The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 331 Azure Dragon 2

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Chapter 331 Azure Dragon 2

(Regaleon\'s POV)

While I was floating at the water surface, I felt the pressure from under me. In no time, the azure dragon flung me up in mid air and I was about to be swallowed whole in his big mouth.

I was suspended in mid air when I saw the azure dragon opening its mouth wide and baring its sharp teeth. He was about to swallow me from where I was.

I felt my self falling, while the azure dragon was heading my war from under me with his moth wide open. When my body was just at the entrance of his mouth, I stretched my arms and got a hold of one of his fangs. I was able to prevent my self from going straigth into the azure dragon\'s mouth and into its throat.

But that was not the end of my predicament. The azure dragon was about to ground me with his big teeth. He was about to close his mouth with me in between, when I was able to hold his lower jaw down with my feet.

"Ahhh, f*ck!" I cursed at the current state I am. I was using all of my strength to prevent myself from being crished and grinded by the azure dragon\'s teeth. "Ahhhhhh!!!"

I activated my fire armor once again. Thankfully, I was able to pull out off even with my whole body being wet.

"You are a worthy foe, human." The azure dragon praised me.

"I think my situation is not something praise worthy at all." I gave a sarcastic remark.

I was giving all of my strength just to prevent myself from being crushed in between his jaws. I cannot even conjure any other magic spells with me trying to maintain my fore armor.

When I cannot think of anything to escape my current situation, that was when I saw from afar Tempest charging into my direction.

\'I will attack him. Make sure to escape when he is pre occupied with me.\' Tempest told me telepathically.

I braced myself from the incoming attack. Tempest used his claws to directly attack the azure dragon, and this made his attention go to Tempest and loosen up his jaws that is crushing me in between.

This gave me the chance to use all my fire magic and make an explosion from within his mouth.


I was able to get out of the azure dragon\'s mouth, and I felt myself falling from the air once again. I braces myself when I saw the water\'s surface jusy a few feet away from me.

My body plunged into the sea with a splendid entry. I was under the water again and held my breath. Because it was sudden, I was not able to inhale more air to help me dive under towards where my wife was. So, I swam up to the surface one more to get a mouthful of air.

"Hah... hah..." I inhaled and exhaled heavily. I can feel oxygen filling in my lungs once more.

When I looked up, I saw what seems to be dancing lights in the night sky. Tempest was holding his own against the azure dragon.

Their magic attacks are illuminating the night sky like fire works. Looking at the two, they seemed like a snake and an eagle fighting once another.

\'Leon, I guess we should retreat for now.\' Tempest connected to me using telepathy. \'In terms of strength, I am afraid we are even. And your magic is also at a disadvantage in this kind of place. I think this beast will also not back down.\'

I contimplated with Tempest words. It is true that we are clearly at a disadvantage now. The sea is the azure dragon\'s terrain. Judging by the looks of their battle, Tempest is at a disadvantage. He has been in the sky for quite sometime now and he is starting to get tired.

\'I guess we do not have any choice.\' I replied to him telepathically. \'Let\'s return for now.\'

With my words, Tempest broke from his battle with the azure dragong and swooped in to get me. We dodged some water magic attacks sent to us by the azure dragon, but after we are away on some distance he did not chace us any further.

Tempest and I flew back to land. We left the calm zone and came back the the turbulence around us.

"I am sorry if I was of no use." Tempest said while we were headed back to land.

"You do not need to apologize Tempest." I replied. "We did not expect that the one guarding the place will be that strong."

It was true that we were in a disadvantageous situation. If we were just on land, I was sure that we could win a fight with that divine beast.

"The divine beast still does not have a master." I murmured. "If we were on land, we could have over powered him." That was my analysis.

"He is just like Snow and I, correct?" Tempest said. "Then an Atlantian of royal blood is the only one that can be its master."

Tempest had told me long before that special beasts like Snow and him have a special connection with Atlantian\'s of royal blood. Aftertalking to the Almighty One just awhile ago, I knew that they were called divine beasts, and there are four of them in total. And to think that only the blood line of the Almighty One can tame such creatures.

"There are still a few of us with the royal blood of Atlantia left." I said. "It is frightening to think if one of our enemies could tame that divine beast and be recognized as its master."

"I hope not." Tempest replied. "With Snow and Alicia in deep sleep, having to fight that beast on its full capacity and with a master, I am afraid we won\'t get out scratch free."

Tempest\'s words held a truth I cannot deny. When we faced the azure dragon in its territoty, it was a formidable enemy. But if chooses a master, even if we were on land, beating them will not be an easy task.

"Let is just focus on getting passed him first." I said. "I cannot be calm knowing that Alicia is under there, all alone."


Getting back to shore, I saw my men waiting for me by the beach.

"Your majesty!" They all greeted me in my return.

"I have found my wife." I said with a straight face. "There is no need to go search for her."

"Where is her majesty the queen?" William who was looking so worried, searched for her. But I just shook my head.

"I cannot retrieve her." I replied to him. "Chris, continue tomorrow as planned. We need to retrieve that key fragment as soon as possible."

"As you command, your majesty." Chris bowed his head accepting my order.

"William, you come with me." I said.

I walked back to the duke\'s estate with William following me from behind. When I was entering, Duke Destia walked towards me with a worried expression. His son Rapahel was walking by his side.

"Your majesty, I heard what happend to her majesty Queen Alicia. My son here gave me the details." Duke Destia has a worried tone. "I am so sorry for having this happened inside my estate. I will take full responsibilty, Even if you ask for my life as compensation, I will gladly do so. But please spare my children. They have nothing to do with her majesty\'s disappearance." The duke knelt down and begged in front of me.

"Father, please do not say such things." Raphael tried to help his father back up. "Deborah is innocent and has nothing to do with her majesty\'s disappearance." But the old duke did not budge from his kneeling position.

"Even so... I have still sinnee for I am a host that was not able to assure her majesty\'s safety inside my own estate." The duke said with a gultiy voice. "Your majesty, I deserve to be punished with my negligence."

"Your majesty, I beg you to be lenient with my father." Raphael knelt down in front of me as well. "He is getting old in years and can be negligent at some times. Please have mercy upon him. I am willing to take your punishment."

"What are you saying, you silly child." The duke scolded his son.

"Both of you can stop." I interjected with the father-son conversation. "You two, get up. Your family is not at fault with my wife\'s disappearance.

The disappearance of Alicia was magical in origin, but I have no time to get into details and explain it to them. I help the two back up on their feet once more.

"Please be at ease Duke Destia, I have found the true culprit for my wife\'s disappearance." I said and patted his shoulder. I see him sigh in relief. "But I will trouble you for a while here in your estate. We will be staying here until I retrieve my wife."

"Yes, of course your majesty." Duke Destia replied. "We will supply you anything that you need. Raphael, please tend to host majesty\'s needs."

"Of course father." Raphael replied.

"Then we shall take our leave." I said and continued to walk until I reached our room with William following from behind.

I took a paper and pen and wrote as fast as I could. After writing what I needed to, I folded the letter and handed it to William.

"You are the one I trust the most. Fly on Tempest and search for Dimitri." I told him. "Give him this letter. He would know what to do next." William took the letter and nodded.

"What about you your majesty?" William asked.

"I will go with Chris and his men to retrieve the last key fragment." I replied to him.

I told William everything that happened in the open sea and he understood instantly why I told him to search for Dimitri in haste.

"Please go in haste." I patted his shoulder. "My wife might be safe, but I cannot stay calm with her all alone out there."

"I understand your majesty." William replied.

\'Tomorrow, I will get thet key fragment. And just waiting for Dimitiri\'s key fragments, I will surely go and see you again m, Alicia my love.\' I thought.

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