The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 346 - Rendezvous Point (1) (unedited)

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Chapter 346 - Rendezvous Point (1) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

We spent the night having a merry time with the lycans. I admit that we had a rough start, but in the end we all got together and become allies.

When morning came, my men were still groggy from the celebration last night. I knew they had more to drink, and I had given them permission because having to unwind has been hard for them recently. From the war with Queen Patricia, to retrieving the key fragments and with my wife\'s sudden disappearance. They might be trying to conceal it, but I am sure that they are feeling tired as well.

\'I am thankful to have such capable men with me.\' I thought with a smile.

I was currently out in the woods, preparing my horse Midnight for another journey ahead.

"Your majesty, I would like to apologize on the men\'s behalf." Alex bowed down, expressing his sincere apologies.

"Why are you apologizing, Alex?" I asked in confusion.

"It is because we were late in waking up, your majesty. It is nearing noon now." Alex said with remorse. "We knew that we have an early morning to depart, but because me and the men have drunk more than usual we were not able to get up on time. We are extremely sorry." I cannot but help chuckle seeing Alex so sincere.

"Raise your head Alex." I said with a solemn voice. "You and the men do not need to apologize to me. Have you forgotten that I have given you permission to eat and drink at your hearts content last night. I knew something like this would happen." I smiled at him.

"But still…" Alex said reluctantly. "I know that time is of the essence for you, your majesty. We know that you want to get to her majesty with no time to waste." I sighed, knowing how my men are worrying about me.

\'It should be the other way around.\' I thought to myself. \'I should be the one working hard for the prosperity of my people and worry for them.\'

"I understand what you are telling me Alex, and I am grateful." I said. "But all of you are my men under my reign and command. I am not selfish that I would forget my men\'s needs as well. All of you needed the unwinding last night."

"T-Thank you so much for understanding, your majesty." Alex was in the verge of tears and bowed down again.

"Thank you, your majesty!" All of my men said in unison.

"You are all welcome." I smiled in content. "Now let us be done with the preparations to depart, so that we can be on our way."

"YES!" My men resumed their preparations before departing.

From a distance I see Belgor with his son Grey by his side.

"I see that you are all preparing to depart." Belgor said once he reached me.

"Yes, we have overstayed our welcome." I said jokingly.

"What nonsense are you saying? Hahaha!" Belgor laughed out. "Starting yesterday, you and your men have been honored guests to us. And because my brethren have also seen you and your men\'s sincere gestures towards us, I would like to ask from one leader to another, for us to be blood brothers."

"Blood brothers?" I asked in curiosity.

"Yes. I, the lycan alpha can have a deeper bond with another race thru a blood pact." Belgor explained. "It is a more strong form of a contract, if compared with those written once. Once we do a blood pact, we will be sworn blood brothers. If one needs help in the future, the other is bound to help."

Hearing Belgor\'s explanation, I was astounded with their ways. Having such a relationship with the lycans could be beneficial for us in the future.

"It is such an offer and an honor that I cannot refuse, Belgor." I said. "I am willing to take a blood pact with you and be a sworn blood brother to you and the lycans. Tell me, what must I do?"

"Great!" Belgor beamed with happiness. "The process is very easy and does not need any preparation. We only need to draw blood from our palms and shake hands. Are you up for it, leader of the humans?"

I smirked hearing the challenge in his words.

"I am not afraid of drawing up some blood." I grinned. I pulled out my dagger and brandished its sharp blade. "I am ready if you are." I gave back the challenge.

"Of course I am." Belgor also took out his knife that glistened under the sunlight.

Both of us drew out some blood from our right palms using our blades. We took each others hands and made a handshake.

"And with this, we are blood brothers." Belgor smirked.

"Blood brothers." I repeated.

"I as a witness attest to this blood pact." Grey who was by Belgor\'s side said.

After our blood pact, our preparations are done and we departed. Before departing, Safiyah gave us some food and rations for our journey that we were grateful for, and also thanked the female lycans that prepared them.

There was a light drizzle when we started on our way. Fortunately, we were prepared with having our rain coats with hoods. The rendezvous point was some distance inland, more inward away from the sea. It should be near the location of the other key fragment, the one where Chris and his group had gone to retrieve.

"It looks like the weather will not be good, your majesty." Alex said while looking up at the sky.

I also look up seeing dark clouds are starting to brew up.

"It is a little weird." I said while thinking. "The weather was clear this morning. It did not have any indications that it will rain this afternoon."

"Sometimes the weather is unpredictable, your majesty." Alex replied. "By the way, the blood pact with the leader of the lycans is good news. You have another good ally by your side, your majesty."

"It is a good alliance." I replied. "It is just surprising that Belgor\'s son Grey, who is also his beta, approved of this alliance. I am sure that he had a grudge with us Atlantians." I wondered.

"It is not something personal, I assure you your majesty." Alex smiled. "I was able to talk to him last night, and his negative emotions for us rooted from his grandfather\'s own feelings. He said that his grandfather was the one that actually raised him, as he is the heir to the lycans. His grandfather\'s feelings were passed down to him. But after having to eat together last night and have some conversations, he started to have a change of mind and gave us Atlantians a benefit of a doubt. His suspicions might not have been erased completely, but at least having to know us more is a good start."

"Well, that is good to hear." I said.

We continued on our way and the rain started to pour. I felt something ominous was brewing from the sky above. It was a feeling I could not shake off and was itching inside of me. I was not sure what it is, but it would be best to be prepared, just in case.

"Alex, tell the men to be on their guard at all times from here on." I said.

"Yes, your majesty." Alex heeded my commands but with a curious look as to why I gave such an order.

\'I just hope that it is only my nerves acting up.\' I thought to myself.