The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 340 How it All Began 2

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Chapter 340 How it All Began 2

(Regaleon\'s POV)

The inside of the room was pitch black, it was as if my eyes were closed. The temperature as well was cold. It felt like I entered a room of complete nothingness.

I started a small fire burning on the top of my palms to make light. I tried moving it from left to right, trying to figure out how big this room was. But unfortunately, I was not able to see anything. No furnitures, no walls, and not even a ceiling. It was a if I was never entered a room, it felt as if I was not even inside a room in the first place. I walked, trying to assess my surroundings.

"Looking around, it feels like I was transported into a different space after entering the room." I said.

I walked aimlessly with no direction in particular. After some time of walking, I made a conclusion that this space seemed to be endless. Therefore, even if I walked aimlessly it will not take me anywhere. I stopped walking and was deep in thought.

"I will just tire out if I walk even further. Is this some kind of test, what should I do?" I asked myself.

If this is some space outside from my own world, maybe time is not something I should worry about. I have to keep a level head while thinking of a way to find the key fragment from this endless nothingness. Then I thought of doing some experiments.

"Fire pillars!" I chanted. Fire pillars emerged from the ground upwards.

I made as many as possible, just to illuminate my surroundings. After using my magic, the surroundings started to brighten up. To my amazement, the black nothingness around me changed into a blue sky with white clouds flying in one direction. I was now stepping on ankle deep water. I looked at the surroundings, seeing an endless view of this.

"What is this now?" I felt my eyebrows crunched, feeling this situation more and more incomprehensible.

"I see that you are one of my descendants, so that is why you were able to pass thru the door." A familiar voice said. I turned around, looking for where the voice came from.

"Almighty One?!" I was shocked to see the Almighty One in his younger form.

"Oh, you know me?" The Almighty One smiled.

"We met yesterday evening, did you not remember?" I asked in confusion. "You were the one that told me to search for the key fragments."

"Oh, I see. Now I understand." The Almighty One nodded in understanding. "That means you have met my true self."

"Your true self?" I asked.

"Yes. I am just a fragment of him, tasked to watch the key fragments." The Almighty One said. "The other key fragments have others like myself watching over them. So, my true self told you to get the key fragments? Hmmm." He leaned his face so close to me that I instinctively take back a step.

"Y-Yes?" I asked awkwardly. "Do you not believe me?"

"No, I believe you." The Almighty One stepped back with a smile. I sighed with relief when he backed away from my personal space. "I can feel my true self\'s presence on you. That validates that you were in contact with my true self. That just means that my true self has chosen a body to be reincarnated to."

"Yes, my child that is still in my wife\'s womb. He is the chosen one." I replied. "My wife, she is under the sea as of now, and I need the key fragments to pass the guardian azure dragon to get to her."

"Hmmm, I see." The Almighty One was holding his chin and nodding. "That one is really strict with orders that is given to him. You really cannot pass without the key. Well then, I will give it to you."

"Really, you will give me the key fragment?" I said with joy, a smile crept on my face.

"Well yes, of course I will give it to you. As you are the father of the future me." The Almighty One smiled. "But first, I would like to tell you something."

"What is it that you want to tell me?" I asked with curiosity.

"It is something that the future parent of my soul would have to know." The Almighty One said. "It is about how my life began, before I came to this continent."

"Your origins?" I asked.

All I know about the Almighty One are the ones written on books. But everything in books was about him after arriving here in this continent. Anything about him before that, we do not have any knowledge of it. All I know was he came from the east, meaning he came from one of the countries across the east sea.

"I was born in a country located in the east, at the same continent of Rabanasi. It was a country by the sea, but more closed off in comparison with Rabanasi who was its close neighbor. It was called the country of Xing." The Almighty One explained. "It was a country where magic exists as well, but different from the magic I have bestowed the Atlantians."

While the Almighty One was telling his story, the scenery in our surroundings changed. It was like we flew eastward in a fast speed, that the scenery blurred. After that, we were hovering above land along the sea shore.

\'This must be the country of Xing the Almighty One is speaking of.\' I thought.

"The country of Xing was a prosperous one. They were rich with food, both from the sea and the land. They were blessed with the riches that the land could offer like gold, precious stones and such." The Almighty One continued. "But the people here were a strict bunch. They are closed from their neighboring countries, not wanting to share with other than themselves."

"Here, people have black hair and eyes that are slanted. They also have fair complexion, but more on the side of yellowish than our pale white. My birth name was Lang Fan." The Almighty One said. "Well I changed my name once I arrived here, so I have no attachment with that name. That is because my childhood was the opposite of a happy one."

The surroundings zoomed in a specific location. It was a huge architectural building that could be a palace. We were outside a room where people, particularly females come and go with panicked expressions, holding basins of water with cloth and blood. The Almighty One and I were like spectral figures, observing what was happening. I heard someone screaming inside the room. I deduced that someone was giving birth inside."

"The concubine of the king of this country is about to give birth to his thirteenth child." The Almighty One said.

"Sir, has his majesty arrived yet?" A woman that looked like a female attendant asked. "My lady has been asking for him while still in labor."

"How dare you ask the whereabouts of his majesty?!" The man said with a sharp look, looking at the female attendant. "His majesty will be here when the time is right."

"I am sorry, I did not mean it like that." The female attendant knelt down with her head touching the floor. "Please forgive this lowly one."

"Hmp." The man humped.

Not long, I heard the cry of a baby. The people outside had a sigh of relief.

"His majesty arrives!" Someone called out.

I looked around and saw a man wearing golden robes. He was pacing towards the door with the look of supremacy. All of the people around bowed in his presence.

"Greetings to his majesty. May you live a hundred years." The people greeted.

"Has she given birth?" The king asked.

"Yes your majesty, I heard a cry just now." The man from before replied.

"Why hasn\'t the midwife came out yet?" The king asked.

"I-I am not sure your majesty. Let me take a look." The man replied. He knocked on the door loud. "You inside, his majesty is here to see his child."

Just a few minutes when the doors were opened. I saw what looked like the midwife carrying a baby wrapped in its sheets.

"G-Greetings your majesty. May you live a hundred years." The midwife greeted. Her face was all pale and looked afraid.

"Well do not just stand there, show the babe to his majesty." The man said with annoyance.

"Y-Yes… your majesty the lady bore you a son." The midwife had her arms evidently shaking. She slowly parted the cloth to let the king see the baby.

I was also able to see the baby from where I was standing. The baby had different features from the ones here. He had pale white skin and his hair was platinum blonde nearing silver. And when the baby opened his eyes, he had silver eyes.

"This was the time I was born, a very long time ago." The Almighty One said with a sad smile.

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