbidden magic. And with this key, I can go to her and retrieve my wife to be."

I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist feeling anger rising up. I was really not surprised that Gladiolus has obtained this information. Queen Patricia, even though she has lost majority of her power as the queen of Jennovia, still has powerful connections at her disposal. I knew that the high priest of Jennovia, Hector, was a man with many connections. I heard that when Patricia flee Jennovia after her defeat in the civil war, the high priest came with her.

"I am sorry…y-your majesty. It is my fault that the key fragment was stolen from me." Chris coughed up some blood. "I am ready to accept any punishment."

"Do not think of anything other than getting to safety Chris." I said to him. "You are not at fault. There are just some people that would steal something that are not theirs." I looked at Gladiolus sharply, my anger was flashed in my gaze.

"If there is a thief here, that is no other than you Regaleon." Gladiolus looked at me with an equal sharp gaze. "Alicia was tied to me since birth. And this key was the property of the Atlantian royal family, which I am included in. All of these are mine!" His arrogant behavior ticked me off.

"Well I hate to break it to you, but Alicia has never been yours. Do not delude in such fantasies that your mother has poisoned you with. The old ways of the Atlantian royal family was buried with the country when it sunk under the sea. And even if the old ways still exists, then I am still a candidate for Alicia\'s husband, being that I also have Atlantian royal blood running in my veins." I said. "And it is also late for you, because Alicia is now bound to me as my wife. We are now legally bonded in marriage. And she is currently carrying my child in her w.o.m.b." I smirked seeing his face slowly crumple.

My words clearly blew a fuse inside Gladiolus. His face contorted in anger, and it gave me such satisfaction that my grin became wider.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Gladiolus roared in fury.

The sky rumbled with him. Lightning flashed and thunder roared.

\'It looks likes he was the one controlling the weather since earlier.\' I thought to myself. \'Like mother, like son.\' I readied myself for his attack.

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