The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 344 - The Role of the Chosen One (2) (unedited)

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Chapter 344 - The Role of the Chosen One (2) (unedited)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

As the parents, me and Alicia will play a crucial role in our child\'s future. Prophecy or not, I am willing to do everything in my power to ensure that my child will have a good upbringing and bright future.

"The chosen one is meant to carry a huge burden to bear. You, his parents and the other guardians that the divine beasts will choose will become his pillars of support." The Almighty One said. "The original prophecy, is not something to be done easily. I myself, was side tracked after gaining happiness in my life."

"If I may ask, what is the original prophecy that has been foretold?" I asked with upmost curiosity. "We have known about the prophecy of the Chosen One, but it is not clear and quite vague. We only know that the Chosen One will have the same ability as you, the Almighty One, and he will be the one to inherit the forbidden magic."

Having to know the real prophecy can be helpful for Alicia and I in the future. The Chosen One is still our child after all, and we plan to protect him until he comes of age. Having something like this prophecy, like fate that cannot be denied, is something bothersome and quite irritating. We never wanted our child to have such hardsh.i.p.s, but if it is inevitable then we have no choice but to help our child to be strong so that he can face them in the future.

"Yes, I was the one that has spread that prophecy in preparation for my future self." The Almighty One replied. "But I never thought that it will lead to the annihilation of the country that I built. That… broke my heart." I hear him sigh.

"It is rather unfortunate, that one of your descendants would be the one to erase the whole country." I said. "But humans have their own greed that can darken ones heart and soul."

"Hmm." The Almighty One nodded at my words. "Well then, before I tell you about the true prophecy that has been foretold, I will give you this first. I am sure you have been wanting to have this since the time you entered the door."

The Almighty One extended his closed fist towards me. I opened my palms under his hands, and then an object dropped down. I looked at the object, it looked like an old metal piece with an intricate carving of a huge wing.

"This is the head of the key." The Almighty One said. "The key\'s original purpose was to open a pathway underground leading to me and my wife\'s final resting place, but it lost its purpose after the Chosen One has appeared. But, it can still help you pass the azure dragon."

I look at the key head, slowly turning it around. I felt great joy having the thing I have been searching for now in the grasp of my hand. I can feel my lips curve into a smile.

"Thank you so much, Almighty One." I said, full of joy.

"It is the least I can do." The Almighty One smiled. "Then let us talk about the prophecy, shall we." He said, changing his smiling face into a serious one.

"Of course." I nodded, listening intently at him.

"The role of the Chosen One, is to unify this continent in the west." The Almighty One said. "I just included the sentence \'he can lead the continent to greatness or turn it into ruins\' for dramatization, hahaha." He laughed out loud.

"So you mean that part was a lie?" I said with an eyebrow up.

"It is not entirely a lie." The Almighty One replied. "The future me holds great powers, and of course it depends on his upbringing on how he will use them in the future. If he uses his powers in the wrong path, then the word ruins might just come true. And of course, that is where you and your wife, his parents, come in. You have to see to it that he never grows up in the bad side."

The Almighty One\'s words weigh some truth. Our child would be born with immense magic that anyone of us can only fathom. Having to be responsible of such powers is really a huge burden to bear. But Alicia and I will not let our child carry this burden alone.

\'The Almighty One is right, Alicia and I will be our child\'s pillar which will guide his future.\' I thought to myself.

"After the unification of the west, then the he can focus on the other half of the prophecy, which is the unification of the east." The Almighty One said. "Like here in the west, the east has divided countries, which are either in neutral or hostile terms with one another. It will be huge task to do, like here in the west."

What the Almighty One said was true. Having to unify all three countries here in this continent was no walk in the park, what more of a continent that we have little knowledge of.

"Are there any consequences if he was not able to do the task the prophecy has foretold?" I asked out of curiosity.

The Almighty One himself was not able to complete the task he was given, and the only consequence is that he was not allowed in the afterlife and his soul was reborn here once again. Having to unify a continent can take a long time, maybe a life time. Maybe, if the unification of the east and west cannot be done in my child\'s lifetime, he can try again in the next.

"As I know, there is a reason why the east and west should be unified, but unfortunately I was not able to learn about it." The Almighty One said. "My future self should be the one to find that out, and the answer should be in the east, in the country of my birth, Xing."

"I understand." I was a little disappointed to get such an answer, but I guess you cannot have a cheat in life. My child would have to learn to be strong and independent when he travels to the east.

The blue sky over my head started to darken. It was starting to crumble piece by piece, as if it were broken glass.

"I am afraid our time is up." The Almighty One said. "I have imparted with you everything I can. It is up to you and your wife on how to bring up my future self. Good luck." The Almighty One said. As he was saying this, his body was starting to become transparent and started to fade.

"Thank you, Almighty One." I gave my appreciation and final farewell.

The Almighty One\'s projection faded entirely, and the space where we were become pitch black. I do not know how long I was inside that space or how I came back. The next thing I knew, I heard someone calling med.

"Your majesty… your majesty!" I can hear Alex\'s worried voice. I slowly opened my closed eyes and saw Alex looking down upon me. "Oh, thank the heavens your majesty. You are awake at last."

"How long was I away?" I asked, feeling still disoriented.

"It was just a few minutes ago when you entered the room your majesty." Alex replied.

"A few minutes ago?" I said with a confused expression.

"What your subordinate said is true." Belgor replied. "It was just minutes ago when you entered the door. When I tried approaching it, the barrier that shields the door was gone and I was able to enter. Once we entered, we saw you lying on the floor, unconscious."

"You nearly gave me a heart attack your majesty." Alex said gripping his chest. "I was afraid of what might had happened to you. I do not know how to face Captain Dimitri and Vice-Captain Chris."

"What the hell happened to you?" Belgor asked. "And did you find what you were searching for."

I was lost in their words when Belgor reminded me of what I came here for. I looked at my closed right fist and opened it slowly. The key fragment was in the hand where I remembered I received it from the Almighty One.

"Yes." I said with a smile, looking at the key fragment. "Yes, I was able to get what I came here for."

The key fragment that was resting in my palm was the key head. As the Almighty One had said, this will help me pass the azure dragon that is preventing me from reaching my wife Alicia.

\'After combining this with the other key fragments, I will be able to see you again soon my love.\' I thought.

What is left is to rendezvous with Dimitri who was carrying the two key fragments. He was traveling as of now with William, on Tempest\'s beast form. Chris on the other hand was also in the process of retrieving the third key fragment.

"Just a little more my love." I whispered to myself while gripping the key head close to my heart.