The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 34 Royal family of Atlantia 2

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"I want to know if you just want her because she is of some use to you." Robert looked at Leon with a piercing gaze. "Because she is a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia."

Leon and Robert had locked gazes. There was silence in the room. Their aura are overwhelming.

\'General Robert is really something. He can talk to the crown prince like an equal and isn\'t affected with the overwhelming aura.\' Dimitri thought. He was in the room with them all that time but he was like an ant in a lion\'s den. These two people have an aura of greatness that he feels he is just a small existence.

"You think I want Alicia because she has the blood of the royal family of Atlantia?" Leon asked sarcastically.

"Yes." Robert said. "Royal family of Atlantia has distinct features that only the old ones remember. They have platinum blonde hair and silver eyes."

"And you think I know of this?" Leon asked. "As you said only the old ones remember the features of the royal family of Atlantia. Their history has been erased from history books of this continent. Just by mentioning their name is taboo."

"Don\'t take me as a fool crown prince. I maybe old but I am not ignorant. I know the knowledge network of Grandcrest." Robert said.

"Hahahaha, you are really something old man." Leon laughed. "Yes I have known since the first time I laid my eyes on Alicia."

A flash of anger passed on Robert\'s face.

"Yes, I will confess I saw her as a good chess piece for me to use at first." Leon said. "But after each passing day, I come to know her better. Bit by bit my heart warmed towards her. Now I am sure I won\'t have anyone to be my queen other than her."

"Be sure to remember your word young man." Robert said with a hint of a threat. "She is a sweet and charming girl. I don\'t want her to suffer in the future."

"I will be sure to make her strong. She may be bullied but she has to learn how to stand on her own two feet, to fight with her own power." Leon smiled. "I will shape her to be a woman who can hold power and won\'t be beaten down easily."

"I will hold you on your word young crown prince." Robert said.

"Do not worry general Robert, I always follow up on my word." Leon said. "I will make sure to protect her from danger now that she is still weak."

Robert sighed. \'If Leon knows about the royal family of Atlantia then it is not far fetch that others may know of Alicia as well.\' He thought.

"Alicia may be in danger if the ones researching the forbidden magic finds her." Robert said. "I need you to keep her safe. And I am not against it for making her stronger. I think it will be for her own good as well."

"Yes she may be in danger. But I feel that there is another descendant from the royal family of Atlantia. Not only her." Leon said.

"What did you say?!" Robert was shocked.

"Dimitri, tell the old general about what you have found." Leon said.

"Yes your highness." Dimitri bowed. "General Robert, as far as we have researched the people behind the search for the forbidden magic, we have found a man with the same distinct features as the royal family of Atlantia."

"Are you sure about this?" Robert asked.

"I have seen it with my own eyes general." Dimitri said. "His face was covered with a hood at first but when he took it off at some point I saw it. The platinum blonde hair and silver eyes."

"Where did you see them?" Robert asked.

"We were investigating at the borders of Alvannia and Jennova." Dimitri answered. "We tried to tail them but the man with the blonde hair felt our presence. They were able to escape us by using magic."

"Magic?!" Robert was shocked even further. This just proves that the man was really an Atlantian and may be a descendant of the royal family.

"We are in a pinch general. We need to prevent them from getting their hands on the forbidden magic." Leon said with a serious tone.

"I understand." Robert said. "I will help you in investigating even further."

"Thank you general. Your help is very much appreciated." Leon said. "You have already helped a lot when you put me inside the palace."

"Yes, just don\'t let me regret helping you." Robert said. "Be sure to protect Alicia. And watch yourself around her. I will be having my eyes on you."

"Don\'t worry general. I have good intentions towards Alicia. I won\'t lay a hand on her." Leon said with a smile. \'Not yet.\' Leon thought.

"She is still young and not yet ripe." Leon said. "I will wait until she comes of age, it is sweeter to wait for the fruit to ripen. And of course her consent is important, I will make sure that she would have me in her heart." Leon unconsciously licked his lips.

Robert choked on the whiskey he was just drinking. \'This prince is rather bold with his words.\'