The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 347 - Rendezvous Point (2) (unedited)

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Chapter 347 - Rendezvous Point (2) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

We continued traveling to the rendezvous point, even with the rain. I realized that whenever we were getting nearer, the rain is becoming heavier. The clouds above where so dark, that even if it was still afternoon it looked like early in the evening.

We were now passing carefully at the edge of a mountain pass. On both our sides were steep mountain sides. When we entered the pass the rain was just a drizzle, but when we were traveling on the pass itself, the rain poured heavily.

\'If I have known that this rain will fall like this, I would have opted not to take the mountain pass.\' I thought to myself.

We chose to use this mountain pass because it had cut off our travel time by far, rather than using the road that goes around the mountain. The weather was clear when we started on our journey, and when we entered the mountain pass the rain was but a drizzle that is not something to be alarmed of. Who would have thought that the weather would change drastically just after an hour or so have passed.

"Let us be cautious but swift." I told my men. "The rain is getting stronger. It is not safe to be here any longer."

I have a strong feeling that this weather was something other than natural. This weather can be something conjured by strong magic, and thinking of someone who could have such strong magic that can control the weather, I can only think of two people. One was my wife Alicia, and the other was the one that had made Jennovia into an ice land, no other than their queen herself Patricia.

"Watch out!" I heard one of my men shout from the back of our line.

I was startled hearing rumbling from above us. I saw huge boulders of rocks and mud swiftly coming down on us.

"Get back!" I shouted towards my men.

Some of my men were caught by surprise and were unable to do anything. They were swept down the mountain pass with the landslide and fell on the steep mountain side. We were not able to see them any longer, with so much debris of trees and rocks being carried by the flowing mud.

The horses were also in a panic. Some of my men fell from their horses while some tried to navigate them to evade the landslide.

I felt helplessness when I saw my men fall on the steep mountain side. I gritted my teeth, thinking about how I was not able to save the, but I steeled myself and focused on the raging boulders and mud that are still falling from above us. I used my earth magic to conjure a wall from the ground above us, and some of the men with earth attribute have done the same. It served as a catch basin to stop the falling boulders and mud.

"This will not last long!" I shouted. "Hurry up and get out of the way!" I said.

My men scrambled themselves up from their shock and tried their hardest to get past the mountain pass, and I also do the same.

"Scrap being cautious. We need to get out of here fast!" I shouted.

We pushed our horses to go faster. Along the way, we still see landslides coming down and some tree debris blocking our way. We used our earth magic while on the way, helping us get the debris out of the way and stopping the mud from above us just in time for us to go through.

I can see the road descending, meaning we were almost at the end of the mountain pass. But from afar, I saw huge boulders of rocks and uprooted trees blocking the road.

"Your majesty, our road is blocked!" Alex shouted.

We pulled our reigns to slow down, but we heard a rumble from above.


We all looked up to see giant boulders heading our way.

"What the f*ck!" I cursed my rage out. Now I am sure that someone was really trying to get us all killed out here in the mountain pass. "Patricia, you b*tch!"

I can feel the rage burning up from inside me. I do not want to lose any of my men even further.

"Those who have fire and earth attributes, try buying me some time." I ordered. "Even a few seconds will be fine. After I get the blockage out, push your horses to run as fast as they can!"

Judging from the distance, the giant boulders will be upon us in seconds. They only need to buy me three seconds, that is all I need to blow up the blockage in front of us.

"Fire armor!" I jumped up from Midnight and activated my fire armor.

I bolted towards the blockage with full force and rammed thru the boulders and trees blocking our way. I made it sure to blow it to smithereens, without anything to block the way. My men was able to buy me those few seconds, and when the blockage was gone they ran thru without looking back.

We can hear the huge boulders and mud going down the mountain but we did not look back. We did not slow down until we were sure that we were on a safe place.

Once we were at the safe distance at the mountain base, we stopped to catch our breaths. We all got down our horses to let them rest. I saw my men covered in mud, their faces were still in quite a shock.

"Alex, be sure to give the injured medical help. Send me the once with major injuries. I will heal them with my white magic." I said.

"Yes sir!" Alex bowed and swiftly gone to do as I ordered.

Fortunately, no one was badly injured to need my help. Some have scratches and bumps here and there, but mostly were unscathed.

"Your majesty, I am done with the head count." Alex said once he was back. "We lost a few of our men." He said with a sad face.

"It was really unfortunate." I said feeling the anger boiling up inside me. I look up and the rain was still pouring heavily, and it did not look like it will stop anytime soon. "We will surely come back to retrieve them. I will not let them be left here. But first, we need to stop this rain. And to do that, we need to stop its caster."

"Like I thought your majesty, this rain is not natural." Alex said.

"You are correct. I am sure this is done by Patricia." I said. "She is near. We need to get to where Chris and his group are and fast. Tell the men that we will depart soon."

"Yes your majesty." Alex said.

I look at my men that were resting from the aftermath of the landslide. I am sure they are feeling sad with the loss of their comrades, but we cannot stop here knowing that Chris\' group might be in danger.

"I am sorry to have to push you all, but we need to make haste." I said while mounting Midnight. "I am sure you all are feeling sad and anger with the loss of our comrades. I know because I do feel the same way too. But our other comrades are in danger because of the same person that made us lose our comrades in that landslide. Let us go in haste to help them out."

"Yes, your majesty!" My men said in unison. Their melancholy turned into anger that was directed with the one that put us all in danger.

"You will pay for this, Patricia." I swore to myself that I will put her madness to an end once and for all.