The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 341 The Child of Prophecy 1 unedited

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Chapter 341 The Child of Prophecy 1 unedited

(Regaleon\'s POV)

The baby that was wrapped carefully in fine cloth and was being cradled by the midwife, had a crown of silver hair and shining silver eyes. The babe\'s expression was so peaceful, as if you would not want to make any noise to startle him.

"W-What kind of sorcery is this?!" The male attendant that was beside the emperor freaked out. "How can the concubine birth such an… an albino?!"

Everyone inside the courtyard heard the male attendant\'s words. They gasp after hearing that an albino was birthed by the emperor\'s concubine. The people from Xing\'s neighbor country Rabanasi had olive brown skin and black curly hair, other hair colors were unheard of. With a country that never had seen other hair colors except for black, they will think ill thoughts about the baby.

"H-How dare you…" A weak voice was heard from inside the birthing quarter.

A beautiful woman who looked like in her early twenties came out with a maid helping her. She had silky black hair and porcelain white skin, but her face was pale. I concluded that this as the king\'s concubine that just had given birth.

"My son… still has the blood of the king running in his veins." The concubine looked at the male attendant with sharp eyes of anger. "Your majesty, even if my son looks different from everyone, please spare him." The concubine knelt in front of the king.

"My lady!" Her maid was startled when the concubine knelt down. "Please get up, the floor is cold. You have just given birth, it may affect your health." The maid also knelt down to assist her lady.

"Your majesty, please do not find fault on your child. Please blame me instead." The concubine lowered her head to the floor. "This child… is still your son. He still has your royal blood running thru his little veins. Please spare him and punish me instead."

"Punish?" I was confused. "Is giving birth to a child that was different, a serious crime here?" I asked the Almighty One who was beside me.

"This country, as I said is very closed off and strict with their rules. Something that is different and they do not understand, are deemed unfit or dangerous in their eyes." The Almighty One replied. "Hence I, who was so different from them, was supposed to be sentenced to death at my birth because of my abnormal appearance."

I clenched my fists feeling anger with this unjust treatment. This country has such cruel ways, sentencing a baby to death just because it is different.

"Get up my concubine." The king helped his concubine to get up. "I have heard your words and understood them. This child is still my blood. He will be named Lang Fang."

The people around gasped in surprise. For the king to name his child on his own was a sign of affection. He walked towards the midwife and asked for the baby to be placed in his arms, and so the midwife had done so.

"This child is my son, born from my beloved concubine. And so, mother and child will be protected by me, the king of Xing." The king walked towards his concubine and placed a kiss on her forehead. "I am sorry for being late, my love. Now go back with little Fang, you both need rest."

The concubine had tears in her eyes and nodded. The king gave the baby to the maid that was helping the concubine and he assisted the concubine himself inside the room. After the doors were shut, the people around started to murmur.

"The king really loves his concubine."

"I know right. He loves her more than the queen."

"The concubine birthed a son. Do you not think that he can contended with the queen\'s son for the throne?"

"That is absurd. Have you seen that the child is an albino. How can he become king of Xing?"

"It was lucky that the baby was able to keep his life. It is because of the king\'s love for his concubine, I am sure."

With the people\'s words, I have some rough thought about the Almighty One\'s parents.

"I was lucky to keep my life because of the king\'s love to my mother." The Almighty One said. "My mother, she was a very good person. She loved me very much, even though me her son looked different. If I was just normal, she would have lived a more prosperous and happy life." His voice sounded sad.

"I believe that you did not have such an easy early life." I said. "I understand, since I also have such experience in my childhood." I said.

"If it was just my appearance was different, then I could have lived with the uneasy stares and harsh words towards me." The Almighty One said. "But, it was not only that." I looked at him curiously.

Our scenery changed in a blur. We were now inside a massive room.


The door banged open, and a woman who wore a red dress and gold ornaments rushed inside with anger.

"That b*tch actually birthed a son!" The woman said. "I cannot believe that she would be blessed by the heavens like this!"

Behind her, three men followed. The one I recognized as the male attendant who was in attendance while the concubine was giving birth, while the two looked middle aged.

The queen stopped in front of a table and grabbed the vase that was on it and threw it away with such force, while pushing the other things off the table.


"Calm down my daughter. Even though she birthed a son, you are still the first to give his majesty an heir." One of the middle aged man said. "Her child cannot contend against my grandson who will surely inherit the throne."

"Prime minister is right, your majesty. Do not worry to much, my queen." The male attendant said. "The concubine had birthed an albino with silver hair and eyes. None of the ministers will think of making that child the heir."

"Is that true?" The queen asked.

"Yes your majesty, I saw the babe myself." The male attendant replied. "The babe should have been sentenced to death if not for that concubine\'s interference. The king had shown pity after she knelt down and begged."

"That wench really infuriates me." The queen banged the table with her fist. "She had stole his majesty\'s love away from me."

"Is it true that the babe has silver hair and eyes?" The other middle aged man asked.

"Yes, I can attest to it." The male attendant said.

"If so, then he must be the child of the prophecy." The middle aged man said.

"What prophecy are you talking about taoist." The prime minister asked.

"My master, who has been gifted with foresight, read the stars and has prophesied that, a baby boy of silver hair and eyes will be born on the lunar eclipse." The taoist said. "This boy will be a man of great magical power, able to tame the four great beasts. He will be the one to unite east and west, bringing long lasting peace to the world."

"What?!" The other three said in unison

"If I am correct, it is a lunar eclipse now." The male attendant mumbled.

"That is true." The taoist replied. "It was the same time as the concubine had given birth."

"That b*tch\'s son has such a prophecy!" The queen gritted in anger.

"Who else knows about this so called \'prophecy\'?" The prime minister asked.

"Only my master and I, who is his apprentice knows of this." The taoist said. "My master have secluded himself to the mountain, just waiting for his end due to old age."

"Hmm, that is good." The prime minister said.

"What are you thinking, father?" The queen asked.

"We can use this so called \'prophecy\' to our advantage." The prime minister had a sinister smile.

I looked at the Almighty One, horrified with what I just learned.

"I did not have a good childhood, with this kind of people aiming for my life." The Almighty One said with a sad smile.