The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 345 - A Lycan Celebration

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Chapter 345 - A Lycan Celebration

(Regaleon\'s POV)

After successfully obtaining the key fragment hidden away in the old Atlantian palace that is now the lycans lair, I hastily wrote a note to Dimitri and Chris and let them be carried by carrier pigeons.

"Your majesty, I am sure they will receive the notes by tomorrow." Alex said. "The rendezvous point has been set to two days from now. I just hope that everything is well in Vice-Captain Chris\' side." He said with a worried face.

"I believe that Chris and his men with him will do well in their mission, like how they have always been successful with the others." I replied.

Chris is one of the capable men Dimitri has chosen to lead his special unit. I have full confidence in Dimitri\'s keen eye for exceptional talent. He was able to chose a select few in his special unit that are all top notch in their capabilities.

"It looks like you have got what you came here for." Belgor walked towards us with a wide grin. "I was doubting that you could obtain the thing that was guarded carefully in that room. But alas, you have come out triumphant. As expected to the one that bested me in battle, hahaha." He laughed out loud.

"Father, do you really need to boast to everyone that you have been defeated by an Atlantian." Grey said with a sigh and slightly shook his head.

"Why won\'t I be proud? If he was not able to pass that rooms test, then I would have been rather disappointed." Belgo said with a huge and proud smile. "But seeing that he was able to pass without even getting even a scratch proves that he is someone worthy to be on top." He patted my shoulders heavily that was needed to use force to keep my body standing ip straight.

"Thank you once again, for letting us in your territory to retrieve the object we seek." I said, full of gratitude. "As promised, we will be out of your territory and be on our way."

I remember my promise that after we have obtained what we came here for, we will not intrude in their territory any longer. I am sure that some of the lycans here are feeling wary with our presence. In the past, they have seen Atlantians as enemies and a threat. I would not want to burden them any further.

"What nonsense are you saying?!" Belgor roared. "You are our humble guests this evening. And because you have achieved your goal here, we need to have a celebration. Saniyah darling…"

"Yes, Belgor?" Saniyah stepped closer to him.

"Tell the females to prepare a feast. We will have a celebration tonight!" Belgor roared with excitement. "We will eat and drink to our hearts content. Hahaha." He laughed out loud.

"As you wish, darling." Saniyah smiled and went on her way.

"Papa…papa." The little Polo tugged on Belgor. "Can I also attend? I do not want to sleep yet." He asked.

"If you are able to stay awake, then why not." Belgor carried his little son on his back once again. "Let as eat and drink and be merry." He said and laughed happily with his son.

Seeing the father and son pair made me wonder how will I be a father with my child with Alicia. I imagine that our child will be precious for both me and Alicia. I will sure dote on him but not spoil him, shower him with love and care while also teaching him strictly the right ways in life.

"Stay here for the night and see how we lycans hold a feast to celebrate." Belgor said to me.

"I am thankful for your invitation and hospitality." I said with a smile. "Then me and my men will take you on that offer. We would like to express our sincere gratitude. Let this be the beginning of a good alliance between lycan and humans." I offered my hand for a handshake.

"Yes. This will be the beginning of a good alliance and maybe a future friendship." Belgor took my hand and shook it with a wide grin.

The preparations for the feast was quite fast. Belgor ushered us outside the palace and into a clearing in the forest. Judging by the surroundings, they have been using this clearing as a gathering for their pack events. Logs have been neatly placed as make shift table and chairs. A huge rock was placed in the center of the clearing like a stage. Tables and chairs are also neatly placed on top.

"Please follow me." Grey said with a respectable manner. "You will be seating besides the alpha and his family as an honored guest."

Grey lead me up the huge rock and pulled a chair. I took the chair and sat on it carefully.

"We lycans usually hold our feast under the night sky. We like to bath under the moon\'s light." Belgor walked towards us. "This place is for those that are higher in rank to sit. Because I judge you as someone to have a high status in the future, you are given a privilege to sit and dine with us."

"It is a pleasure to dine with you." I replied with upmost sincerity.

"My lycan brethren, hear me!" Belgor said with a howling voice. The chatters and murmurs from the other lycans down at the clearing stopped. I also see my men all seated in a good location. "Tonight, I was beaten in a fair battle by the Atlantian\'s leader Regaleon. Rather than taking my life after defeating me, he has offered to have a truce with us lycans. I saw with my own two eyes his sincerity and humility. Because of that, I deemed him worthy of our allegiance. From this day forth, we lycans will see the next ruler of this continent, this man named Regaleon, as an ally. Let us rejoice and be merry for our new connection to the humans!"

"HOORAY!!!" The lycans cheered after hearing Belgor\'s speech.

Seeing all of them accepting us as their allies, made my heart burst with warmth. Having the sirens allegiance and now the lycans, gives me hope for the future. A future where my child will grow up to be a good person, with good allies by his side. This will be a good start for him in fulfilling his role in the prophecy that is foretold.

"Let us welcome our new allies that are here tonight. Let us dine and feast with them, to show our hospitality." Belgor said. "Food and drinks are served in your tables. Eat and drink at your hearts content!"

"Long live Belgor! Long live Regaleon!" The lycans below cheer merrily. I also see my men shouting happily and started to eat and drink.

"Cheers to you, fellow leader Regaleon." Belgor raised his glass for a toast.

I took the glass in front of me and raised it as well. "Cheers."

Our glassed clicked. I looked inside the glass and saw red wine inside. The aroma was so fragrant, it was like I can taste the wine with just smelling it.

"I hope you enjoy our aged wine." Belgor took a sip from his glass. "This wine has been aged nicely. And as I say \'aged\', I really mean it." He winked.

I took a sip and tasted the wine. My taste buds tasted such a delicacy. I have never tasted anything much better than this before.

"It really is a fine wine." I complimented. "I hope my wife is here to taste this as well." I smiled.

"Then I will let my mate give you a bottle for you and your wife to drink in your reunion." Belgor said. "I would also like to meet her in the near future."

"I will surely bring her to meet you in the future." I said with confidence.

Food are neatly placed in front of me. There are different variety of dishes, but majority of them are meat.

\'Looks like the lycans\' diet are focused largely on meat.\' I thought. Thinking that wolves are carnivorous creatures, maybe lycans that are similar to them are the same.

I took a bit at some dishes and they were in fact delicious. Music was also present, some are playing musical instruments while others are singing with the instrument\'s tune. I see my men below, eating and drinking happily while conversing with some lycans. The animosity with each other from before dissipated. Seeing such peace with a different species made me think of the Almighty One\'s mission to unify the west. I believe that having peace with the ancient beasts is a more effective unification.

Knowing that some of the ancient beasts are still alive and walking in this continent, one of the missions my child will have was to establish peace with them. This allegiance with the lycans was a good start, and searching for others is something to be noted in the future.

\'Maybe this will be a future task for my child to do.\' I thought.

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