The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 343 - The Role of the Chosen One (1)

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Chapter 343 - The Role of the Chosen One (1)

(Regaleon\'s POV)

I looked at the ship where the young Almighty One boarded as it departed until it vanished into the horizon. After that, the surroundings slowly changed. We were now back at the vast and wide space where we were standing at first.

\'I guess that is the end of the flash back.\' I thought and looked at the Almighty One.

"That was about my childhood before I cam into this continent." The Almighty One said. "Just to tell you, that ship never made it to Rabanasi. The queen sent her soldiers in every Rabanasi port. She has gained entry to Rabanasi with the reason that they were searching for a very dangerous criminal that is to be killed on sight. Fortunately, in the short period when I was at sea, I was able to learn face changing magic, and that helped me and Chen to get pass them without getting caught." He explained.

\'So I inherited my face changing magic from the Almighty One.\' I thought. "Then, how were you able to come here in this continent?" I asked in curiosity.

As I recall from the Almighty Ones flashback, he still had allies in Xing that can help him fight for the throne.

"The queen who has become the queen dowager when her son sat on the throne, cannot have a comfortable life knowing I am still alive. She did not stop sending her men around the continent looking for me." The Almighty One replied. "When I knew that the queen dowager of Xing would not stop until I was dead, I decided to leave the continent and head west. I remember my mother\'s last words, that I should live my life and be happy. And so I did not torment myself to get revenge against the queen dowager and her family that killed my parents. I am sure that my parents would have supported me on my decision.."

"So because of that, you came here in an unknown land." I said feeling some remorse with his sad early life.

"Do not look sad young one." The Almighty One smiled. "Coming here was the best decision in my life. In fact, I felt like I was being pulled here by faith."

It is true that the prophecy has foretold that he is a person that will unite east and west. Because the east was not safe for him, he came to the west as the prophecy foretold.

"When I arrived here, I changed my name to suit the names of the people around here. I have gone by the name Fernan, and in time I was known as Fernan Atalantia." The Almighty One said. "When I got here, the people living here were constantly plagued by the beasts that I have never seen before. With that, I knew my purpose of coming here and that is to help this people. And well… you know the rest I suppose." He smiled at me.

"You established the country of Atlantia, sharing your magic powers to a selected few that were called Atlantians." I replied.

"Well… I supposed you can put it at that." The Almighty One said. "But in truth, I realized that I cannot just bestow my gifts to others that I choose. I was only able to bestow my magic to someone that is close to me. The first ones were those that were kind enough to take me and Chen, that were strangers into there tribe. The tribe leader was my wife\'s father."

The Almighty One\'s story was fascinating. Hearing about how and why he came here and was able to bestow magic to the Atlantians was something that was never known, it was never written in any ancient books I was able to read.

"I helped them with their problems with the beasts. Some of the beast became friends and allies, some were hostile and did not want anyone to covet their territory." The Almighty One continued. "After the war with the beasts were over, we were able to claim this continent as our own. I have formed Atlantia, and my people there were bestowed with magic powers because of their ties with me as my subjects. The other tribes formed the other three countries, the one that you know as Jennovia, Alvannia, and Grandcrest. I was happy and content with my life with my wife and children, having a family of my own to love and cherish that I forgot the part that I should have played in the prophecy."

I was able to relate with the Almighty One. I can feel that after this war with Queen Patricia is over, I can spend my life in bliss with Alicia and my future children with her. I will choose to live in peace with my loving family.

"But it was too late when I was reminded of my role in the prophecy." The Almighty One said. "When my wife died first due to old age, I wanted to follow her into the after life. I was blessed with a longer life span, but I did not want to live if my wife was not by my side. I opted to enter eternal sleep to be with my wife, but also I am not given entry to the afterlife because of the unfulfilled prophecy. And so, my soul came back to the living world without a body to live into. I then, as a soul, made the prophecy of the \'Chosen One\'. Certain conditions should be met so that my soul can have a host body once again. But while waiting, my soul and magic laid dormant with my decaying body, hence the forbidden magic was known to you Atlantians."

"Why are you telling me all of this?" I asked out of curiosity.

"It is because thanks to you and your wife, I can be born again to fulfill the prophecy that was foretold." The Almighty One said with a gentle smile. "The certain conditions were met by the both of you and a host body can contain my soul once again. I am also telling you this to prepare you for the future of what is to come."

"What future?" I asked.

Hearing the Almighty One\'s words made me concerned. I was planning on having a normal and peaceful life with Alicia and my child after the war ends, but it looks like it will not end that easily.

"As the parents of my future self, I would like to request that you give the thing that I was not able to have when I was young, a happy childhood with a complete and loving family in a safe environment." The Almighty One said.

"That goes without saying." I replied in a heartbeat. "I plan to raise my child with love and wisdom that I can bestow. I will keep him safe at all cost and I plan to grow old seeing him take my place on the throne." He does not need to request such things of me. Of course I plan to love and protect my children with Alicia, even if the are not the Chosen One.

"Hahaha, I am happy to hear such things from you." The Almighty One laughed heartily. "My future self will be very blessed then, to have a loving and caring mother and a father that would guide and protect him. Please live a long life and have a loving family."

"I plan to do so." I replied to him.

"And I have another thing I wish to tell you before I give you the key fragment. This is the most important part." The Almighty One said.

"What is it?" I asked.

Knowing that the Almighty One\'s story about his childhood was about to end, I felt excited getting the key fragment. After I get it, I will rendezvous with Dimitri that William had picked up, and Chris who was tasked to get the other key fragment. With all the key fragments combined, I will be able to pass the azure dragon to get to Alicia.

"It is about the role that the Chosen One should play." The Almighty One replied to me. "As I said to you earlier, I was not able to fulfill the prophecy I was given, hence my soul needed to be reborn. If the Chosen One is not able to fulfill his role once again, then my soul would be reborn once more, again and again until the prophecy has been fulfilled, hence a never ending cycle. I wish that my next reincarnation would be the last, and you and your wife would have to help my future self in this."

"Do you mean the great prophecy that was foretold in Xing?" I asked and the Almighty One nodded.

"It will be a huge burden to bear, and I want you to prepare your child on whatever is to come." The Almighty One said. "The divine beasts chose you for a reason."

"Do you mean that our familiars choosing us were not coincidences?" I asked with utter curiosity.

Snow and Tempest\'s body\'s are hosts of the souls of the divine beasts, hence their transformation into big and powerful animals.

"They play important roles as the Chosen One\'s guardians. They have also been good and helpful companions to me, and they will also do the same you as their masters and will pave my future self\'s future. And so, you need to know what exactly is the prophecy that was foretold."

"If that is what needs to be done, then I will listen carefully." I replied.

As the parents, me and Alicia will play a crucial role in our child\'s future. Prophecy or not, I am willing to do everything in my power to ensure that my child will have a good upbringing and bright future.

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