The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 337 The Key Fragment 1

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Chapter 337 The Key Fragment 1

"I like you Atlantian. This is a first." Belgor smirked, with his perfectly sharp teeth bared. "I am looking forward to your future. I am sure you will not disappoint me."

The black lycan alpha walked towards me slowly, smoke started to engulf his body from the ground up. Once the smoke cleared, what I saw was a man with long black wavy hair. He had a huge build with big lean muscles. I knew how bulk his body was because he was naked after his transformation. Even with his human form, he was taller than me in height.

"I think to would be better to talk with this form, if that is okay?" Belgor said.

I looked away now that he was standing right before me. It was a little awkward to see someone naked from head to toe, let alone someone like Belgor that is not feeling embarrassed and in turn feels so proud brandishing his naked body. I also cannot undo seeing his huge thing, hanging around like that.

"Well, if it is okay… can you cover your body at least?" I said with an awkward voice and looking away.

"Cover my body?" Belgor looked down his body and started to laugh out loud. "Hahaha. Yeah, I forgot that you humans are very keen using different kinds of clothing. Grey, please grab my garments." He said to the gray lycan.

The gray lycan disappeared into the trees. Not long after, another tall man emerged from the trees. He had long gray hair and was wearing fur like clothing.

\'This must be the gray lycan from before.\' I thought to myself.

The man walked straight towards Belgor and gave him a black fur like clothing. Belgor took the clothing and wore it in haste.

"This is Grey, my second in command." Belgor introduced.

Grey looked at me with hostile eyes. I can still feel some animosity from him. I can hear a low growl coming from him

"Hush Grey. I have given this young man my benefit of a doubt. And I also like him." Belgor said. "Please do not feel offended and forgive him. He really does not like humans, especially Atlantians. Well, all lycans share the same feelings."

"It is okay. No offense taken." I said. "I am ready to work hard to get you and the other lycans trust."

"And I will be looking forward to it, Regaleon right?" Belgor said. "Can I call you that? You can call me Belgor as well." He asked.

"Yes, of course." I replied respectfully.

"By the way, what are you searching for? Maybe we lycans can help you with it. We have memorized this territory like the back of our paws." Belgor said. "Treat it as a form of thanks, for sparing and saving my life."

I was happy to hear Belgor offer his help in searching for the key fragment. I am sure the lycans will have good information about the surrounding areas. We can find the entrance to the ruins in no time.

"I am here to find a key fragment hidden inside the ruins in this area." I said. "But we cannot find an entry way inside. Nature has retaken the ruins and all possible entries are either blocked by boulders and debris or overgrown tree roots."

"A key fragment inside the ruins?" Belgor held his chin in thought.

"Belgor, are you sure you want to help this Atlantian?" Grey asked. "You know what that thing does."

"Wait, you know what the key fragment is?" I asked in shock and intrigue.

"Well yes. I have been living in this continent much longer than you have." Belgor said. "I was a pup when I met the first ruler of this continent, the one you call the Almighty One. And right now I can feel his presence in the open sea right now, which is intriguing." He looked at the direction of where the sea was, where Alicia was currently at.

"Yes, I am here to get the key fragment and go to where my wife is… under the depths of the sea." I said with a hurried tone.

"Your wife, your mate?" Belgor asked.

"Y-Yes, you can put it that way." I said. "She is precious to me. She is currently pregnant with our child and…" I trailed.

I was not yet sure if I can divulge such information to the lycan alpha. He said he has interest in me but he has not yet given his word of allegiance.

"No need to tell me everything. I understand a bit with your words." Belgor had said. "We lycans are also someone that are devoted to our mates. I am sure you are worried about your wife. I am willing to help you."

"But Belgor..." Grey tried to argue.

"This is my decision as the lycans leader and alpha." Belgor said with a tone full of authority. Grey was visibly shaken with his words, his shoulders hunched. "But before I do, can you promise me one thing Regaleon." His eyes were on me.

"What is it that you want me to promise?" I asked, waiting for what he will say.

"Promise me that you will not use such fearful magic, the one that the key unlocks." Belgor said.

I had a hunch that Belgor knew about the forbidden magic. As he said, he had lived long. For sure he had witnessed what happened when the mad king of Atlantia used the forbidden magic and it went out of control.

"Such magic is not to be used by none other than that man himself." Belgor said. "Your ancestors made a wrong decision and paid the price because of their thirst for power and dominance."

"I know what you mean, Belgor. And yes, I promise you that I will not use that magic in any bad means." I replied. "I have no intention of ruling this continent because of thirst for power. What I want is to have the ones living here to live in peace and prosperity." I gave my truthful answer.

"It looks like I am looking at the next ruler of this continent. Hahaha" Belgor laughed out heartily. "I hope that we lycans are included in your plans."

"Of course I plan to. If you let me form an alliance with you." I said with upmost sincerity.

"I am liking you more every minute." Belgor smirked. "What about this? If you truly come to unite the now divided continent and defeat every enemy that comes to block your way. After that, I will swear my allegiance to you."

"Belgor?!" Grey shouted but Belgor did not mind him and had all of his attention on me.

"Then I accept. After I become the emperor of this continent, I will visit you once again." I said with vigor.

"Then it\'s a deal." Belgor offered his hand. "Do not disappoint me, Atlantian leader Regaleon."

"I will surely deliver." I took his hand and shook it.

"Hear me my lycan brethren, I your alpha has given my word." Belgor shouted with his alpha voice. "The time this Atlantian leader Regaleon become the next ruler of this continent, we lycans will swear our allegiance to him, as brothers in arms. Do you accept, Regaleon?"

"I accept, lycan alpha Belgor." I replied.


The lycans howl into the night sky, hearing their lycan leader\'s command.

"Then come with me. I will show you were the key fragment probably is." Belgor said and gestured me to follow him.

"You know the exact location?" I asked in bewilderment.

Belgor led the way with Grey and me trailing from behind. Alex and my men joined me in following Belgor. The other lycan also shifted to their human forms and joined us.

"Yes. We made the interior of the ruins our home. We have neutralize all of the traps made inside." Belgor said and smirked at me. "But there was a room that we cannot seem to enter what ever we do. It is sealed with intense magic. I believe what you are searching for is in there."

"It probably is." I said.

I am now a step near, getting to my wife Alicia.

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