The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 330 Azure Dragon 1

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Chapter 330 Azure Dragon 1

(Regaleon\'s POV)

A huge pillar of water shot up from the sea below. It was unlike the water pillars that shot up a while ago, this one was much larger.

When all the water have fallen back into the sea, what\'s left was some form of creature. Its body is long and covered with scales. If I am not mistaken, this is none other than the divine beast the Almighty One has taked about, the azure dragon.

"Who has come to disturb my master\'s return?" The voice of the azure dragon was quite menacing.

"I am here to see my wife." I said holding my ground but I can feel the heavy aura the azure dragon is emitting.

The azure dragon was focused on looking at us. There was silence for a moment, and the tension was getting heavier with each passing second.

\'I can feel his menacing aura, Leon.\' Tempest said to me telepathically.

\'I know. I can sense it as well.\' I replied via telepathy as well.

I am not sure if the azure dragon right now is a friend or foe. But with the aura he is emitting, Tempest and I cannot let our guard down.

"I see. So you are the husband of the body where my master chose to be born from." The azure dragon replied.

"Yes." I replied, having hope that the divine beast in front of me would at least let me pass thru. "I wish to see my wife and guard her while your master\'s soul and magic is being absorbed into her body. The baby inside of her is my child as well."

"Hmm... I see." The asure dragon nodded its head. "But I am afraid I cannot let you pass, even though you are the husband of my master\'s host or the father."

I clenched my fits having my hopes shattered instantly.

"If it is guarding you are, I am very capable of doing that. It is actually my job." The azure dragon said. "So just go back to where you came from!!!" He roared out loud. The vibration shook everything in the vicinity, including us. Tempest was pushed some feet away from where we were hovering.

"I think talking to this guy will be in vain." Tempest said. "He won\'t give into reasons."

I have expected that much after the Almighty One explained the azure dragon\'s behavior just a while ago. But I need to try to at least see my wife.

"At least let me look at her, even for just a split second." I pleaded with the divine beast. "I just want to see her safe and sound."

"Such a persistent person you are." The azure dragon said with a huff. "If you do not have the key to present for the right of passage, you cannot pass thru. If you insist on it, then I do not have any option but to chase you away."

"At least let my master see his wife, even just a glimpse." Tempest was now the one trying to plead.

"I have short patience. If you still insist, then I do not have a choice but to turn you away by force!" The azure dragon said with furt. "Prepare yourselves!"

The azure dragon\'s shout shook the vicinity with much force than before. Tempest was not able to hold his position in the air and we were blown away. I held on tight unto his back.

"Leon, brace yourself!" Tempest shouted. "He is coming!"

I held on tight in his back when I felt something ram hard on Tempest\'s body. The azure dragon\'s long body started to coil around Tempest, like what a snake does with it\'s prey.

"Tempest?!" I worried for my familiar\'s safety.

I quickly drew out my sword from its sheath and made my way to the nearest body of the dragon. I gained momentum and stabbed the scaly body of the azure dragon wit my sword. But my sword bounced back from were it hit, as if the azure dragon\'s body was also made out of hard steel.

\'Leon, use your fire armor.\' Tempest said to me telepathically.

I did what he had told me to do and used my magic to envelope my body with my flames, to form my fire armor. After that, I saw Tempest\'s body started to emit light, his while body as well is being engulfed in flames.

I was nearly immune to the burning sensation of fire if I concentrate on my magic, even my fire armor coating my body felt just like ordinary armor to me. But with Tempest flames, I can feel the heat even with my fire armor protecting me.

Tempest\'s whole body was burning. He was like a hige bird caught on fire. The hot flames burned the azure dragon, and it let go from entangling Tempest\'s body.

"Are you alright?" I asked instantly when we were able to breal away. Tempest\'s flames has been put out.

"I thought I was going to die there." Tempest replied. "His grip on me was squeezing the life out of me. He is strong."

The azure dragon was flying around in circles before us. I was sure that he was not done yet.

By then we saw water being taken from the sea and formed into floating balls around the azure dragon.

"He is going to attack." Tempest said.

And like Tempest said, the floating water was shaped into spears and flew towards us. Tempest was able to dodge the first two and the next two water spears was just barely some inches away from us. The speed of the water spear was to fast that I can feel the force when it flew inched away from me.

"Ahhh..." I cried out when I felt the force.

It did not hit us directly, but I can still feel the great force by it just passing by even with my fire armor on. What will happen if had it as directly.

"Tempest, dodge his attacks." I commanded.

"No need to tell me." Tempest said. He flew out of the water spears\' path.

\'I need to negate his magic spears somehow.\' I thought. And to do that I need to focus my magic powers into the fire balls I will make.

I undo the fire armoe around me to concentrate my magic on the fire balls I am creating. Not long I was able to conjure five big fire balls, the same amount of the remaining water spears.

When the remaining water spears headed towards us, I also navigated my fire balls to clash with them.

The clash between the magic attacks was intense. I tried to maintain the fire balls as much as I could, but the size of them are getting smaller and smaller while seconds pass by. But the water spears are also the same, getting smaller and smaller while simmering away. And after a while, both magic attacks vanished into thin air, negating one another.

"Haahh... haahh..." I panted heavily, feeling the enormous pressure in maintaing the fire balls.

"Not bad human." The azure dragon said. "But unfortunate for you, the sea is my kind of territory. I do not need a large amount of magic in conjuring water attacks."

After what the azure dragon said, water pillars started to burst up from the sea once more. It tried to hit is in every ways possible.

Tempest tried to dodge every water pillar that shoots out but it was too many to handle.

"Watch out, Tempest!" I shouted out, but it was too late. One water pillar hit us from below.

Tempest and I started to fall. I can feel the sensation of plumting from the sky to the ground. Not long I felt my body hit the sea\'s surface.

I held my breath once I was under the water. I opened my eyes and see the light glowing from the sea floor.

\'That is where Alicia is.\' I thought to myself.

I saw that I can swim the distance while holding my breath. If I saw correctly, there is an air pocket in that dome like force field I can see beyond that faint light.

I kicked my feet and dived towards the bottom. I was determined to get to where my wife is when I saw something big swimming towards me, it was the azure dragon.

\'This is one persistent b*stard.\' I cursed him in my thought. \'Well we are similar in that sense.\'

I braced myself and tried to swim away from his way but I was still hit by the shoulder. The pain was intense. Knowing that my sword wasn\'t able to pierce his body that was as hard as steel, him hitting my body in his speed felt like being hit by a huge boulder.

I knew I need oxygen now that I cannot hold my breath any longer. I quickly swam up and saw the azure dragon circling around to attack me once more. I kicked my feet faster and tried to reach the sea\'s surface quickly.

"Haahh..." I breathed in air at once when I reached the surface. But I was not in the clear, knowing that the azure dragon was just in my tail.

Looking around, all I can see was water everywhere. My magic power that was in the affinity of fire is at a disadvantage in this kind of place. My heart was thumping hard inside my chest, thinking of a way to get out of this predicament.

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