The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 342 The Child of Prophecy 2 unedited

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Chapter 342 The Child of Prophecy 2 unedited

(Regaleon\'s POV)

The scenery once again changed, and we were now in a different courtyard. What I saw now was a small Lang Fang, running around with a ball in hand. He looked at about five years of age. I also see his mother sitting under a tree\'s shade with the king. They looked like they were having tea together.

The Almighty One led me near the king and his concubine, and I was able to hear their conversation.

"Your majesty, I have given you such a big burden." I hear the concubine say. "Because of Fang, you have been arguing with your ministers in court often. If only… Fang was born a normal child." She seemed sad.

"You do not need to worry, my love. I am doing this because Fang is our son." The king said. "Whatever the prime minister and the queen throw at our little Fang, I will block them with all my might."

"I know how you feel your majesty. Fang, he is our precious son. Who would have thought that such prophecy would be connected to him?" The concubine has said.

"I am not yet sure if what the prophecy the taoist said is true." The king said. "The taoist is one of the prime minister\'s people, and so I cannot just believe what he says. I have ordered to search for his master that has long secluded himself in the mountains."

"But just now, in Fang\'s tender years, he has been showing unbelievable magic." The concubine said. "To think he is foretold to bring a huge calamity to our country. Your majesty, I do not wish my son to be sentenced to death because of this."

I looked around and saw the little Fang using wind and water magic while playing with his ball. He looked very happy playing alone in the wide courtyard.

"Yes, I can see clearly how he can manipulate the elements to his will. And with that I am proud of him." The king said. "Do not worry my love. I will do everything in my power to block the ministers that wants the death of Fang. They will not harm our son."

"My parents have done everything in their power to shield me from danger. Day by day my power was growing, and I was said I would be able to tame the divine beasts that the country of Xing deemed as gods." The Almighty One said. "But, my parents cannot hold the tide for long."

The scenery once again changed. Now we were on a pier, overlooking the wide sea. The pier was busy with a lot of people doing their businesses. Then my eyes were caught by three figures wearing cloaks with hoods covering their heads and faces. They were walking pretty fast towards the ship docks. Once they walked pass me, the hood of one of them was blown by the wind. Then I saw the glimpse of silver long hair and eyes. It was the Almighty One in his early teens, maybe in his twelve or thirteen years of age. The one beside him was his mother that pulled back the hood over him.

"Mother, why are you going so fast?" The young Lang Fang asked. "Should we not be at father\'s side. He is very sick. I am worried for him."

"We have no time for this Fang." The concubine said. "Your father, I am afraid it is not an ordinary sickness."

"What do you mean?" Lang Fang had a face of shock and stopped in his tracks. "Do you mean that father was poisoned? But… how?"

"Shh… Fang. We have no time for this." The concubine said. "It was your father and I that decided that you must go out of the country for your own good. It is not safe to be here, now that they even bared their fangs towards you father, the king of Xing."

"But should we not go back and tell the ministers of this?!" Lang Fang said with anger. "How dare they do this to their own king!"

"I am afraid it is too late son. They have the majority of the ministers on their side." The concubine said with grief. "But while you are alive, there is still hope. This ship will lead you to Rabansi with Chen. He is your father\'s most trusted shadow guard, he will surely protect you. The roads are watched carefully by the queen\'s side, and so the water ways are the most safe for you."

"But… what about you, mother?" Lang Fang asked with a confused face.

"I cannot leave the country Fang. There are still some ministers that side with your father and you." The concubine replied. "I need to be here and prepare for your return. Do not worry, I will be hiding from them."

"But mother…" Lang Fang said but then they heard the bells\' toll.


It was a sound of melancholy. The busy people in the pier stopped what their busy work once they heard the bells\' toll.

"The king is dead!" I heard someone shout. The slow toll of the bells meant the king passing away.

Lang Fang\'s face became bitter and then agony was evident.

"No… no no… no. Father, we have to go back to father?" Lang Fang was about to walk back to where they came from but the concubine stopped him.

"No Fang, it is too late." The concubine was crying streams of tears. She was evidently hurting from the news of the king\'s passing. "You have to go, now."

"No, I am not leaving here." Lang Fang said. "They need to pay for what they did to father."

"Hey you…" A patrolling soldier saw them. "They are here! The traitors are here!"

"Chen, please take him." The concubine said in haste.

Chen who was towering in height took Lang Fang across his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and ran towards a small ship docked on the pier. They ran thru the crowd that was blocking their way.

"You… stop!" A group of soldiers started to chase them on the throng of people. "Shoot them… shoot to kill."

The soldiers started to launched arrows towards them. Chaos ensued in the docks that helped the three to go to the ship.

"Now go. Get out of here." The concubine said.

"Depart now!" One of the sailors on board shouted.

"No mother, please come with us." Land Fang shouted.


A rain of arrows started to fall from the sky. The people on board started to run for cover. Chen was trying to deflect the arrows with his sword, but a stray arrow was flying right towards Lang Fang. The events was so fast that they were shocked from what happened next. The arrow that was about to hit Lang Fang was now sticking out the concubine\'s chest.

"NOOOO!!!! MOTHER!!!" Lang Fang\'s cries were heard loudly.

By then, thick clouds blanketed the sky, thunder rumbled and lighting flashed. Blue and red lights descended from the clouds, the azure dragon and fire phoenix flew down and hovered over the ship. From the sea, a huge wave was approaching. When it came near, they saw the back of a giant green turtle\'s shell. And from out of nowhere, a white tiger leaped towards the ship\'s deck. These were the four sacred beasts of the prophecy. These four beast protected Lang Fang from the soldiers.

"Mother…. Mother…" Lang Fang cradled his mother in his arms. Blood has stained her dress, also some blood dripped from her beautiful lips.

"Fang… my beautiful son." The concubine held her son\'s cheek with bloodied hands. "I am sorry… to leave you behind… the same time as your father *cough*."

"Please do not say that." Lang Fang was crying. "Everything will be fine. Find a doctor!" He shouted.

"This is the end of the road for me, my son." The concubine shook her head. "Please… just promise me. Live your life full of happiness. Do not think of avenging me and your father, you do not need to do that. Just… live your life to the fullest… my son."

And then her hand that was holding her son\'s face fell to the ground. The concubine has stopped breathing. By the, the ship was able to depart from the docks. The soldiers were not able to stop the ship from departing, thanks to the four divine beasts.

"And that was the first time I was able to call for the divine beasts." The Almighty One said. "They have been my companion ever since."