The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 335 Lycans of Ancient Times 2

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Chapter 335 Lycans of Ancient Times 2

(Regaleon\'s POV)

"Let us finish this between us, leader against leader. I challenge you!" I said with upmost seriousness.

The black lycan stopped attacking and turned towards me. His eyes was on me, and I felt as if his eyes were boring into my soul. Chills ran down my spine.

\'These beasts are not something to look down on.\' thought as I felt the goosebumps all over my body.

I have gone into battle with many enemies. I can say that I am a veteran in the battlefield. But recently, we have been crossing paths with opponents that we only read in ancient books. These creatures have been in hiding since ancient times, but for some reason we have been encountering them even if we do not want to.

\'Are these only coincidences, or is this faith.\' I thought to myself. \'The reincarnation of the Almighty One is now undergoing. Are these creatures feeling the presence of the return of the Almighty One?\' This is one of my hypothesis.

"You are quite brave, Atlantian leader." The black lycan said with a menacing tone.

The black lycan walked towards me slowly with its head held high, as if showing his dominance. I can feel his menacing aura emanating from his body. I saw my men shaking after feeling the menacing aura from the black lycan, in fact I can also feel the immense force. But I stood my ground and looked at the black lycan directly into his dark brown eyes. The black lycan stood before me with a towering height, I have to look up to maintain eye contact.

"It is true that we have trespassed your territory, and we are truly sorry about this. But we also cannot back down because we also need to find something important in this place. To stop this fighting, it will be better to finish this fight between us." I said. "Let us make a deal. If I win, you will let us find what we are searching for here. And after that, we will leave this place peacefully."

"Hah… hahahaha!" The black lycan roared in laughter. "I like your courage and boldness Atlantian leader. I will accept your wager, but if I win I will take your life."

"No!" My men shouted in anger.

"How dare you say that to our king?"

"We will never let you lay a hand on his majesty!"

My men flared up with anger hearing the black lycans words, their attention was all on him ready to attack if ever he even take one more step towards me.

"Do not worry. Because I can see that your leader is a compassionate one, something that I rarely see in a human. I will let you, his subordinates leave this place with your lives and body intact. Even if you are all Atlantian scum. I give my word as an Alpha." The black lycan said with a clear voice and authority. "Is that a good wager, Atlantian leader?"

"We will never let you lay a hand on his majesty the king!" Alex said running towards me, his sword in hand and ready to attack the lycan alpha.

"Stop, Alex." I hold a hand towards him in order for him to stop.

"Y-Your majesty?" Alex looked at me with dumbfounded eyes.

"I, Regaleon Yosef Astley king of Grandcrest, accept your wager, lycan Alpha." I said while I glare into his eyes. The black lycan grinned, brandishing his white sharp teeth.

"Great!" The black lycan said. "Hear me my lycan brethren, I your leader Belgor, accept this Atlantian Regaleon\'s challenge. If I fall in this battle, you will give a chance to these Atlantians to search our territory for the thing they are searching for. But if I win, I will take the Atlantian leader\'s life, but we will let his men walk away with their lives.


All the lycans howl in unison, accepting their alpha\'s command.

"Your majesty, you do not need to do such a thing as battle their leader one on one." Alex said with a worried face. "We are sure that we can win this battle against these beasts."

"Alex, I have confidence in my men\'s abilities. I am sure that they can win this fight. But I am also sure that there will be a huge loss in our end as well, and that is not what I want right now. I need all of you accounted for, especially with our greatest enemy that we have yet to face, Patricia." I said with conviction.

Even though Patricia lost the civil war in Jennovia, her threat had just lessened. She still has her army full with Atlantians that follow her blindly. An army of magic users can battle any large human army double their size and win. With them still a threat, Dimitri\'s elite army is essential. What I have said to Alex is true, but in my heart I do not want anyone of them to lose their life. I have lost many loyal and talented men in the past, and as much as possible I do not want that to happen if I can help it.

"Do you not have faith in me as your leader, Alex?" I smiled at him.

"O-Of course not, your majesty." Alex was taken aback from my words. "You are the strongest I have ever known in my life."

"That is good to hear." I said and faced the black lycan. "Then watch me win this fight."

I walked forward, just a few feet away from the lycan alpha. He might tower over me, but I will not lose this fight. My men\'s life are at stake, and also the key fragment that I need to get to my wife Alicia.

"I am ready lycan alpha, Belgor." I call out his name. I take my stance, holding my sword. My fire armor is still on me.

"Then let us start, Atlantian leader Regaleon." Belgor said. *AWOOO*

His loud howl was heard into the night. He moved first, jumping from where he stood. His jump was pretty high that he literally vanished into the night.

\'So he will start with attacking in stealth.\' I thought.

Visibility is really hard in the woods at night, especially with a new moon. But I am at an advantage with my magic in the fire attribute.

"Fire balls." I chanted.

I conjured fire balls the size of closed fists and let them illuminate my surroundings, I let them float around my vicinity. This helped me see the surroundings better. But Belgor was still in hiding. Wolves are good in hunting in stealth and I bet lycans are the same. I need to be very sensitive with my surroundings. All of my senses are on high alert.


My ears caught slight rustling on the trees behind me. My senses tell me that I need to defend from behind. I turned around and followed my intuition, and it did not let me down.

Belgor jumped from behind the trees with his fangs bared. His claws fell first before me, but I used my sword to parry his attack. I was able to push him back and I took a step forward to launch an attack. My sword was able to graze his body, blood oozed out of his wound.

Belgor took a few steps back growling before me, his fur was standing on his back. He started to walk to one side, stalking me. His eyes were glued to me, and mine to him.

I also moved opposite to his direction, making us walk in a kind of circle. I can feel his aura filled with blood lust.

\'He will be attacking soon. I need to make a move before that happens.\' I thought.

I made the fire balls that were floating near him fly towards him in fast speed. Belgor was caught by surprise but he was able to jump away in time.


The fire balls made contact on the ground and exploded like bombs because of the speed. Belgor was suspended in the air from his jump and I did not waste time to let the other fire balls fly his way. He was able to twist his body in mid air, evading my fire balls one by one but I did not stop there.

Belgor landed on the ground once more, but I did not stop from letting my fire bombs fall on him. He ran fast and evaded every fire ball bomb I throw his way.


Bomb after bomb exploded on the ground, leaving smoke in their way. Belgor was swiftly running on the terrain while evading my attacks.

"He is good." A smile crept on my face.

I was feeling elated and actually enjoying this fight. I have never thought I would feel this way in battle.

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