The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 332 The Remaining Key Fragments 1

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Chapter 332 The Remaining Key Fragments 1

(Regaleon\'s POV)

The sun has yet to rise, darkness still clouded the surroundings. The air is tainted with the saltness of the sea and dawn was just around the corner.

I was standing at the sandy beach while holding Midnight\'s reigns. We are preparing to set out and retrieve the remaining key fragments that are missing to complete the key. My men have formed two groups, each one tasked to get the key fragments in a specific location. I will be leading one group whi le the other one will be led by Chris.

"Your majesty. All is set for our journey." Chris said with a solemn face.

"That is good." I replied. "Remember, we are short of time so we will need to retrieve the key fragments as soon as possible."

"I understand your majesty." Chris said while bowing his head as affirmation.

"But make sure to be careful." I ordered specifically. "We might be in haste and time is of the essence, but I do not want anything bad to happen to any of you."

The look of the men before me had a mix of gratitude and determination. This mission we are to head out is something very important. I have briefed them on what happened to Alicia, my wife and their queen. They wholeheartedly want to do their best in this mission to save their beloved queen.

"Then let us move out." I said with an authoritative voice.

"Yes sir!" The men replied in unison.

All of them mounted their horses and proceed to their destination. I also led my group to our own destination. The place where the key fragment that were assigned to us resides was just a few hours by horse from here. It was along the shores of the beach to the south, bordering my own country Grandcrest. The other group\'s destination led by Chris, was more inland. It is also a few hours ride from our starting mark.

\'I wonder how William is doing the errand I have given him." I thought while starting our journey.

William left last night, as soon as I arrived from the sea. After I told him of what happened, he was very willing to embark on the errand I sent him to do.

The two key fragments were successfully retrieved by Dimitri\'s group. They may have had some trouble\'s with getting the key fragment in Jennovia\'s territory, but he was successful to get it. And the second key fragment in our country of Grandcrest was taken without that many resistance, except for some traps that were set up to guard the key fragments.

\'We should be very careful with the traps placed around the key fragments.\' I said to myself.

We were aware of this dangers, thanks to George\'s knowledge from the ancient books and also from his own experience. I have already briefed Chris on the precautionary measures to take while dealing with these traps surrounding the key fragments.

Our journey continued while the sun started to rise from the east. My thoughts are with my wife Alicia, who was all alone under the sea. It is a good thing that she is just sound asleep, not knowing the danger I will face while retrieving the key fragment.

\'We should been in the journey heading back to the capital of Alvannia by the weekend, if not for this unexpected situation.\' I thought to myself.

Who would have thought that me and Alicia\'s child would be the chosen one? If we have gone back sooner in Alvannia, would all of this still happened. I scoffed, thinking that this would have probably happened wherever we would have been.

\'To think that our child is the reincarnation of the Almighty One.\' I am still a little surprised that what the term Chose One really meant was the Almighty One\'s reincarnation.

Even if I have brought Alicia and my child far away from here, I have no doubt that they would have been brought here by this connection to the forbidden magic none the less. This has been in my mind the whole time in our journey towards our destination.

The sun was high up in the sky when we got to our destination. It was the ruins from the old civilizations many years ago. Nature has claimed back the buildings exterior, with tree roots protruding the walls and tree trunks towering over with luscious green leaves.

"Your majesty, it looks like we are in the right place." Alex, the one that I picked to be the second in command from my group said. "Most of the building are in ruins with trees protruding all over the place. It will be difficult to find an entrance like this."

I surveyed the ruins and what Alex said is true, but we need to find an entrance none the less.

"Have the men form group of threes and search the vicinity." I ordered. "Keep in mind to be careful. We do not know danger lurks around this area."

"As you command your majesty." Alex bowed and set out to tell the men what I have ordered.

I came down from Midnight and tied his reigns on one of the tree branches. I also went on a walk to look around the vicinity.

The place was just beyond the cliff looking out the sea. Judging by the height, the cliff would be a hundred of feet above sea level. It was. A high drop if ever one jumps from here, and at the bottom were sharp rocks protruding the sea\'s surface.

"Anyone who jumps from here would have a low chance of survival." I said out loud my own thoughts.

I looked at my right knowing that the south direction was where my country of Grandcrest is. This place was just bordering my own country, and because of this I felt somewhat safe. I looked around to find the something that can be used as an entrance to the interior of the ruins.

"The key fragment is just waiting inside for the taking." I thought impatiently.

I clenched my fist, thinking that the key fragment was just beyond my reach. I shook my head thinking that I cannot hasten things just because I want to get the key fragment as soon as possible.

"No, I cannot just dive in without being careful." I told myself. "My men\'s lives are on the line in this mission, I cannot move based on my emotions alone."

In Dimitri\'s report, he said that the places where the key fragments were hidden are indeed filled with traps. They were careful in moving forward, but still some of the men were either hurt or injured in the process. We cannot just go inside without taking extra measures and precautions.

While I was surveying the vicinity, I saw Alex\'s group heading my way while looking around.

"Your majesty, there is no luck so far in finding any entrance."Alex reported.

"I understand." I replied. "Continue searching. There will surely be something that is bound to be discovered in this ruins. Let us not loose hope."

"Yes sir." Alex replied vigorously.

The sun was still high up in the sky. We still have hours of sunlight to search for an entrance inside this ruins.

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