The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 339 How it All Began 1

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Chapter 339 How it All Began 1

(Regaleon\'s POV)

"Here it is, the door that does not break whatever we do." Belgor said.

"I can feel such tremendous magic behind that door." I said. I was sure that the key fragment was just behind that closed door. I am very close in getting it.

The door looked like any other ordinary door. It was made of hard wood, with wooden frames. For a normal human eye, they would only see a door that leads inside a room. The only problem is, no one can open the door. They would only think that it was locked inside. But for us Atlantian\'s that were gifted with magic, we are sensitive to magic depending on one\'s high magic perception.

In my eyes, I can see a thin veil like curtain cloaking the door. It was enveloping the door like a protective barrier or shield.

"Have you tried to break open this door in the past?" I asked Belgor.

"So many times." Belgor replied with a shrug of his shoulder. "Here, let me demonstrate." He slowly approached the door with his hand to touch it.


I heard something when Belgor retracted his hand swiftly.

"Well, this happens after I simply touch it." Belgor showed me his slightly burned hand.

"With just a slight touch, something like this happened." I am now sure for a fact that this room was cloaked with defensive magic. "But I cannot let this stop me. I need to find a way to go inside." I said with dedication.

When I was about to take a step closer, Alex stepped in front to stop me.

"Your majesty, I cannot let you near this door. Harm might be fall on you." Alex said. "As your personal body guard and second in command in this mission, let me be the one to approach." He bowed his head before me upon his request.

I nodded my head, letting him do as he has told me. In all of the men under Dimitri, Alex is one of the persons that looks up to me. He is one of the reasons I work hard to live up to their expectations.

\'It is not an easy role to be given, being their somewhat idol.\' I thought. \'But I feel proud being one, and so I work hard to not disappoint them.\'

Alex pulled out his sword from its sheath and pointed it towards the door. He walked cautiously towards the door, and the tip of his sword touched the thin veil like curtain that envelopes it. Without any warning, Alex\'s body was hurled out and went flying.

"Alex!" I shouted while my eyes stayed on him until his body hit the wall opposite the door.

"Ugh." Alex groaned in pain, spitting up some blood. I ran towards him, feeling worried about his wellbeing.

"Alex, are you okay?" I asked while I kneeled on one knee to inspect his body.

"I am fine your majesty." Alex forced a smile, a smudge of blood was seen at the side of his lips. "This is only a minor injury, nothing to be worried about. It is just like receiving injuries in training, hehe." He laughed.

"Like training?" I asked.

\'How intense is Dimitri training his men?\' I thought. Thinking that Dimitri\'s subordinates are an elite group of men, I am guessing his training is something gruesome. \'My training of the soldiers in the Black Dragon Army gave me the nickname \'tyrant\', then maybe Dimitri can be called a \'devil trainer\'. I should try and oversee his training once all of this settles down.\'

"Just go easy for now. Your body took a huge blow just now." I said. "I will try and see what I can do with this magic shield."

"But your majesty…" Alex tried to stop me.

"What I just said is an order, Alex." I said with a firm voice. Alex was startled with my voice and nodded.

"I understand your majesty." Alex said. "But please be careful. I will surely be scolded by Vice-Captain Chris and I will surely be punished by Captain Dimitri if something bad happens to you. Not to mention the other men, they will surely scold me." I smiled seeing Alex like this.

Alex was somewhat cute, seeing that he was still relatively young. He was given his position in such an early age because of his high magic aptitude and fighting prowess.

I walked and stood by the door, thinking of how to deactivate this kind of magic. That was when I thought what was the difference with Belgor and Alex\'s approach.

"Belgor, in the past, how did you try breaking this door and what kind of approach did you do?" I asked.

"Hmmm, as I remember, we always use brute force in trying to open this door. And as you can see what happened to your subordinate, that is also what happens. The more force, the more backlash you get." Belgor explained.

Thinking of what just happened before, Alex only had the tip of his sword touch that veil but he was thrown away by a huge force. That just means that if I use a stronger force, the backlash to me would be ten fold. Belgor on the other hand simply touched the veil, and he only got a slight burn.

\'What if I try and touch it?\' I thought. \'I want to see what happens.\'

I raised my hand with caution, slowly getting near the veil. My heart was thumping really hard inside my chest, feeling nervousness and anxiety at the same time. But I was ready to receive any backlash that comes my way.

\'Focus, just focus.\' I thought. \'Do not think of anything offensive. I guess that is something that activates the backlash.\' I told myself.

When my hands touched the veil, I expected some pain at least. But what happened was different, my hand passed thru the veil. The feeling was like touching jelly at first, it felt weird. Slowly, my whole body passed thru effortlessly.

"That was easy." I cannot believe it myself.

"Wow, that\'s great. How did you do that?" Belgor said with bewilderment. He tried to mimic my actions but he was stung like before. "Ahh. Hey, no fair." He said, holding his hand in pain.

"I think, only I was given the right of passage." I said.

I do not know why, but that is what I feel. The magic here deems me as someone fit to enter.

"I will be going in then." I said.

"Your majesty…" Alex called out to me. I looked around once he called me. "… please be careful inside."

"I will." I replied. "I will be right back."

I held the door knob and opened the door carefully. The room inside was dark and it felt cold.

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